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Ending the weekend with a little fun!

14 Apr

So my Mom tells me the blog has been lacking my usual humor and quirkiness since I got pregnant. I think its because I have been so busy and tired….but sometimes you have to give the people what they want.

How about a little Wacky Fact Sunday!

1.) I like to take pictures in our bathrooms.


Not really though, I feel like a teenager only I will NEVER make the duck face.

Let me explain: my Mom’s group on facebook (a group of girls all due around the same time as me from all over the country) posts bump photos on the page to see our bellies. Yes they are usually to the side, but then you wouldn’t see the super cute bow. I have to take the pictures in the bathroom due to no full length mirror anywhere in this house….I must change that!

2)  People want to compete with my belly:


Me and my father in law Joel, who was trying to make a baby bump with his after dinner belly tonight. I told him my belly was still smaller and her said not for long. But I was also not arching my back in anyway. Hey I have a big healthy baby in there!! Plus I a pretty positive my white shirts made it look 10X bigger, why does white have that effect!?

3.) How good is Chipotle?!?!?!

I mean seriously I LOVE IT! This is more of a truth than a wacky fact. IMG_3717

Dan got the taco and the bowl in front I had the burrito in back, we split the chips and I pretty much drank that HOT salsa cup. Dan was in awe of my ability to eat super hot things. If you have been to chipotle you know their hot salsa is pretty darn hot.

Plus the baby loves anything really hot!  That is one thing I know baby K will have got from MOMMY!

4.) Finally I have the best husband in the WORLD!!! I have a scentsy event tomorrow and the bigger I get the harder it is not to breathe heavily from minor actions so lugging things around is not my idea of fun. The solution was we went and bought a little hand truck. A nice tax write off for me and I didnt even have to load it in the car!


That is one handsome man helping me out ;).

5.) Pregnancy brain is not good…..

Today I forgot the code to the stores alarm system while trying to lock up, confusing it with the code to our garage door.


I went to watch Game of Thrones and had watched about 5 minutes of it before I realized I had it on Spanish HBO and was wondering the whole time why they had new characters who only spoke Spanish.

Yea its kind of like being a blonde.

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