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Things I have been cooking/eating. Weight Watchers edition!

3 Oct

So I restarted weight watchers. I had to, the last 9 baby pounds are still kicking around even though I have been running/walking and it was time to get my eating under control. The awesome thing is as soon as I started eating healthier I noticed an increase in my milk production. I seriously have anxiety about it so it was great to see! The hard thing is as a breast feeding mom I get 41 points a day, 49 extra points a week and activity points. Example for you my 2.15 mile run gave me 8 points extra. UM what is going to happen when I up my mileage???? I know my points will drop as I lose weight, but the 49 remains the same and training like I will be will make me have more points anyway, so its pretty much a wash. This is hard because I don’t eat that much ever, which might be the issue with losing the weight!

I gained 60 lbs through my pregnancy. I was 189 pre-pregnancy and in really good shape. I was running 9-10 minute miles and strength training with my personal trainer so the number on the scale never bothered me. Cue my last weigh in before giving birth at 250lbs……OUCH! That is like 20lbs less than my husband who is 6’5″. So boy was I glad when I got home from the hospital and 30 of those pesky pounds were already gone….see ya water weight. Oh I clearly have no problem posting my weight and as a reference for everyone at my thinest (healthy weight) I was 150lbs. I probably never want to be below that, I look thin but I look strong and normal! So even though I have already lost 52 lbs….wow thats crazy to say,  I still have 48 total I want to lose (including those 9 pregnancy pounds!) Putting my weight out there for everyone makes it a lot harder to slack off…plus I really don’t care what anyone thinks about how much I weigh. Seeing me in person I dont look like I weigh 198 lbs and I am pretty happy looking like I do with a one month old baby!

Now that we all are caught up, lets see what I have been eating, with the help of my sous chef Camden!

Yesterday’s breakfast was:


Oatmeal, grapes and laughing cow cheese. If you haven’t dipped grapes in laughing cow cheese you aren’t living.

Total points 6.

Five for the oatmeal, 1 for the cheese zero for the grapes. Breakfast around here has to be quick, what with the baby somehow magically knowing when I eat and having a melt down. I haven’t been eating breakfast since he was born because of my weird sleep schedule but now I make sure I do!

Lunch yesterday was:


Baked Potato Soup: weight watchers recipe, topped with turkey bacon, sour cream and cheese (stirred in) 7 points. Cheese 1 point, Almond crackers 4 points for 16 crackers!!!! Grapes zero.

Total points: 12 

This brought my total to 18 for the day and I was full. Grandma had family dinner, no picture but she had pulled pork sandwiches, ribs, rice, baked beans and sweet potato fries. I ate a little of all of it and after tallying the points it was

Total points 28

So a lot, enough to push me over my 41 points by 5 and use up 5 of my extra 49 for the week, so no worries there and I went over. BUT I don’t usually eat like that so I guess I have to snack more during the day.

Today Breakfast was the same.

For Lunch I made chicken lettuce wraps, Camden helped.


We got the ingredients ready.


See, helping!!!

They came out great and I used the recipe builder to figure out the points, super filling and only 3 points per wrap. I had 2 so

Total points: 6


My added issue is I am on a run every three days training plan (don’t want an injury) so I will get extra points today and don’t know how to use all of them up healthily. I could eat ice cream but I feel like that defeats the purpose completely!

HELP ME! I need to eat enough to adequately train, feed the baby and still lose weight the correct way! Suggestions welcome 🙂

New Meal Monday and I need your help!

21 May

Yes I know today is Tuesday but I got home from work last night, fell asleep and woke up at 9 still pretty tired. Needless to say it was a short night for me!

Anyway I created a new recipe with the help of my wonderful Hubby and wanted to share it with everyone in case you are looking for something new!

Usually I make stuffed shells with hamburger and celery and onions and wine. However I didnt want to chance the wine not baking off when I was eating it and my friend Nikki, who ust had her baby would be eating it. The recipe made two disposable cake pans full of shells so I kept one and brought one to the new parents when we visited little Lilly!

Alex’s Meat and Cheese Stuffed Shells:


– 1 box Jumbo Shells

-1 large jar of Prego Sauce. Traditional flavor is what I used but you can use anything

-1 container small ricotta cheese. (I didnt check the ounces before I threw out the container!)

-1 bag shredded cheese (I did reduced fat Italian 4 cheese)

– Shredded Parmesan Cheese (the kraft kind from the green shaker)

-Half a large onion

-2-2.5lbs  Ground beef

-2 eggs


Cut up onion into small pieces and cook in a small amount of olive olive until translucent. Add hamburger and cook until almost brown. Add half a cup of the shredded bag cheese and let it melt into the meat while cooking. Once browned transfer to a bowl then add the ricotta, a 1/2 cup of shredded parmesan and the two eggs mix well.


It doesnt look the greatest but tastes amazing!!

While the meat is cooking you can also cook the shells and drain them. Next fill the bottom of the cake pans with a thin layer of sauce, and fill shells and place into the pan.


Finally cover with sauce and both shredded cheeses and bake at 400* for around 20-25 minutes.

The finished product.


This was so good an if you dont bake it will freeze well and be able to be made whenever you are ready!

Speaking of that I am looking for recipes I can make and freeze to have on hand for when little Camden arrives! If you know any good ones leave them in the comments below!!!

New Meal Monday

22 Oct

Monday’s posts are about a new meal, wether it is a recipe or a new find on pintrest it will be here. Tonight we will talk about running, but now we talk about FOOD!

Dan and I were lucky that my Mom is a sweetheart and made Harry and his friends a bunch of food for football watching at Harry’s house. (New readers Harry is my brother). She brought us a container of chili and some bread!

When I got home from visiting Lauren last night I microwaved some up, added some cheese and had a bit of bread! It was just as good as I remember the spiciness, the pineapple YUM!

The recipe is from a local grocery store in our area Big Y, and has become a family favorite of ours!

You can find the recipe here

Mom, substitutes the bbq sauce with sweet baby rays, the best bbq sauce there is! She also does not put beans in because she doesnt care for those! Other than that you are good to go!

Anytime I don’t have to cook on a day when I feel like doing nothing is a great day for me! Thanks again mom!!!

What our week consisted of, PART 2….

9 Oct

Im am posting this today because with my busy schedule of sleeping and taking medicine my days have looked like this.

Yes I did notice that aside from my white pill everything i have consumed today is the same color, also orange juice is my best friend!

Wednesday we had a great Family Dinner, perfect for fall!

Beef stew, salad and bread, plus my grandma and brother! It was a great dinner and as it was day 2 of the sickness fest I was so happy to have soup!!!! Sorry I know that has nothing to do with the weekend I just wanted to use this picture!!!

Back to the weekend which was more fun (then the past two days) and included different colored foods than yellow!

First I hung a new shower curtain purchased from Target….really love it! I really hate the gold shower pulls but I will need a new rod before I can get rid of those babies. But little changes make things look better!

Another little change for the better was Mr. Finny got a haircut!!

He is very cute!!!

Saturday night we had burritos and tortilla chips, my version of Moe’s if you havent been to Moe’s GO! It is better than Chipotle just throwing that out there, there is so much more variety!

Yes I was drinking orange juice in a champagne flute! I wanted to feel not sick!

They were yummy!!

After that our friends Ricky and Diana came over it was a fun night even though I felt like sleeping at 7pm!

Sunday I stayed in bed all day and decided I would go to the doctor monday! We all know how that went.

Sunday night though I did my wifely duty and cooked dinner. My friend Ashley had told me she makes a pasta dish for her family with white sauce and hamburger with pasta and some vegetables. I wanted to use peas we had corn so that was that. The white sauce is a low calorie alfredo recipe I devised myself. I will post the recipe tomorrow until now here is a picture. I mixed the corn in with mine Dan preferred his on the side.

I honestly believe this is the best food picture I have ever taken for this blog!!!!

For dessert we had mug cake. 3 tbsp cake mix (red velvet mixed with angel food) 2 tbsp Dark Chocolate almond milk a handful of white and dark chocolate chips. Microwave for 1 minute! Its a weight wachers recipe that I changed with the milk instead of water. It was good.

It was still a bit runny at the bottom I think because of the milk but good all the same!

I hope you had a good weekend as well! I cannot wait to run again also but i will wait until I am feeling a little better!

Day off Cooking….Skinny Chicken Parm

9 Jul

Today is my day off so that meant getting cooking and cleaning done! I try and take Saturday off as much as possible, but this weekend we are having a dunk tank at work and I have to take a turn in it, so no go this weekend!

Today’s dinner is a skinny chicken parm! It is Dan’s favorite meal ever, but so high in calories, and I also really didnt feel like frying chicken so here we go.

First I took 4 frozen chicken breast and baked them at 375* for 50 minutes. Next I cut them into bite size pieces and cut up 1 green pepper, would have loved two in there, but I had one so I made due!

 Next cook up some pasta…

This pasta traveled home with us from Mexico

I honestly would have loved to use some whole wheat, but Dan is not a fan. If you are I suggest using it to amp up the recipes healthy qualities!

After the pasta is done drain it in the sink…obviously! While the pasta is in the sink add some olive oil to the pan and mix the chicken and peppers together and cook for a little bit! Then add pasta to the pan mix well then cover with a sauce of your choice!

I would usually make my own sauce out of tomato sauce, paste and spices, but I was lazy so jarred it was!

Once all mixed place into your baking dish, cover with cut up cheese (I used mozzarella string cheese, less calories and bakes well!) Then sprinkle with some bread crumbs. Next heat oven to 350* and bake for 20 minutes! Good to go!

Before Baking

After Baking

One Recipe Three Ways….

2 Jul

Lately I have been looking for ways to make food fast and easy, without spending a lot of money. The answer was clearly freezer cooking. You can check out my broccoli cheese soup recipe, it freezes very well! Yesterday I was looking in the fridge and had some onions and left over salsa that needed to be used up quick.

So out of that came this.

I know this looks kind of gross, but think of this as the base for other recipes. Or dumb it down and use it as queso….SO good!

Here we go….by the way I made this recipe up, that is why when I use brands its because it is what I had, so use whatever you have.


1.5 lbs Hamburger I used frozen

1 Medium Onion

a little olive oil

2 jars of half used salsa…so one full jar I used On the Border and Newmans Own

half a block of velveeta cheese

1 packet taco seasoning

2 corn on cobs, with the corn cut off the cob

One can of peas


Cook onions and hamburger meat in pot with olive oil. When meat is done add salsa and velveeta. When velveeta has melted add in the remaining ingredients. This is your base. I put it into two seperate containers one to freeze and one to use today for dinner.


Use everything in the ingredients list except the corn and peas. Cook to package directions and serve with chips, a perfect queso.


What we had for dinner tonight! Step one cook some pasta in milk….yes milk the pasta comes out better and it makes any cheese dish creamier.


Do not drain the pasta, and be sure you use enough milk…milk is absorbed by the pasta much quicker than water is. It gives your pasta a nice texture as well! 

Then add one container (seen above) to the pan and mix until heated. Viola…..awesomeness in a pan!

Dan loved it and it came out wonderful! 

You can serve with rice if you prefer also! However this is great if you have left over pasta or rice as well…less cooking time on that day! 

Recipe #3 

I will be doing this with the container I saved. Thin it out with left over chicken broth and make a soup. Add more veggies or a starch like pasta or rice and you have a really good soup! If you have left over stock in the fridge and dont plan on using it soon, freeze it in an ice cube tray and use t whenever you defrost the container of queso mix as well! 

These recipes are great and use left overs so there is no waste and save time….PERFECTION!

This led to an important life question tonight though. If you are eating something like we did tonight with elbow macaroni or rice, FORK OR SPOON?!?!?!

I always have to use a fork even for mac and cheese Dan a spoon….please tell me in the comment section, as this is a debate in our house!

Broccoli Cheese Soup and Bisquick Biscuits Recipe!

28 Jun

This is the greatest broccoli cheese soup recipe of all time….and not just because it is mine! No not at all because of that ;).

It has everything a good broc/cheese soup should have, thickness, cheesiness and of course depending on how you like your soup lots and lots of broccoli, some even whole, if you don’t like it that way you can modify it easily!

So lets get to business!!!! But last let me say, if you are going to venture into the world of Broccoli Cheese soup, dont whimp out on me and use LOW FAT SHREDDED CHEESE, use VELVEETA! Truly the only choice!


30 ounces of Broccoli I used 16oz frozen and 14oz fresh because it was what I had and turned out Perfect.

72oz Chicken Broth

1.5 pounds Velveeta cheese (1.5 blocks I buy mine at Costco you get two!)

2 Onions (medium)

6 tablespoons butter or margarine

1 cup all purpose flour, I used whole wheat tasted the same.

2 cups milk

a bit of black pepper to taste.

Now for pictures then the recipe:

Raw and frozen Broccoli simmering!

Onions, Flour, Butter and Milk cooked until thick….YUM!!!!

All ingredients mixed, before the blender joined the party!

My friend the immersion blender!


Simmer broth and broccoli in soup pot for 20 minutes. While doing that chop onions and melt butter in a skillet, add onions and cook to desired translucency or brown if you prefer. I like to keep my onions larger and only cook until soft. I use either a regular blender or immersion blender so it takes care of the size. Add flour to the butter until pasty. I added half a cup to the butter and set the other half cup aside to thicken while cooking. Add milk to pan and stir until thick and creamy! Once done add to soup pot stir in.

Finally cut cheese into cubes and add to pot and melt! Once creamy use your blender immersion is the easiest choice. Stick it down into the pot to puree up your broccoli to desired consistency. I like to keep a bunch of pieces whole. Finally add the last 1/2 cup of flour mixed with a little hot water to the pot. Once added keep simmering and stirring until you reach desired thickness. Then add pepper stir and serve. Or if your me make biscuits!!!!

I love bisquick, if you have some follow the directions on the box and viola all set!

Soup Done, prebaking of the rolls!


Usually I would steam some broccoli and put that in the bowl then pour the soup over it! I enjoy my BROCCOLI!!!

That roll has butter and jelly on it, I am a freak and I dip it into the soup….DELICIOUS!

Enjoy the soup, and just because it is hot we have AC so I can always make whatever I feel like!


Father’s Day Extravaganza!

19 Jun

Father’s Day was a very busy day! I was going to run a race in the morning before work but felt pretty tired and run down, I chalked it up to the Scentsy Party I had the day before at my Aunts house. Speaking of Scentsy I got this charm bracelet and charm in the mail as a sales reward! Really cute, and I might just add it it my current Pandora bracelet since it is not full.

So no race, then it was off to work. After work I went to the grocery store to get everything to make a taco bar! My memere was bringing enchiladas so I figured tacos were easy and yummy for a large crowd.

Enchiladas, she made two trays but I figured one picture would give you the basic idea!

Black bean and corn salsa, homemade Guacamole (thanks Mom), Chips and Hot sauce- truly a staple in eating!

Taco meat, and fat free spicy refried beans!

Taco fixings! Rice, two taco bell sauces, they were new at the store and everyone enjoyed them. Olives, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese!

As you know THIS was dessert, the link will take you to my recipe!

Everyone really enjoyed it and had a great day!

The group minus Mom and I, my Mother in Law is on a work trip so she couldnt be here and we missed her!

Dan, his Dad joel, my Step Grandfather Papa John, Memere and Daddy! His outfit is awesome, love the crocs 😉

Plus you know HE was here too getting love from everyone!

Then we gave everyone their cards and gifts, I bought my dads card only because I liked the front and it ended u saying my kids are so lucky t have a grandfather like you, yea I think I scared everyone a bit and learned an important lesson on card buying!

It was a great day and after everyone left I caught Dan taking pictures

I see a guest blog post in his future :).

This one goes out to my pregnant ladies…..

2 May

I know there are a lot of my readers who are pregnant currently! Here is a great post for you that includes all your favorites and mine and I am not pregnant! Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Ranch, and Bacon YUMMMMMMY! Theres a recipe coming, and no those items are not mixed all together into that.

I am the best wife ever I made Dan and Todd some chocolate fondue at work, today in my Velata and will be making more for my co-workers tomorrow so they can all sample! I will NOT however be having Funyuns like Dan did this afternoon!

The picture on Mom’s computer is My Beautiful Grandma and my Mom when she was little!

When I got home tonight I realized we had bacon, cream cheese and milk that would be going bad and had to be used up! I also had two packets of ranch dressing. So I said Diet be Darned for one day because I DO NOT Like to waste food! So a new Mac and Cheese recipe was created and DARN IS IT GOOD!!!!

Bacon Ranch Mac and Cheese!

1 Box Shells

1 Block Philly Cream Cheese

1 Pound Thick Cut Bacon

1.5 Cups Milk

Handfuls of Cheese (I used Mexican)

2 Packets Hidden Valley Ranch Powder

Cook bacon, degrease on paper towels. Cook shells until ready, drain and place back into pan. Throw cream cheese and ranch packets into pan and mix. Add milk and shredded cheese. Mix until cheese is melted, then crush Bacon and add to pan. Serve.

I was going to add broccoli as well, but eh. If its a cheat I was going all out and not trying to be healthy!

Now I am catching up on DVRed shows I missed and then running on the treadmill!

Then time to clean! Thanks for reading and please tell me if you try this recipe!!!!

Super Easy Dinner and Really Good Running!

27 Mar

Today was great after the whole 3 hours of Finny Sickness! I was able to get half our upstairs cleaned and a bunch of laundry done. I decided for a treadmill run so I could keep up with cleaning. I think my treadmill was really happy to see me! I restarted Ease into 10k Day 1 Week 1. I did that because my endurance has built up and because after tapering I felt like I was not going strong enough in the program to advance. I was so happy with the performance I got! I know I rested my body enough for the run and went fast and upped my incline to 3 I usually do 2.

2.27 in 26:08 is pretty darn good. Why the 8 seconds you ask? Well Finny got sick behind the treadmill and I paused it but not my ease into program and wanted everything to be even. Feeling good, as I did not finish the cool down, if I did the work out would have been 29 minutes. My first time doing ease into 10k I did the same workout in 2.32 in 29 minutes, clearly would have done better this time!

Then it was time for cleaning and you know what else….

YES MURDER SHE WROTE!…..Dont tell me you do not have a hello kitty crown on the TV in your bedroom because I know you do :).

Then I made the easiest yet best dinner!

Hamburger, and stir fry veggies with some taco seasoning.

Line Bowls with Sandwich Flat Breads found HERE

FIll with Romaine lettuce, top with some Lipton Fajita Rice and your meat mixture.

Tope with mango peach salsa and hot sauce….YUM!

To round out my great day I finally got my Free Gift From Victorias Secret in the mail!

 This baby is so bright and big it will be making the trip to Mexico with me in May! Plus score because i bought a bathing suit and got it free!!!!

Does anyone have any good recipes to share for dinners?

Does anyone know of a good race I can do in April I am shooting for one a month?!?!

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