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Turkey Day week Tuesday!

20 Nov

As you see training Tuesday has been replaced for this week, as today is my rest day this week! You see I have training with Jeff tomorrow and had it yesterday so I wanted a rest. Plus I plan on working out all weekend so I needed a day.

Today seemed like the perfect day as Mom and I went shopping for Thanksgiving after work and there was A LOT of lifting involved!

So because of that here is a montage of last weeks pictures that did not make the blog.

Last Tuesday we decorated the store for Christmas, we stay after work and Mom buys everyone Chinese. We eat and decorate and look forward to it every year! This was food for 6 of us….Mom goes a bit overboard!

Some of our handy work outside!

Dan always says he doesnt like Finny and messes with him constantly but here they are showing they do love each other!

This was my super sneaky picture of Dan switching out his Iphone for a new one because his 5 was dropping calls.

And finally…

The happiest and blurriest you will ever see me at 5:30 when getting ready to workout with Jeff. Yes my shirt says team Karnolt it was a gift from my Sister In Law on my wedding day!

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