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Literally a post all about food!!!

28 Mar

Let me explain first, I have not been out of control eating or anything like that. Not that I don’t get the urge but I don’t do it. I have been really busy or feeling sick lately and so all the pictures I have taken have been of what I have been eating.


When back at work I am a big fan of Geisslers lunch selection. On Tuesday I did not eat dinner because I had this for lunch and man was it amazing!!! By the way Geisslers is a local grocery store. Turkey, Stuffing, Garlic and Herb potatoes and Veggies!!!

On Monday I had gone grocery shopping, I figured it was time as we were running low on basics and Dan has been eating A LOT more veggies in his life. Sorry to back track here. For dinner that night we had this masterpiece.


Veggie lovers bagged salad, (I always go for that kind since it has fresh green beans, cabbage, carrots and more already in there), PLUS you know a salad will be great when you add one enitre baby cucumber to your serving!!! Top with hot rotisserie chicken and parmesan ranch dressing….sometimes I am glad I get an extra 300 calories and get to eat yummy dressings I usually wouldn’t!

Also on my shopping trip I secured these yummies!



Pear yogurt is so amazing add pomegranate granola and an apple and you have a perfect parfait. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but….Pears and Mangoes are my favorite fruits!!! (PS- I realize I always mention this).

Finally we come to last night…..FAMILY DINNER BIRTHDAY EDITION!!!

Last night we celebrated Aunt Tamarra’s, My Grandma’s and Dan’s Bdays. Aunt T’s bday was on St. Patrick’s Day and I already did a post for her, but check back Saturday and Sunday for super sappy posts dedicated to them!

So back to dinner. Grandma wanted Hotdogs and beans her favorite food is probably hotdogs! My Aunt Kim (not her birthday by the way) wanted tacos. GRANDMA HATES TACOS!!! But being the cool Grandma she is or G-MA as I call her she made both.


Sorry I had to bite the taco, it was calling my name and man was it delicious!!! Add a half hotdog, maple baked beans and fries PERFECTION!!!!!

For dessert we had red velvet cake from the Cake Boss….who knew they sold those in stores.


Please note the cut out of the cake, my Dad could not wait apparently. He announced to everyone after doing it that since he cut the cake no ones wish would come true! Good thing Dan and Grandmas Bday’s are on Easter Weekend and so we have another shot at making wishes come true!!!!

Saturday I have a race, not sure if I will be clear to run it or not as I have been feeling crappy but I will walk it or go an watch my buddies run it! Then we have Dan’s bday and Easter on Sunday!!

Enjoy your week!!!!!


Slow Carb Recipe and Weight Update!

27 Apr

So today I did not run as planned. I did train with Jeff in the morning, but I also had a touch of food poisoning, yea it was a very fun day for me! Last night we went to dinner and I had a salad, clearly not washed well or something because as soon as we got home I had a headache, the spins and was sick to my stomach, so you can guess what happened all day today in my world! Anywho thats not what we are hear to talk about but it is an update on why I didnt train as hard as I would have liked today! Also as of today before all stomach issues, I was officially down 9lbs and boy does that feel good!

Tuesday night I really wanted Tacos…Slow carb diet says no though! My idea of tacos is SHELLS or HINT OF LIME TORTILLAS crushed into a bowl, lettuce enough for a salad, ground beef, refried beans and RICE! The solution was clearly to make my own rice from Cauliflower and MAN WAS IT GOOD!!!! So here is the recipe!


Step One: Prepare your tools for me that is my food processor (one of the best gifts from my wedding registry!), and my favorite cutting board and knife. There is something about that one knife that you love to use, maybe thats just me since I love to cook. But my Henkel style knife is awesome and I LOVE IT! Then of course Cauliflower!

 Please excuse my recycling behind the food processor I was too lazy to take it to the sink!

Step 2: Cut up cauliflower into small enough pieces to be evenly chopped in the processor!

Not chopped yet, but seriously how many pictures did you want???

Step 3: Mix in FP until the size of rice.

Step 4: Place into a microwave safe bowl, DO NOT ADD WATER it will get gummy and weird not that I did but I know it will! Cover with Plastic wrap and microwave for 3 min. The water in the cauliflower will cook it enough and make it nice and firm but chewy.

The finished product:

How good was the salad….off the charts of course! Dan even loved it!!!!

On another slow carb note, Friday our insurance Reps took mom and I to lunch to discuss our account and I had this beauty!

It came with those eggs, gave them to mom. The oranges and tomato I cannot eat so I skipped those as well. I know you are saying Alex you cant eat breaded fried chicken either, and to that I say….

THIS IS A MIRACLE OF RESTAURANT FOOD! BAKED WALNUT ENCRUSTED CHICKEN! No frying and no bread crumbs so it totally fits in!

Now it is off to bed I am planning an early morning run tomorrow! Hope everyone has a wonderous weekend!!!

Disappointed in today and Changing the name of the blog……

3 Apr

To big boob runner. No I am not really doing that but in the past two days 8 people have found my blog by searching big boob runner on google…..are you serious! Why?!?!?! I know by typing this I just upped that amount and i realize I have a larger chest than most runners and can give advice to those similarly portioned but come on. I doubt most of those searches have anything to do with advice and that people are sorely disappointed when they get to the blog!

Which brings me to my next topic being disappointed in todays efforts. 2 miles WALKED, yes that is right walked in 33:03! Pretty disappointed in myself, but glad I got out there and did it.I had to walk because as soon as we started going (Nicole and I), my legs cramped up really hard in my calves, which haven’t hurt or been bothering me this whole time! Granted the 16:31 pace kind of makes me upset. However I do realize that all day at work I did not want to do anything but come home and not do any working out! A good job defeating my self doubt. I will be stretching massive amounts tonight!

Other than the walking the day was just fine! I am still sticking to my diet. For breakfast I had Banana Cheerio’s, a Banana sliced into them and low fat milk. For lunch I had green grapes and this…..

I know the homemade guacamole looks like poop, but once i stirred it into the same salad as yesterday and added a bit of dressing it was so divine! For dinner tonight I am going to make a chicken stir fry….I have been looking forward to it all day! I know it is better for me personally to not eat meat at every meal, but I do miss it!

Crazy weather, good food and crappy running!

1 Mar

I added a new layout I hope everyone likes it, it is much more streamlined and I think a better fit for the blog!

The past two days we have actually gotten SNOW! The only bad thing is driving in it. Not because it is dangerous, but because people do NOT know how to drive in snow. We live in New England this happens every year. The snow wasnt even sticking to the highway today and the car in front of me kept slamming on its brakes! Plus yesterday this happened!

I was stuck behind this car for close to 30 minutes, due to some sort of accident less than a mile from my house. The red glow from above the car is because there were about 7 police vehicles and a fire truck blocking the road and I never saw a car accident!

As for the good food, Wednesday I made another salad with taco chicken, which was only made better by Costco peach and mango salsa as dressing!

The salad was baby spinach, red cabbage, raw broccoli and chicken and salsa!

Then there is tonight’s dinner, chinese food! It is my absolute favorite and I was so excited to no have to cook. Laundry and dishes were enough for tonight!

Chicken and broccoli is so good, the only downfall of oriental cafe is they do not have brown rice…sad face! They made up for it by having the greatest take out containers ever! I will def be keeping it after I finish the food and reusing it to bring lunches!

Then there is my run, I took yesterday off because it was family dinner and by the time I got home due to the snow my mom was already here to pick me up! I shoveled our sidewalk quickly and went to my Grandmas! Then there was today, just awful! I do not know what was up with me but my legs and back were cramping, so I stopped early!

I went 1.30 miles in 15 minutes, not bad as it was an 11:32 pace. I was just disappointed, but I do have my trainer workout tomorrow morning and am planning a run after that! Oh well its time to relax now and sleep off the bad run!

Shamed into working out and other horrible things! (2 good things)

27 Feb

Yesterday I was extremely lazy and did not feel like running. Then while going through the mail I saw the book of shame, and realized I had to get on that treadmill before heading to Mom and Dads for the Oscar Party!

Why yes that is the Victoria’s Secret Swim Catalog, and with our impending Mexico Vacation looming I figured it was time to get on that treadmill! By the way the magazine coming was not the good thing. Women all over the world feel shamed upon seeing it and feel the inferiority! Ha ha I am half kidding!

The good things were my run turned out awesome!

I was so happy to have been on pace to match or beat my race time!

Then it was time to head to Mom’s party, my mom is a party queen and is so cute about planning and executing parties!

When we arrived at the house we were met with this sign.

The second picture is of the gifts we each got for coming, candles and a trophy for Lauren who won the ballot contest!

It was a really fun and relaxing night and the perfect ending to a good weekend, but the start of a terrible DAY!

This morning my alarm did not go off because my phone died! I was supposed to be at the trainer for 6am! Luckily I woke up at 5:56 am and made my way there and was only a bit late! It was a really good workout and really energized me for the day. My work day was fine and nothing bad happened there. When I got home though it was BAD! I went on the treadmill and did great! However while I was running Finny chewed one of my new shoes! Then I was making a salad for dinner and a can fell out of the cabinet and smashed my big toe. To top it all off my internet died because of my router GRRRRR. Clearly I got that fixed though!

I also made a good salad, I think it is time to head to bed before anything else crazy happens!

Todays run went great!

Salad from dinner and an amazing dressing!

Why yes there is broccoli, red peppers (cannot see those), mixed greens, cucumbers and Mangoes in that salad!!! I made Dan some chicken as well. That was really the saving grace of the night!

Goodnight Everyone!

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