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The rest of last week….

16 Apr

I need to finish my update of last weeks events. Today is the best day to do it as last night I came down with the cold from hell, being pregnant there is not much you can do to solve it besides sleeping and resting. Thus I had to cancel fun plans with a friend for tonight and my training session with Jeff tomorrow.

So here we go with last week.

Aside from Wednesday the only pictures I took/day we did anything interesting was Friday. We both took the day off because we had so many errands. We almost never have the same day off. We never do on weekdays and on weekends we only have the same Sunday off once a month. So days like this are important, I bet some people wonder how we can spend so much time together between work and home and not go crazy, but hey it works for us. I guess I love Dan a lot or something ;).

We left the house around 10 am and got home at 5:30pm. It was still like a full day of work just to get things done.


The first stop was Dan (and now my new) Dr’s office. He needed a physical in order for our next errand to go smoothly.

I read about half those magazines while waiting, this was one of three racks. This office has a great selection. When the appointment was over we discovered the Dr is also a pediatrician and we can bring Baby K there for check ups as well. I love when things are easy and that the baby can have the same Dr.s office for life.

I found this in one of the magazines and will be making it soon:


After the doctors we had to go to the DMV. I know you feel my pain on this. I had to update the address on my license to the new house and also get a copy of the registration for my car because for some reason I didnt have one? My things took 5 minutes including the wait time and 20 minutes later I was all set!

Dan however was registering his new dirt bike with my old motorcycle plate. (I sold mine to buy the house). The wait time alone for that was 2 hours. That was crazy especially since it was done in 3 minutes. Oh well at least it was done.

Friday was also extremely rainy here, when we got home there was a worm parade on our driveway. I could not believe how many there were.


The next day of course they were all dead and stuck to the driveway…..sad life for worms.

After we came home we played with Finny for a bit and then headed out for dinner and more errands. Because of course we were not done yet.

We ate at Boston Market it is one of Dan’s all time favorites!

He got chicken and ribs and I had this.


A pulled BBQ chicken sandwich and a side of mac and cheese. I only ate half that sandwich, it was so good but I got too full so Dan had the other half Saturday for lunch.

After that we went to Home Depot…..because honestly we go there at least once a month now.

Dan needed a bunch of bolts and some wood to make a new ramp for his dirt bike.

That was our week. Now I can update you on things that happen this week….well once anything interesting happens!

Enjoy your week. My parents are on a trip and I am so excited for them to get home. Don’t get me wrong it is nice for them to have a break and for us to work on our own but seeing them everyday and sharing an office with my Mom does make you notice it more when they are not here!


Blizzard of 2013….

8 Feb

Today starts the Blizzard of 2013 in our area…..really hoping for two things:

1. To not lose power and get snowed in at our house, not have to drive to my parents in a blizzard!

2. To feel better. I woke up with a crazy cold and stomach bug at 6:30 am today and am not loving it!

Here in Connecticut our Governor has shut down state roads at noon and most everything is closed, so if you are a fellow Connecticuter like I am (yes I searched that on the internet, because I refuse to call us nutmegers) have fun being snowed in and spending time with your loved ones!

Yesterday’s workout ended up being 4.25 miles in around 55 minutes. I say around because I only took a picture of my first run. I ran in segments yesterday  1.25 miles in the morning because I was running late. Then 3 miles in the afternoon. I should have known I was getting sick in the 3 mile run when I started to sweat heavily and get a little dizzy! 

I wore these cuties because compression socks are now 100 percent needed in every run. Thanks pregnancy leg cramps. I love pro compression socks, they are pretty and get the job done.


I think it goes without saying that I am taking today off from running though.

Last night I prepped some food for Dan, Ricky and I. Dan’s friend Ricky is looking for a new place so he is staying with us for a little while.

It is a good thing I am laid off because he is staying in the basement, yes that is where my beloved treadmill is, so I run when he is at work.

I made chicken minestrone soup and this….

Alex’s Knife and Fork Taco Pizza.


1 Trader Joe’s Garlic and Herb Pizza Dough

1 lb Ground Chicken cooked and seasoned with Taco seasoning

As much Trader Joes Fat Free Pizza Sauce as you like

Mix of Mexican and Mozzarella Cheeses


Roll out dough however you like, spread sauce and cheese an cover with chicken. Bake to directions on dough.

Here is what is looked like before going into the oven. I would have added olives too but Dan doesnt like those.


And here is what it looked like when I ate a piece for dinner, and why I call it knife and fork pizza.

IMG_3372I added lettuce, cheese and taco sauce, I think I am onto the new best way to eat tacos!

Now we are all ready to get snowed in. I hope everyone enjoys their day and I will have a new post tonight. Including food I didnt post earlier this week and a snow update!

Sick Person Iphone Cleanse!

3 Jan

I am still very sick with this cold I have. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my OB who will tell me safe medications to take aside from the ones on the list he gave me which are not doing a whole lot. So in the sense that I do not want to look at this computer screen longer than I have to, but have some things to share here is a photo dump from my I phone.


This is my best friend since 11th grade Zoe! Who by the way is 11. She is pretty darn cute and yes I put that Happy New Year Hat on her! The day before my parents almost put her down because she was sluggish (not getting up or moving much at all) and not eating. But now she is back to her happy silly self and I am glad. Because on NYE it was 11 years to the day that she came into my life and became my #1 snuggle buddy while I still lived at home!


Because I was sick and wanted a home remedy tea to help fight my sore throat Dan went to the store and got me lemons. He also came home with the best rose ever for a pregnant lady….one made of chocolate!

IMG_3127 IMG_3128

The next two pictures are my remedies. The first picture is the tea which is lemons boiled with cinnamon, water and honey. It is so soothing and nice but again nothing beats medicine!

The second picture is Velveeta because honestly pasta is the only thing not making me want to vomit right now, OJ because its delicious and the tea again!

Its been a great couple of days for me food and drink wise 😉

And finally….


You know you are super cool if you bring a gallon of orange juice and your spiderman cup to work so you can drink a lot of juice at one time and make yourself feel better!

Hope you all have a great night, and tomorrow I will finally finish my Christmas 2012 update!

New Meal Monday—-the Alex has a cold edition!

5 Nov

As you can see New Meal Monday today has been taken over by my head cold which is not allowing me to want to eat much, or think anything sounds appetizing! The solution is I have eaten two things today!

The first was my lunch which was delicious but somehow still bothered my sore throat 😦

I wish I could take credit for this great picture but I was so tired while eating it that I didnt think to find my phone and just fell asleep after eating. It is from and is their chicken and dumpling light soup!

I liked that it was brothy and not creamy like other chicken and dumplings!

I have been so worn down by this cold that I could have probably napped into tomorrow, but Mr. Finny is a tiny dog and that equals a tiny bladder, which no amount of mommy snuggling can stop the urge to go pee. Trust me I try ever morning to sleep through it myself. Anyway, when I woke up one of my feet was so cold and try as I might it would not get warm. Then after taking him outside the other one got really chilly. My solution was to use one of Dan’s Christmas gifts from last year.

Ignore my laundry basket to the left. I am modeling pink fuzzy knee socks and Victoria’s Secret PJ pants I have had since college. They are full length pants and are one of my favorites since I bought them in a large and usually wear a medium…..These two hings together equal a great level of comfort!

Well I am now going back to watching Dr. Who on Netflix until I fall asleep and enjoying being warm! Hope you are having a much better Monday and eat something delicious for me for dinner :).

Comment Below:

-What was your dinner, I really want to know so I can live vicariously through you?

-What was your workout…again the whole vicarious thing?

The last post full of randomness!

15 Oct

Not running has made me cranky! Tomorrow that will all change! It is my day off so I am going to take the first run around our new neighborhood. Since I am not working it is the perfect time to take as much time as I need to get reacquainted with my 3rd love. (Dan and Finny of course holding 1st and second place.) I am planning a nice 2-3 mile run to re-enter my training program for the Princess half. In the meantime and because I have taken a bunch of random pictures and not posted them enjoy the last of my no workout ridden week!

Its Fall in New England so that means leaves and more leaves! They look great on the trees but terrible all over the ground, Finny makes up for it all though being so cute!

Later in the week while making dinner I used a trick I learned via Pintrest. You can boil water on high while cooking pasta if you put a wooden spoon across the top. I didnt have one but this silicone spatula with a wooden handle did the trick!

Wednesdays Family dinner at Grandmas was amazing. Panko Chicken with a baked potato and asparagus! DELICOUS, Grandma really out does herself each week. Especially in the dessert department.

This was a turtle chocolate cream pie. This is what dreams are made of YUM!

Friday night after picking up my race bib and t-shirt we got food at Mooyah, which is a place like Five Guys, but better.

Reason number one they are better, you fill out this sheet and hand it to the people, so nothing will be forgotten! They also have more toppings! Can you say ranch and buffalo!!!!!

However next time I will be getting the little mooyah burger, as I DO NOT need two hamburger patties ever!

A whole wheat bun and pepperjack cheese is key!

Plus they have sweet potato fries!

So that was my week a lot of time in bed then some food breaks in between. That was that. Tomorrow starts my rejoining the fitness world and a re-commitment to my HEALTHY eating plan with it! We are back in training people and I could not be happier!!!!

Some disappointing news and a little bit of sarcasm!

8 Oct

You know when I get disappointed I have to add some sort of sarcastic humor to it! So I will NOT be running the ING Hartford Half marathon this weekend major sadness!!!!

I went to the doctor today because I have been seriously battling a cold turns out its a sinus infection mixed with bronchitis…..YEA BAD NEWSSSSS!!!!! Also now that I am on these bad mamajammas I cannot be running!

Let me just say the tiny clear cough medicine drops that say may cause drowsiness will knock you the heck out! I am on each type of medicine for 1 week…..NO Race, especially since I do not want to be passing out running or making it two miles and actually coughing up a lung. Plus the Dr told me I couldn’t my eyes may have watered and my voice may have gotten a bit shaky when he told me no. BUT I know that if I hadnt gone to the doctor I would have run it no matter what because you cant be a whimp! So it is for the best!

Plus there is ALWAYS next year in which I plan to run the marathon portion and not the half, so I can kick its butt even harder! Also there is always another race and I will run a second half before the year is out! I am officially addicted to the distance and will conquer it….Half Marathons Will be my bitch 🙂

Sorry maybe its the medicine talking I did take one of the magical coughing pills….so goodnight friends and if you are running the half or marathon good luck to you! I will still be picking up my bib and going to the expo because WHY NOT RIGHT!!!!!

What our week consisted of….

7 Oct

Well more so the weekend of it Thursday through Sunday, but you get the idea. Our week mostly consisted of bringing boxes back and forth from the old house to the new house. After that we had one event outside of the house, and thank goodness it was only one because I have been really sick and exhausted most of my week was spent like this when not unpacking….

This is a picture of Finny sleeping on my legs but you get the idea, as I was not about to put a picture of my sick self on here. Finny was shaggy here but that all changed.

Anyway Thursday we had the MDA Black and Blue ball, it is a charity event held to help children with Muscular Dystrophy go to summer camp at no cost to the children or their families! The camp is great since they get to do all the regular summer camp activities but tailored to them and their disabilities due to the disease. My parents are sponsors and thus the black and blue means you can wear black tie or blue jeans!

Here is me getting ready…it was hard since I was sick!

Sick! Makeup can fix that….and yes my hair rollers attmept was half assed but looked good in the end!

I swept my hair to one side and had it rolled in the back so it was a nice updo in the back, tribute to Veronica Lake in the front,but then the fever hit and sweat galore. SO this became the look

Blurry side pony tail pictures are the coolest! I wore that sweater and a black dress!

Dan and I on the way Dad drove we were in the back seat. Also Dan is a goofball!

The event was good, I felt tired when we got home and was looking forward to nothing else but sleeping FOREVER!

Friday I woke up around 2pm, it was worth it but I still was not feeling well so I stayed inside did a bit of unpacking and then relaxed for the rest of the day and night. Toddlers and Tiaras may have been watched on Netflix. I cannot handle shows that require you to think much when sick!

Come back for part two tomorrow. Only because I am too tired to finish this now. The next post will include Finny’s new haircut and I know that is a CANNOT miss event!!!

No More Running for a while and Wedding Pictures

21 Jun

I have to cease running and working out for a bit……cue  up the sad violin music! I was diagnosed today with a chest and throat viral infection. So that means two days of resting…..this really puts a dent in my life plans. Since I got sick on Monday, this has ruined my entire week already and I am a sad lady. Oh well I will rest up and be back before you know it! The good thing is that we got our wedding photos today so here are some for you to glance at since this post is a wee bit boring. Be back soon my friends.


Yea we kind of love each other!

Me and my girls, Finny’s Girlfriend Joey is also there.

Pretty sure someone said something “smart” before this!

Me and My “little” brother.

Theres a little sampling for you since this post is so boring.

Here is something for all you foodies as well!

You better Believe that was red Velvet!

Training until you have acid reflux and Snuggling with Finny!

12 Jun

Last night at 10pm Dan and I found 1 flea on Finny so into the tub he went and now is flea free, smells nice and looks handsome!

This morning I was so proud of myself I woke up at 8 and did laundry and dishes and made breakfast and dinner for work, then headed to training. I was going to throw together a salad after training before I left for lunch. Breakfast was delicious, a fruit plate with some toast!

Green apple, strawberries and peach.

Then I headed to training where it was apparently kick my butt Tuesday! We started with a 1 mile warmup, then got down to business…this is the motto of the day ….

I was sweating hard, kettlebell squats, pushups, trx rows, bell ringers, MY ENEMIES Ketllte ball sit ups and the hip extension machine. It was so hard, I knew it was because of the Detox, because it was overly hard. (there was more but I forget them)  I also was fighting back watery eyes because I was on the brink of vomiting with each new move. I got home and showered, I also developed terrible heartburn and dizziness. I called Mom and told her I would be late to work, but she said don’t bother. She also said the heartburn was probably caused by Acid leaving my body on the Reset. That is all well and good but this is a pretty crappy feeling. This means also that I never made that lunch I was going to since I do not feel like eating in anyway!

Now I am snuggled up with my baby dog and watching Psych….good times, minus the feeling bad part!

Run Diva Run Race….how did it go?!?!

16 Apr

The answer is not too bad, it was my best time by almost a minute! But I was not feeling well at all and could have rocked this race out if I did! Krystle and I definitely kept with the theme of the pink while staying true to our job.

Harley-Davidson WOO! We also got medals which was really cool and unexpected! On a side note if you notice the black fishnets to the left and the pink shirt, you should know this was a MAN! He really rocked the costume aspect of the race, even wearing earrings and pink lipstick!

Krystle’s Boyfriend Tom not so much!

He also did not get a medal, not sure why everyone else had one, maybe it was the mohawk! HA.

Tommy smoked us and finished the race way before us, Krystle was about 2 minutes ahead of me….thanks to my Aunt Kim for coming to spectate and letting us know since niether of them checked their times as they crossed the finish!

You know I did and I was upset with myself, I am always hard on myself. This was kind of out of my control, but I still wanted to do my best and I know 34:33 was NOT my best. Better than my last race YES, but MY best no. I know I can do better and I will. I am glad I know what a crappy race feels like now, but would rather never feel it again!

On a good note though, hot pink “free” shirts and pink ribbon candy at the end of the race YES please and the highlight of my day!

Hey pink shoes and my socks!

Finally I had my one meal of the day, (I was scared to eat because I didnt feel well) thanks Mom and Dad for a great and slow carb dinner!

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