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Princess Half Marathon, the final post!

13 Mar

This is it, the last post of 1/2 Marathon weekend. After this we can move onto current events!

So let’s get right into it! I was a bit worried after the 10k because I had worn mini shorts under my running skirt, but with how humid it was my body glide wore off and I had such bad chaffing on my thighs from the shorts. Thankfully for the half I wore capris and a red shirt, there was no chaffing and I was super comfortable (aside from the heat).  I was dressed as Ariel, sadly I don’t have a photo of my outfit!

IMG_5896 IMG_5897

Heading to my corral, at this point the road split into two zones for corrals since there was over 25,000 people running!

IMG_5899 IMG_5903 IMG_5905

As you can see this race is much larger than Tinkerbell, the 5k and 10k! The last picture is of the Magic Kingdom sign, it still takes a while from here to hit the park and get to the Castle but the sign itself is motivating!

IMG_5907 IMG_5908 IMG_5909Once in the park you head up Main St, into Tomorrow land and then through the Castle. I allowed myself to slow a bit in here to take pictures of it all, but then it was back to being serious about the race. It was a SUPER humid day and everyone was feeling that and commenting on it while on the course. I initially started the race at a 2 min to 1 min Run/Walk interval, then went down to 1 to 1 around mile 5 or 6. After I left the Castle I was able to get back to 2 to 1 for 2-3 miles, then as I hit the overpasses I got pretty tired and still worked hard but listened to my body when I needed to take it easier and when I could push myself. As you may know from the previous posts my goal was to beat last years time of 3:35 and my tinkerbell time of 3:17.

IMG_5911I took this photo as I cross the finish line and waited to collect my medal.

And here are the photos I stole from Laurens snap chat as I waited for her to finish!

IMG_5912 IMG_5913

The 13th mile marker and Lauren finishing!

My results:


NET TIME: 3:07:38, that is 10 minutes faster than Tinkerbell and almost 30 minutes faster than last years PHM!!!! Goal met and out of my 4 Halves this was my second fastest, creeping in on my PR!!!

After the race was over I had a ton of medals! Including my Coast to Coast the pink one below.


We showered, napped and then headed to the Magic Kingdom to celebrate our last night it Florida! I was taking advantage of it all since I would be headed back to cold weather and Lauren was headed to California (lucky).

I took pictures of one ride because Little Mermaid is my Favorite Disney movie and the ride was so cute!


The race was awesome, I feel like I am making a come back! I just need to keep up training and get myself back into 9-12 minute mile territory! I will get there just take things slow and do things the right way!

Until next time Disney it was fun and I cannot wait to do another Disney Race!!! Thinking Wine and Dine 2015, whose coming with me?!?!?!?

Princess Half Marathon Weekend Recap Part 1

10 Mar

Since I ran 3 races that weekend this will be a two parter! BUT don’t worry if you don’t read the blog for running purposes there are plenty of Disney photos and Florida pictures. Plus if you are like me and in an area blanketed in snow you could use a look at some nice warm weather!!!


Before I left I bought Lauren and I these crowns at Target, sorry for the weird face I was in conversation with Dan in the car and was trying to snap the picture in between his comments about me being a loser for buying a princess crown!

These crowns will be talked about again so remember this.

Lauren and I managed to arrive at the airport around the same time even though she came from California and I came from CT. We went right to the hotel, checked in quick and headed to the expo for the race. Since I was doing the 5k on friday at 6am I had to go pick up all my items Thursday, plus I had pre-ordered shirts from Raw Threads to race in and had to pick them up at the expo to complete my race outfits!

IMG_5827 IMG_5828

The Braves were at the ESPN wide world of sports that day and you could hear them practicing as you walked to the expo. We also wore our crowns, (see I said they would be back) this wasnt the only time this weekend we wore them, and everytime we did people asked where they could buy them. Apparently I was a genius in having the foresight to buy crowns since they were in demand! SEE DAN, SMART NOT A LOSER!!! Though I need to stop talking pictures of myself while talking to people!!

That was apparently all the pictures I took of the expo, but we did shop an extreme amount, so that may have had something to do with it :).

After the expo we headed to downtown disney and had a late lunch/dinner, I have to be honest and say I was worried about eating in Disney as I have been on a eating plan given to me by my trainer to test out. I had lost around 7lbs before the race and had extra time to train so I knew I was in good shape running wise, just had to stick to healthy options.


I ended up getting a chicken wrap with avacados, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and oil and vinegar on it. It was super satisfying and reassuring that on the first day I was able to find options suited towards me!

Then it was back to the hotel and to bed for my second day out of 4 that I would wake up at 3 am that weekend! It was time to get ready for the 5k! You can see my 5k outfit here. Lauren did not do the 5k so she stayed at the hotel and rested up. We needed rest each day since we ran every morning and went to parks every afternoon!

I got on the bus and headed to the race. I sat next to a girl who was also running alone, we ended up being in the same corral and ran together the whole time it was her first 5k. More on that later.

IMG_5842 IMG_5844Corral B and the starting line! Disney 5k’s are awesome because while there is a clock you are not timed. There is no chip on the back of the bib and you can take it as slow or fast as you want! This helped a lot with my nerves for the weekend and I think prepared me for the next two days!

I decided the night before that I would take the 5k slow enough to be rested for my next two races, but still quick enough to get a good shake out.

IMG_5850 IMG_5851 IMG_5852

Here are some 5k race photos, it takes place in Epcot and goes by so quickly because of that! There is so much to see and hear and its just fun!

The clock is from when corral A started. So we ended up finishing the race around 48 minutes. I was happy with that, since I wasnt about to kill myself for an untimed race, and because I had my goal in sight to beat my Tinkerbell Half Marathon time. (after a 5k and 10k back to back I wasnt sure how the half would go!) Plus my new friend Stephanie was excited about finishing her first 5k and I was just so excited for her. It brought me back to when I first fell in love with running/racing and all the things that go with it. She had a lot to be proud of and so did I!

We boarded the bus headed back to the hotel and said our goodbyes, but not before getting a medal picture to celebrate!!

IMG_5855 Ignore my haggard nailpolish!!!

Then it was time for Lauren and I to head to some parks! Todays agenda was Animal Kingdom and Epcot. Lauren is the parks master and planned out our days, times and rides so everything was super efficient and we spent almost no time waiting!

I had never been to AK and hadnt been to Epcot (as a guest, I was clearly there running hours before) since I was a little girl so I didnt remember it well!

IMG_5857 IMG_5858 IMG_5861 IMG_5862 IMG_5863

The above photos are just some highlights from the parks. Including the dinosaur ride (my favorite in AK) and the Mission Space Ride in Epcot, we went for the green level and I still felt a bit dizzy afterwards but it was really fun!

Then it was back to the hotel for rest, dinner and bed. That night Lauren and I had french food from the french restaurant in Epcot. I got Soup and some pasta, but was so full after the soup I brought the rest home. We were in bed by 7:30 and up at 3am again when my alarm went off to catch the 3:30am bus to the 10k……

…….To hear more on that you will have to read tomorrows entry!!!

Being a good mom….

5 Mar

I haven’t been blogging a lot, and that is apparent if you are a regular reader, but I am not going to apologize! I saw this on facebook and it couldn’t be more true for all aspects of my life right now!


Our poor little guy has been so sick! The only reason I am currently blogging is that I am at family dinner and he is being doted on by GGMA and Great Aunt Kim. So while I have taken FOREVER to post my race recaps and times from my two half marathons, the 5k and 10k that I did in January and February, know they will come and you will enjoy them! I had a lot of fun on both trips, but am SOOOO happy to be home with my little family!

So to keep your interest while I am a “lazy blogger” but again A GREAT MOM, here are some race photos.

alex2 alex4

My medals from both race weekends. (One from California, Five from Florida)

And my 5k Bib and Race outfit, I was princess Jasmine!

Finally I leave you with a screen shot I took of the video Dan sent me of Camden eating Sweet Potatoes while I was gone, don’t be fooled he loves food, it was just a great face!!!


Now back to hang with my family and baby boy!!!

The worst morning ever….My First 10k!

27 Aug

There will be no pictures for this post because yesterday was a frustrating day!

The race started at 8:30am, at 8:00am on our way there my car shut off coming down the highway. Super fun times. It turned back on but we could only go 10 mph at all times even with the pedal to the floor. Thank God Dan was there with me or else I would have had a nervous breakdown!!! We got to the race and got all set I was in a good headspace a little nervous but good! I knew I would need one walk break and decided to take it at the 5k marker before the race even started. That way I had a good game plan going in.

Unfortunately for me my body was not in the same great place as my mind was. I made in 2.25 miles before I had to walk. I walked because even with compression socks on my legs were stiff and sore. I also got an serious feeling of nausea, after the second time stopping to throw up I decided to spilt into the 5k race rather than the 10k.

I was able to finish the race in 36:13. Which is bad for me, but not bad for feeling terrible. I did not run through the finish line because I would have been the winner of the 10k and since I didnt do the 10k I ran parallel to it and then stopped my watch.

After that we had to mess with the car to get it to work. It worked enough to drive it to the dealership and have it repaired. So now I have no car! Thankfully Dan has a car and a truck so I can still drive if need be!

On the way home however Dan said something interesting, which let me know he is invested in my love of running as much as I am. I made a comment about how I knew this was due to being dehydrated. Saturday I was busy all day and neglected to drink or eat much of anything then decided to race! Not very smart. So Dan said, “You do so much research and know what to do, you need to take care of yourself so you can run better and be happy with how you do.” He is so supportive and I really need and appreciate it!

I need to really refine my diet and water intake before the half marathon or I will never survive it. But Dan is right I know what to do and I just didnt do it because I was busy working all Saturday.

So I WILL be super prepared for my next race! 🙂

I hope you all had a better Sunday than Dan and I did and a great weekend!!!


21 May

Today I worked, you know the usual. When I got home I had to clean and make dinner after my run, so I decided to take it to the treadmill and indulge in my new obsession!

Clearly my new obsession is running on the treadmill while my forehead is sweating into my eyes and trying to watch psych on Netflix via my Iphone. I also around halfway through my run had to stop to open the windows and the sliding glass door, to prevent said sweaty blindness….yea Im super attractive. 🙂

I was so happy with my run, I have not been running much lately but my goal is to hit a nice running streak until my birthday August 22nd, (or longer, whichever I decide.) The streak is 2 miles or more each day. Since I haven’t been running that much I am slowly increasing it each day, until I am back to 3-4 miles a day, then I will increase it by 10% increments each week!

Todays run was 2.58 miles in 25:00. I figured I could stop at 2.60, but the time being even was effecting my OCD more so I stoppd at 25 min. I smoked that run!!!! My pace was 9:41 and that was with a 2 minute cool down run at the end. I am so happy right now I had to blog! Now it is time to clean and make dinner! Have a good night everyone :).

My next race!

1 Apr

My next race is on April 15th, its the Spicy Green Bean Run Diva Run 5K! Click the name of the race to get more info and learn how to register. The course is supposed to be flat and fast, so it should be great for setting a PR. Plus with my legs being so sore it will be a nice change of pace from my last race! The race supports a local team that raises money for Breast Cancer research. This was one of my main reasons for signing up, that and that the race color theme is PINK! The info says you can wear Tiara’s and feather boas, and dress in a costume! I am PUMPED about it.

This is the restaurants logo, I could not find any pictures to use of the race, since this will be its second year!

Men can also run in case anyone wants to sign up.

Have a nice Sunday!!!!!!!! ALSO I LovE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!

Running Group

14 Mar

If you are poor, like I am right now after paying off two credit cards and my registration fees for my car and motorcycle, you can start your own running group like I did. It is much more cost effective to get your friends psyched about running and then ask them to join you on your runs! Both of them are beginners but have a nice base so we started off easy with Day 1 Week 1 of ease into 10k and they did AWESOME! I am so proud of both of you girls! It is also so nice to have running buddies! Dan quit on me since hes more into weight lifting and would like to lose a bit more weight before getting back into running, since his knee is bothering him.  The girls did great and I did stress the importance of slower running and pacing yourself so you do not burn out. When we finished we had gone 2.25 miles in 28:37, thats a 12:43 pace. I was really happy with that time for all of us since they are just starting. It is also right on pace with how I did the first time I did week 1 day 1 ease into 10k. That I did on the treadmill though, so I am happy that running outside with harder incline was almost as good as the treadmill!

Plus the girls are really excited and we planned our next run for Friday! I knew doing all my nerdy research would pay off and I am so glad they want to listen to my running junk.  I will be running the Color Me Rad 5k with Nicole and the Surftown Half Marathon will be run with Krystle. I have no doubt Nicole will be more than ready for May 26th and Krystle and my goal is just to finish the half. I do have a race coming up next Saturday with my friends from college and will talk more about that next week.

Combine tapering with my special lady time and its a bad week to be Dan next week! Ouch….look out world cranky lady coming soon!

Everyone have a great night :).

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