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New Meal Monday…

14 Jan

The pregnant lonely lady edition.

Before I get into my dinner, if we can call it that, more like a bunch of random foods jumbled together. Let’s talk about how I spent today. It was a gorgeous 56* here in Connecticut today and all the snow melted. AND I HAD THE DAY OFF!! Around 12:30pm I had finished the chores I wanted to do and was about to get dressed for a run OUTSIDE when Mom called. I had to go to work…yea.

So I decided to just stay the day at that point and leave early later in the week to make up for it and hope and pray the weather was as nice!

The positive about heading into work was I could get lunch from my favorite place! A local grocery store near work offers 6 different soups a day and a salad bar. If anything this baby LOVES soup! It never makes me feel nauseous and so we are always good to go!

This is the salad bar…pretty impressive for a grocery store.


Plus that is one side the other side has fruit, beans, olives and macaroni and other premade salads.

Pretty great deal! The only issue is I have to play a game with myself while eating anything. The salad bar works because the game is called, what doesnt make my stomach turn. Go item to item. My salad ended up being really green.

I got potato soup and my salad.


The salad was lettuce, pickles,green olives, banana peppers, kidney beans and chow mein noodles…..yea what can I say it sounded good and REALLY WAS DELICIOUS!!!

Also oyster crackers are a stomach saver!

If the desk looks different it is because I was covering for Dan today in my old office, his current one.

This is it. It has no windows….my current office has a lot I was missing them.


In case you cannot tell I really enjoy the panorama feature on my phone!

I did miss my office, but not as much as I miss Dan….Okay TEXAS, time to give him back! Only 3 more days…well 4 he gets in Midnight on Friday!

Then after work it was time for dinner. Dinner has been tough the past two weeks as from 6pm on I feel AWFUL! So this is what sounded good, do this is what I had! It tasted great. Warning it is weirder than the salad.


Grapes, baby carrots (I may have given Finny some of those) and Mini Jimmy dean Biscuits with Sausage (maple flavored). It was a weird but wonderful dinner. Without Dan here I have no desire to cook. However going with my theme of seeing the positive in things this was a great dinner and I may have it for breakfast tomorrow minus the carrots. I probably could have eaten the entire bag of grapes and was glad I did not!

Overall it was a great day, half day off, getting things done, working, and really good food that may be a bit strange.

Its a different kind of New Meal Monday and I suppose we should all prepare for the fact that they might all be a bit strange for the next 6.5 months!

Now to watch Biggest Loser 🙂

January Date Night….

6 Jan

Last night Dan and I had a date night. I was a bit concerned as I was really craving some veggies but this is how I have had to eat salads lately. And leaving the house to eat meant if I was going to get sick I hoped the bathroom was clean. I will be happy in a few weeks when my first trimester ends!


The left side aka the BEST PART the tasty veggies had to go as the risk of making me sick was high. But I still enjoyed the lettuce and cucumbers.

Last night I was craving a salad from Moe’s but my stomach was a bit queasy. I however was fed up with not being able to eat veggies and healthily and not just carbs. So I got this…


Lettuce, cucumbers, olives, chicken and cheese then I added two cups of salsa. Dan got nachos with pork and beef and was the happiest man alive. I probably made it through half my salad before I was way too full and Dan ate the rest of my chicken. Glad to help him out.

After that we went to a froyo place called Sweet Frog that we had never been to. We usually go to yogurt madness and I have to say it was fine, it tasted the same, they just had more yogurt flavors. The thing that will put them over the top is we are getting one in the town my parents live in, so it will be very close!

After that we headed home, and I figured that was a great night and we would go to bed. Dan however pulled out his January Date night envelope so it was time for the date to continue!


January’s Date was to watch the campaign at home with Dan’s favorite candies. I know the note says OUR favorite candies and there was supposed to be a Hersey’s cookies and cream bar, but I ate that when putting together the basket….I can blame that one on Baby K!

 I had none of the candies as the food from before pushed my tummy to the limit.

The movie was funny and I was glad to have such a nice night together! Especially since a week from today Dan is leaving for a business trip in Texas and I will be one lonely lady! So if anyone wants to come stay with me for four days that would be great :).

I spent all of today sleeping mostly because I think my body has had enough of this cold and is trying to kick it out of here!

Tomorrow if it is gone and I can successfully breathe without super coughing fits I will be glad to finally go on a nice run with my BFF the treadmill! We do have a half to train for. While I was planning to do one in February and one in March I will probably just do the one in February and take it easy and stick to 5k’s for the remainder of the pregnancy. So this half marathon will be given all that I can give…well while monitoring my heart rate and tiredness!

Wacky Fact Wednesday….

7 Nov

Today I have 5 facts as usual to share for your viewing pleasure….the last of which is my workout for today which contains some exciting news you may be interested in if you are a runner! That will be continued into tomorrows post!

Here we go….

1.) Last night while watching elections results I wanted dessert, I was glad this was left over from our housewarming!

Homemade Apple Crisp and Vanilla Ice Cream! Thank you Cheryl for brining it!!! Plus what is more American than that? Well I guess apple pie, but this is what I had and really isn’t it semantics!

2.) For lunch Dan and I went to a local New York Style Deli. I was craving some soup but decided on this salad instead and this for dessert…

White cheddar and Chili garden salad. I was glad it was not any too crunchy veggies as my throat was still bothering me. But it was delicious and so was this!

Black and white cookies are so yummy, but the proper way to eat them is bite down the middle then share the outsides with others….Dan.

3.) When we returned to work we had 5 new tiny mascots that are so cute…

I don’t know if you can see the two tiny fish between the rock but if you do how cute are they?!?!

4.) Also at work today we did this…

You see new winter hats came in today and with it being our first snowfall and all I made everyone put on hats and stand in the snow as it fell! There is quite a bit more snow now, but everyone enjoyed a nice break to do something fun and the picture was of course taken by me…thats why it came out so AWESOME!! You will recognize my brother (back left), Dan (back right) and Krystle (the only female). I declined being in the picture due to my cold and looking like garbage because of it.

5.) Finally last but not least I got my workout in tonight.

I did…

The slow pace was due to the fact I am still beyond stuffed up and walked and ran a bit. The low mileage is due to these pretties…

The shoes just became available to the public to buy on November 5th, but I was sent a pair to try and review. I think I am in love with them!!! I will write a full review including how and why I got them to try but for now you will have to wait! Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!

A weeks worth of posts!!!

4 Nov

So I have not posted since Wednesday! Bad ALEX!!!!

However that is good news for you the readers because now you get an interesting post to read full of all the fun things I missed!!!

Luckily this (flipped over flower pots and pumpkins.) Plus a few big trees taken down in our back yard (far from the house) are all that we incurred from Sandy. Living near Massachusetts more than New York was a saving grace this time! Note I am in no way down playing this storm just saying we were lucky! Only being without power for three days was great compared to Hurricane Irene and Winter storm Alfred when our area of CT was without power for 10 days and 11 days respectively! Again not downplaying the storm just relaying my experience with it. My prayers go out to those effected including friends in the city. That is all I will say about the storm. Other bloggers have been getting a lot of hate for not respecting the storm and covering it. I however use my blog as a place of positivity and to get away from bad things in the world so that is that.

New Meal Monday:

Because we lost power I could not cook and we moved in with Mom and Dad and Zoe (their dog) our new meal was made by Mom. Instead of a recipe I have a picture…a yummy picture….

Pot Roast and Sausage Peppers and Onions a strange but delicious combo!


There was no training today because without power and no chance of a hot shower (we have a well) I cancelled going to Jeff’s and thanks to no daylight savings time yet it was dark when I got out of work so no run and no treadmill with no power….basically you didnt miss anything interesting!

Wacky Fact Wednesday!

Only 3 for last week:

1.) We got out of work at 12pm Monday because of the storm. So Dan and I starting watching a movie I had a good setup going until we lost power but oh well we just took a nap before going to may parents…

A glass of riesling and three caramels next to our wedding picture= perfection!

2. Mom and Dads dog is super cute but NOT a fan of Finny!

Here is her disappointment over Finny not sharing his dinner with her…

Excuse the bicycle tire. She likes to lay right there and it is next to my dad’s bike which is on an indoor trainer….she is a sad lady right here.

3.  Because we got our power back Wednesday we were able to hand cany out to trick or treaters…a big deal because last year at the same time we were hit with a few feet of snow and had no power so Halloween was cancelled in the State of CT many thought it would happen again!!!


Treat yourself Thursday was a bit different this week I treated myself to salads for lunch and dinner.

For lunch I went to Subway and learned a very important lesson….NEVER ask this girl to put dressing on my salad again…because

It was still good just really RANCHY!

For dinner it was Chicken Salad, Tuscan Salad with dressing in a packet on the side…

SO delicious! They were nice treats for salads…especially when you are craving a lot of VEGGIES!!!


Friday I had a Scentsy Event at a local school it went well and I took my new recruit with me so she could get contacts!!


Saturday was our house warming it was so much fun and I was so busy that I didnt take any pictures….so you know it was a good time!

Sunday- I was supposed to run a race, but a busy day combined with people at my house til 2:30 am= me not doing the race. Plus this afternoon I had a baby shower to attend, but more on that tomorrow!!!

Now you are all caught up on my life through the hectic storm to now. I will resume my regular posting schedule and keep you all entertained! Until tomorrow 🙂

Wacky Fact Wednesday!

24 Oct

It’s time for me to reveal silly things about myself you may or may not be interested in….but today we are doing it count down style from 4-1 sorry I couldn’t come up with 1 more this week!


I love all the winter clothes they come out with! I want most everything in the catalog and can make a great christmas list with it, especially now that they have a workout clothing line.

3. My favorite condiment as of this year and maybe ever is on this wrap!

Peach Mango Salsa wrap! I was first exposed to peach mango salsa from COSTCO and eat it on everything from chips, tacos to putting it in crock pot chicken soup! So good! This version was made by the store I purchased the sandwich from and it was still just as amazing!

Plus having it with a mint hot chocolate is not at all a weird combo, I WAS COLD!

2. I have an extensive hello kitty obsession! 

I know this is obvious but today I looked at my calendar and realized it is also super AWESOME!

This is my office at work, but I also have the same one at home. It is cool so I need one everywhere 🙂

AND THE #1 Fact of this week is…..


Snack size mini maple sausage and biscuit sandwiches= low calorie same great taste and SO CUTE!

Dogs are better mini also! Finny is super cute and thinks if he pushes himself against Grandma’s couch I will forget he is there and he can live there forever!

And Finally the CUTEST mini thing I have ever encountered, modeled by my Dad…

The tiniest cheese grater of all time! I never knew grandma had it, or maybe it was my Aunt Kim’s but it was at tonights family dinner and everyone loved it!

Have you ever had mango peach salsa?

Are things really cuter smaller? If you say no we are in a fight because that means you dont think Finny is cute!

Comment below!!!

Monday Madness

22 Oct

This post is not that exciting but I figured by naming it that people would be more interested in reading it ;).

Today was like any other Monday, get up be super tired drag myself through getting ready then head to work. At work I broke my computer so yea that was really great to start of my day. How did it break you ask, well I kicked it stretching my legs (the cpu part) and it is under my desk on a box so its not sitting on the carpet. Well somehow the powerstrip was behind that and it landed on the red button and shut everything off. When I turned it back on I got the black screen of windows death and try as I might no dice. GRRRRR

So I made the best of my workday and then got some lunch with Dan at the Big Y supermarket.

That corn chowder was AMAZING! But the salad left a lot to be desired it was a cobb salad and everything to the right was picked off because I dont or cant eat it. The rest of it looked great. But I was sad to discover that my body is for some reason still hating on blue cheese. I used to love the stuff but lately it is making my stomach turn. I guess changing taste buds and all.

I remedied it with my favorite fat free raspberry vinaigrette but even that couldn’t save it.

Even though the sell by date is a whole 2 days away it was all wilty and gross. I like good crunchy lettuce not mushy crap that melts on your tongue ICKY! When will I learn I can make a better salad at home most of the time!?!?!

Anywho when work was over I wanted to run outside, but I quickly realized by the time I got home and changed it would be dark :(.

So I called Mom who again had made us dinner. WHAT DID WE DO TO DESERVE THIS TREATMENT!

This is not one of my favorite things she makes but I knew Dan would love it. See I don’t really enjoy ham or onions and this has both.

I still ate it and it hit the spot and Dan loved it. I enjoy the scalloped potatoes part and that everything even the sauce was homemade it was still yummy and I only picked out half the onions. 😉

Close up of the bubbly goodness…

After dinner and an episode of White Collar on the Ipad, plus doing dishes I decided enough time had passed for a run.

Queue up the Vampire Diaries I missed Thursday and the treadmill and I pushed myself to a nice little performance.

3.668 miles in 40 minutes is AWESOME when you find out I was doing a run 4 minutes walk 1 minute interval training session! I was very proud of myself and thinking this 6.66 miler on sunday may not be as bad as I would have thought!

Bonus points if you somehow identified that I had now switched to Law and Order SVU for the end of the run!

Alright well time for bed I will be trying to get up early and run tomorrow before work, time to get back on track!



Do you watch tv on the treadmill elliptical? Any Netflix suggestions for me? 

What is your running pattern in the fall/winter? Early outside runs or stick to the treadmill?

Back at it….

18 May

training that is. Yesterday I had my first post Mexico workout with Jeff and it was a butt kicker! We did all of my favorites, plea squats with a weight, reverse crunches, pushups, hamstring curls, etc. Today my abs, arms and quads are on fire, so thank you Jeff! I have not run yet though due to being sick and having not a lot of time. That is changing today after work even if I just take it to the treadmill!

On wednesday for lunch I had this and I recommend you get it ASAP!

That is a subway salad with all the veggies they offer and their new smokehouse chicken on top…no dressing needed and totally the bomb.com….I don’t care if people do not use that expression anymore because I do and it is a fitting description!

Part 2 of the Mexican Vacation coming up, with even MORE FOOD and Workouts!

Dates with Daniel

22 Apr

Warning: Every picture in this post is of food, so if you are hungry you should probably eat before reading…thank you!

Friday night we went to Buffalo Wild Wings it had just opened up here, I got a salad and some naked (unbreaded) chicken tenders with some Asian Zing sauce, it was delicious! Dan got a chicken wing and rib combo, and also a salad as his side instead of fries. Then we headed to the movies and saw American Reunion. What a good movie it was! Just as funny as the rest and still raunchy enough that Dan had a few minutes of laughing really hard out loud. Plus I had the soundtrack in highschool and loved that they played most of the songs from the original!

Last night, (after a great day of work in which we took in so many bottles and cans to donate for our earth day open house event) we headed out to dinner again. This time we went to Ruby Tuesdays, since I did not have a full cheat day Friday (just my lunch) I figured I would last night for dinner. I of course got the salad bar which was so good! But it filled me up alot!

Dan thought he did not have enough hard boiled eggs! Clearly I did not have enough green veggies, oh wait every veggie I put on the salad was green! Edamame, Broccoli, Peas, Broccoli Salad, Ham and Pea Salad, Lettuce Croutons and Dressing.

Then it was time for dinner. I took a chance and got some ribs with some slow carb sides. Steamed broccoli and mahsed cauliflower, I knew I would have left overs and it was back to the diet today! 9 pounds to go and 13 days to do it! I had never had ribs before and thought they were really good!

My food!

Dan got ribs as well with mashed cauliflower and steamed spaghetti squash, they were memphis dry rub. He ordered them due to the name, because he loves the band Memphis Mayfire and he was not disappointed!

Here is the amount of my dinner that did not get eaten…

I ate two ribs and a bite of cauliflower and was done for! But man were they good!!!!

Now I am off to tan, grocery shop and then run! After I will be cleaning the house! Have a great relaxing Sunday everyone and Happy Earth Day!!!! Definitely do something green today!!! I will be bringing my re-useable bags shopping!

Slow Carb Eating Day 1….

11 Apr

So today we started slow carbing, I say we because Dan inadvertently is also doing this. When your wife prepares your meals you don’t really have much of a choice! I even talked my Mom into doing it, but I have to prepare her Breakfasts and lunches! It will be really easy to stick to as Day 1 is almost over and I am not very hungry! For breakfast we had this….

2 Eggs scrambled in no oil or butter, french style green beans and fat free refried beans with jalapenos!

It was really good and really filling. I do miss sugar a bit as I was craving a candy bar bad! Then the worst thing happened everyone I work with ordered Chinese…that is my favorite. I stayed strong and ate my salad though…which was amazing!

Spinach leaves with the leftover refried beans, chicken and cucumbers then 2 tablespoons of the Newmans Salsa behind it….black bean and corn is the way to go!

The chicken was 2 frozen chicken breasts I had put into a ziploc (while frozen) with enough olive oil and Mrs. Dash to coat them. It worked out really well as the oil frozen then congealed to the chicken, when I cooked them this morning the onion and herb mrs dash crisped up a bit and the taste was amazing!

That is the finished product and todays eating so far. Minus a bag of baby carrots for a snack, but we all know how that looks! Now I am off for a run and family dinner!

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