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Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend Part 2!

11 Mar

There may or may not be three parts to this, only because my Half Marathon post will be SUPER long. So its been decided by me, just now, 3 parter coming your way!

Part two is all about the 10k and then the after party of Hollywood Studios!! 🙂

IMG_5866 IMG_5867

Here is the flat me front and back of my shirt, to show you my 10k outfit.

This is Lauren and I in our outfits with the infamous crown!



And at the starting line, the girl who took this didn’t do the best job, but I still like it and was grateful for nice people!

So it was time to start the race at 5:30am. I was in corral B again and Lauren was in E.

IMG_5871 IMG_5873 IMG_5875

My corral, Elsa from Frozen was on the over pass talking to everyone she was pretty close to the start. I remember texting Lauren after I started to tell her that the girl sounded like Lady Gaga, she agreed when she passed her. Finally the first mile marker, I liked last years story book mile markers better but these were still cute.

IMG_5877 IMG_5880

It was an out and back course so the first picture is on my way back and taking a picture of those who started later and were coming out of Epcot. The second photo is when I was heading back into Epcot, I thought the soldiers were cool!

Once I was back in Epcot I got some photos I had missed the day before, as the course was basically the same once inside.

IMG_5881 IMG_5882 IMG_5884


The second to last picture was of a lady dressed as a purse! I loved that so cool, though I could never run in it. The whole time I took it pretty slow, to rest up for the half and to try and let Lauren catch up.

But I ended up finishing before her even so, due to the time difference of me starting earlier.

I haven’t mentioned this on the blog but I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and its causing SO many issues with my body, so while my weight was going down due to eating better and training, my knees and ankles are always sore and swollen!

IMG_5887 IMG_5888

Thank god for RunDisney and their foresight, the guys at the end who would ice you were awesome and it really did help! Also Im a sweaty mess and was so tired, but I was happy to finish and in an hour and 33 minutes! This was pretty good because even going slow this was pretty close to my pr time of 1:25.

Here are some race photos I stole from Lauren’s snap chat!

IMG_5889 IMG_5890


The last picture is of a hotel on the boat ride to the park.

After this we headed to Hollywood Studios, but I didn’t take photos. We were so busy having fun that I just forgot, but the Rocking Rollercoaster with Aerosmith is SO FUN! It goes scary fast at the beginning but then all you can do is laugh, or at least that is what Lauren and I did.

After that we headed back to our hotel and decided to stretch, foam roll and then swim!


Check back tomorrow for part 3!

Tinkerbell Half Marathon Recap!

7 Mar

In January I ran the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in Disneyland, step one in completing my Coast to Coast Disney Journey. However I think the most important part to me was that it was my first Half since having Cam. And my first half since the Princess in 2013 (while I was pregnant). My only goals for Tinkerbell were to have fun, and since I could push myself, to beat my time from PHM of 3:35. Without a baby in your belly it is easier to make yourself go faster.

My initial goal was to do it in 2:30, but after having Camden via c-section, there was no way that was happening! So my new goal became anytime under 3:35. (Actually I had forgotten it was 3:35 and thought I had done it in 3:25, so I added a bit of unnecessary pressure during the race.)

I knew adjusting to the babies schedule, and not having as much free time to train as I did before would hinder me a bit and I was INCREDIBLY nervous at the start, but the race itself actualy put me at ease.

IMG_5599 IMG_5602 IMG_5603

Pictures: Me in my corral, I was in C. This race is smaller than princess, so I was glad to be closer to the start and not have to wait as long. Next is Tinkerbell starting the race for our corral and the first mile marker. (Times on the mile marker are since corral A began.)

The ONLY thing I like better in Tinkerbell vs PHM is that the California Half begins and then after 1.5 miles you are in the parks. This made me have fun and relax, going through the park at dark with a bunch of other runners is kind of Magical. (Plus it was my first time in Disneyland/California Adventure, you run through both.)

IMG_5606 IMG_5610 IMG_5611 IMG_5613 IMG_5615

Pictures I took in the park, some are blurry because I was on the move and nervous, but as I went on I stopped and paced myself with them to get better quality shots, and to remind myself I do these races for fun.

Then it was out of the parks and onto the highways/roads of Anaheim, this is where I prefer Florida Disney races, only because they own the roads and have characters on them. California had cheerleaders and marching bands, still cool, just not the same as PHM.




The go random stranger sign was motivating, and the second picture is just showing you the mile marker on the roads. The last picture is one of my all time favorites. I was nearing mile 13 at this point and saw this lady, TEAM MOTHERBOY, if you are an Arrested Development fan you know why this woman became my hero, and her costume was perfect down to the martini glass. Too bad I never saw the guy she was running with who must have been dressed as Buster.

Lauren met me along the course at various spots and that really helped, but I was tired. 3 hours came and went and I was nervous I was going to do the same or worse than my pregnant half. I mean I did weigh around the same as when I ran it and MAN was I exhausted. But I pushed myself and crossed the finish in 3:17!!!! That is almost 20 minutes faster than last year. All things considered I was proud of that. The race was fun and well worth it. Afterward Lauren and I hit the parks hard, and almost both fell asleep on the drive back to her apartment. The next day I headed back home to CT and my family that I had missed so much. One thing was for sure, I was so proud of what I had accomplished!!!

So I end this post with a bunch of photos. Let me start with one of the many Dan sent to inspire me while running, and end with my race outfit and medal!

IMG_5629 IMG_5624 IMG_5622 IMG_5626

I guess I fibbed as the last picture is Lauren and I going around Disney!!!

Wacky Fact Wednesday!!!

22 May

Today is Wednesday and that means it is wacky fact time!!!

1.) We have been trying to eat at home more lately. To save money and to eat a bit healthier! Today for breakfast we had this….


Cinnamon waffle and fresh strawberries….yea Dan is a spoiled Mr and so is Baby K!!!!

2.) I was spoiled today as well!!!

Today I cashed in my Mother’s Day gift from Dan and got a prenatal massage, it was pretty amazing and I probably fell asleep for 5 minutes but still worth it!!!

3.) There was no family dinner tonight!!!! 😦

My grandma and aunts headed to Atlantic City on Sunday and returned today. Finny and I really missed seeing them tonight after I had yoga!

4.) Dan repainted the nursery!!!

This is the finished color!


If you recall this was the color!


It was what I would call Dallas Cowboy electric blue….it had to go!!!

I am so excited for the yellow, grey and white room he will have!

5.) Speaking of the nursery we ordered this print last night to hang over his dresser/changing area!

love-you-forever-printsDid you have this book when you were younger? I did and I am pretty sure it made everyone who ever read it in my family cry!

6.) This past weekend I went to a different kind of race and was a cheerleader for a pretty cute guy who was racing!!! IMG_3833 IMG_3830

In case you couldnt tell that is Dan racing his dirt bike! He did so well and finished in 17th! Not bad for his second race!!!

I was a proud wife! Well until next time, have a great night!!!

January Date Night….

6 Jan

Last night Dan and I had a date night. I was a bit concerned as I was really craving some veggies but this is how I have had to eat salads lately. And leaving the house to eat meant if I was going to get sick I hoped the bathroom was clean. I will be happy in a few weeks when my first trimester ends!


The left side aka the BEST PART the tasty veggies had to go as the risk of making me sick was high. But I still enjoyed the lettuce and cucumbers.

Last night I was craving a salad from Moe’s but my stomach was a bit queasy. I however was fed up with not being able to eat veggies and healthily and not just carbs. So I got this…


Lettuce, cucumbers, olives, chicken and cheese then I added two cups of salsa. Dan got nachos with pork and beef and was the happiest man alive. I probably made it through half my salad before I was way too full and Dan ate the rest of my chicken. Glad to help him out.

After that we went to a froyo place called Sweet Frog that we had never been to. We usually go to yogurt madness and I have to say it was fine, it tasted the same, they just had more yogurt flavors. The thing that will put them over the top is we are getting one in the town my parents live in, so it will be very close!

After that we headed home, and I figured that was a great night and we would go to bed. Dan however pulled out his January Date night envelope so it was time for the date to continue!


January’s Date was to watch the campaign at home with Dan’s favorite candies. I know the note says OUR favorite candies and there was supposed to be a Hersey’s cookies and cream bar, but I ate that when putting together the basket….I can blame that one on Baby K!

 I had none of the candies as the food from before pushed my tummy to the limit.

The movie was funny and I was glad to have such a nice night together! Especially since a week from today Dan is leaving for a business trip in Texas and I will be one lonely lady! So if anyone wants to come stay with me for four days that would be great :).

I spent all of today sleeping mostly because I think my body has had enough of this cold and is trying to kick it out of here!

Tomorrow if it is gone and I can successfully breathe without super coughing fits I will be glad to finally go on a nice run with my BFF the treadmill! We do have a half to train for. While I was planning to do one in February and one in March I will probably just do the one in February and take it easy and stick to 5k’s for the remainder of the pregnancy. So this half marathon will be given all that I can give…well while monitoring my heart rate and tiredness!

Training Tuesday…

23 Oct

Here is the week I have coming up exercise wise….

Wednesday: Training in the morning, running at night

Thursday and Friday: Running

Saturday: Training, running rest day


So yea in order to be well prepared for the race and not injuring myself I just went for a run today.

But Before I ran I worked like usual. It was slow and I was so excited to be done and get home to get my run on! I went to bed early last night and still could not bring myself to wake up to go out.

But that was okay I knew my treadmill would be waiting. I also knew I needed a bit of a kick to get me going, what would it be shot bloks, powerade chews, nope…

Water and some Brachs caramels! They were the perfect sugar high to get me through my run!

I also started Dr. Who on Netflix while I am on the treadmill and I am really enjoying it so far!

As for the run, I had to pause it for a stretch and instead shut it off so there are again two pictures. This getting back into running after a month off thing is hard work, but it really is worth it.

Time 33:05 Distance 3.11 Pace:10:38

First run was in intervals and the last was just a straight out sprint. Tiring but good for building my speed!

All in all a great training session…Now for dinner TV and relaxing with my little family 🙂

Fun Event Friday and Being a Good Friend!

19 Oct

Friday’s new theme is a fun event! Wether it be something I did within the week and didn’t have time to post about, or something I am doing that day you will get the scoop!

Today’s fun event is the Scentsy Launch for my new recruit I told you about on Wednesday! I am so excited for her and to share Scentsy with a new group of people that I have never met, all while getting more recognition for a company I love working for!



The logo is linked to my website if you have never heard of scentsy and want to take a look!

So I will update everyone tomorrow about how this event goes!

In other news I am a good friend! As many of you know my co-worker Krystle runs with me. We both have Sunday (October 28th off) so I signed up to do a race that day and told her about it. Because of circumstances she wasnt sure if she could do the race (funds wise) so I bought her entry for her. I mean I did owe her for the soup I got for lunch yesterday ;).

I am pumped up about this race! I love Halloween I am the mayor of it at work and force everyone to dress up! So when I saw this race I knew it was one I wanted to do and needed my racing buddy there with me 🙂



The cute devil picture is linked to the race website if anyone is interested!

I like the idea that we get devil horns just for taking part in it! And I love a good theme, I think everyone knows this!!!

So those are my fun events for this Friday and I will post more about them after they happen/as they get closer!

Dan Bought Me a VERY Important Gift!!!!

2 Oct

Yesterday we went to the local bike shop to pick up Dan’s Mountain bike. He likes to ride it like a crazy person on trails and crashed it, so it needed a repair and new parts! So for our anniversary I paid for the repairs and parts! Well today was my first time there, I discovered they had a section for Triathlons.

In that section they had these…

1. I know my nails need to be painted, ignore that!

2. Why did Dan buy me body glide and shot blocks?!?! Well because he is only THE best husband ever!

I didnt mention this in my half marathon recap but I did not use body glide on my inner thighs/the area where the built in underwear in the shorts touches and I paid DEARLY for that for three days! The shower is a cruel cruel bitch when you are chaffed!!!

SO now I am prepared. Also during the last half I had used shot blocks and while they are way too chewy as long as I have water they are eatable and the energy they give me is great without needing a bathroom break!!!

In summation, Dan won big time husband points for buying these for me and ha prepared me well for October 13th, which happens to also be my Mommy’s 50th birthday!!!

Surftown Half Marathon Part 2…..

26 Sep

Then it was race day! Please see my previous post for part 1.

My plan was to wake up at round 5:30 am to be ready for the race at 7:30am. We left our hotel and drove to where my friend Krystle was staying to park the car. Her hotel was right next to the start/finish line.

This was both of our first half marathon and we were so nervous but got into the swing of things well…

Here is a breakdown of my thoughts during each mile followed by pictures.

Mile 0-1– Feeling Good this will be a piece of cake. We started off by doing run 1 mile walk 1 minute intervals as we knew we would not be able to run the whole thing. Due to my schedule I hadnt trained enough and Krystle got tendonitis in her knee. So we knew it was okay to take walk breaks going in.

Mile-2-3- Mile two was also a breeze, however at this point we ran by a super stinky marsh along the course, (the race was at the beach it was beautiful!) Mile three made us a little anxious since we didnt see the mile marker until we were 3.32 in to the race. This made me nervous and I started to think WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO!!!! But…

Mile 4-5- The mile four marker popped up right on time so were were back into rhythm, it was around 3.5 miles that we hooked up with a very nice couple. We were both getting tired of the walk 1 minute after running a mile schedule, and they were on a run 3 minutes walk 1 minute rhythm…so it worked out great! Plus they live in the same town as me! This was a big deal as we are from CT and the race was in Rhode Island….great coincidence! (also the time we ran back by the stinky marsh, the first part was a loop)

Mile 6-7- This was around the time my legs really started to feel it! The couple we had met up with had told us after 5 miles to be really aware of how our legs felt and to preserve them so we worked on that. Those minute walk breaks became my best friend 🙂 Around mile 7 Kryslte needed a pee break so I started walking while she went into the porta potty so she could easy catch up and we could be on our way! I swear she peed at the speed of lightning because she was right there with me in seconds….it was funny.

Mile 8-9– Now we had made it to watch hill, just had to go out and back to reach the finish!!! This was also the time we had got decidedly more tired, we had lost the couple during the bathroom break but knew we could do it on our own. Now we were still running three minutes but stuck with a 1:30 walk now, because our legs and feet needed it and were starting to cramp!

Mile-10-11- We kept up our walk run through 11 miles and picked up a nice girls named Christina (who was from RI) to finish out the race with us, she liked our run walk style and it was her first half as well!!! Mile 11 brought the bane of my existence a GIANT hill to run up, however we were so tired and knew we could make it to the finish in the three hours, so we walked the hill to save our energy! Mile 11 after the hill was also the time my calf muscles started to rebel against me and the muscles were rolling like there were snakes in my legs. The other two girls knees were bothering them so we took a walk…not a break a walk, t was longer than 2 minutes but needed.

Mile 12-13.1- we ran when we could until the pain started and around a little over a quarter mile left we figured we could run the whole thing….but my calves were not having it!

So we walked a bit that was until we could see the 13 mile marker and then we sprinted to that and through the finish. It helped that Dan and Krystles Boyfriend Tommy were there waiting to cheer us on.

Dan also turned the mile marker around and got a few shots of us.

I dont know if you can tell but we were happy to be almost done!

Talking to Dan and speeding up for the finish! I know my running form is spot on 😉

Almost done!

To cross the finish Krystle and I held hands….we trained together and pushed each other, we were finishing this together!

Plus I am pretty sure we both needed the other one to hold us up after that sprint. I almost cried then vomited when we finished. I was proud and knew I had given everything I had.


We were so proud of ourselves and with the time limit being three hours our goal was to finish under three hours! We finished in 2:53:07 for Krystle and 2:53:08 for me!!!! We did great and totally plan on doing it next year…

PS——If anyone is wondering what that orange wire on my shoulder is the answer is my ipod popped off my bra at mile 5 and then was stored inside of it for the rest of the race, this also somehow led to my headphones strangling me while one earbud tired to make its way out my sleeve and heres the outcome!

3 hours left…. and toenails!

5 Sep

There are three hours left to enter my first ever blog giveaway for $25.00 to Amazon.com, you can enter here. Winner will be announced tomorrow….any comments after 6pm will be thrown out and only comments on the orignial post will count.

In other more depressing news but still news none the less. With a week to go before my half marathon I have run a total of ZERO miles from Monday-Today. The reason is TOENAILS. Yes you did in fact read that right toenails my friends,  my right baby or piggy or pinky toe. OR WHATEVER ELSE YOU CALL IT! But Monday afternoon I ripped my toenail piece out of my foot with a compression sock! My toe  ended up swelling and I could not get my foot into my sneaker with out emmense pain and pooling sneaker blood OH YEAH! So no running for me. Maybe a walk after work as I am determined to retain some sort of mileage this week!!!

So yea this was pretty much how I felt about the situation… please note this face is being made at Dan for taking a photo shoot of me while asking him to photograph me in my white capris which I WILL NOT wear after labor day. Fall people!



Half laughing about the situation and half super angry…the way to be. 😉

Finding out how strong you really are….

12 Jul

…today was a mental battle to beat the band, and a physical one as well! Today I ran the Rentschler Airfield 5k. Let me start by saying .25 miles in I stepped on a big rock (which of course I didn’t see since I am the clumsy queen!) twisted my ankle and went down hard. Oh well I got right back up and kept on going! The race was 3.16 miles according to my garmin and was short miles, also according to my garmin! Which, since it is new I do trust. I ran past their first mile marker at 9:34 SPEEDY for me! I looked down to realize it was exactly a mile BUT I was flying regardless of the ankle and heat. Then my ankle strarted to throb, so I took alternating walk and run breaks and did what I had to do to finish. Then I got lazy! It was SO VERY hot, and I have been slacking due to being sick and getting back to running a week before this race was a bad idea. It was also the kick in the pants I needed!!!!

I fought myself the whole way, I am very hard on myself and my subconscious consistently sabotages a lot of things I set out to do. When I looked down at my Garmin and saw after mile two I was averaging a 16:36 pace you better believe I sped up and if a walk break was needed it was a power walk. I made a deal with myself then and there I WOULD NOT FINISH THIS RACE OVER 40 MINUTES. It just couldnt happen I didnt care what it took to get there, I was doing this! ankle and heat be darned!

The race also taught me three very important lesssons:

1. Racing by yourself is so FREAKING BORING! I love doing races with friends family, but most of all DAN. He lights a fire in me and believes in me so much that I know I can do anything! I really missed him today!

2. I AM A CLUMSY DUMB DUMB! I knew this already….if there is a way to injure yourself I will find it!

3. Let things go! I cant control how hot it was, or that I was sick. I can control my training from here on out though and will be taking that completely head on for the upcoming halves! I WILL DECIMATE THEM!

Plus if I say it on the blog I have to make it happen RIGHT?!?!?!

Plus bonus lesson! Moms teaching their kids how to run (she was 8) and let you run across the finish with them rock!

I finished the race in 39:40 and it was 3.16 miles for a 12:33 pace. All considered that time is amazing! I have never run 3 miles in that heat. I am lazy and take it to the treadmill on hot days. It is time to become equipped for all conditions and get mentally tough!

After the race I did a .25 shake out run to test my ankle which is doing okay and will be fine! It is Icing now!

 This race was put on at and sponsored by Cabela’s so there was the best post race food! Ice cream (well sherbet) Cinnamon Sugar Donuts and Elk Burgers, I got one of each. I DID NOT EAT THAT BURGER THOUGH! I brought a ziploc, wrapped it in napkins and brought it home for Dan!

Now for some pictures!

A happy man with a Burger!

My race self portrait! It was really sunny hence the wince, I was happy I promise, this was before the race. Plus my hair whisps were abundant so it was a stunning look for me!

This picture speaks for itself! DELICIOUS!

Pre-race while still at work showing off my socks and my hawaiian tropic suntan lotion that was sent to me thanks to influenster and hawaiian tropic of course. You can not even believe how many compliments I got on those socks. AND thanks to the lotion I have not one burn on me and felt soft the whole race, even my hands which dry out immensely while running. I was so excited to see how well this worked. Especially since I forgot a hat and it was sunny and most of the race was on asphalt….can you say glaring onto your skin much!!!!

So overall this bad race mad me a better runner. I am in a better mental space, and I am more motivated than EVER! Get ready for A LOT of running posts!

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