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What’s up with Nap time and other musings!

15 Oct

Today Camden was an absolute BEAST! He takes 2 naps a day, today however he woke up at 7am was insane at work all day until we had to leave because he was over tired (his first nap is always around 10:30-11am)! We got home around 2 and he was FINALLY asleep, thank you car rides! He was in fact so tired I was able to change his clothes and diaper without his eyes even opening. This all leads me to question what is it about naps?!?!?! When we are little and supposed to take them we don’t want to and fight them really hard. When we are older (or pregnant) it is all we want to do! Well unless you’re Dan who cannot take a nap!!


While this photo isnt from today it is a classic Camden sleep photo. He’s big into sleeping with his butt in the air!

Also today I started what I said I would yesterday! I woke up early got ready for work made breakfast for Camden and packed our lunches for the day. While I know my blog isnt weight watchers or a food journal it is still mine so I can put whatever I want in here.

So here is what I ate today:

Breakfast: A chobani yogurt with pomegrante granola (I need more dairy in my life)

Snack 1: Apple (apples, lemons, and cheeseburger WHAT, have been my cravings) this was a much healthier snack than a cheeseburger. No I don’t think they are snacks just to clarify!

Lunch: 2 cups of romaine lettuce with grilled chicken and caesar dressing.

Snack 2: a handful of triscuits and some sharp cheddar cheese.

Dinner tonight is at my Grandma’s its family dinner and my Mom’s bday celebration so I was glad to have a healthy day! I know you are probably really surprised to see there are not photos of my food, no sorry I forgot to take them.

I will leave you with photos from our anniversary dinner which was on October 10th and not Septmeber 24th which is our actual anniversary. But hey we are rebels!!! So we went to Foxwoods Casino and ate at Alta Strada delicious!!!


Awe were so cute!

IMG_1509 IMG_1510 IMG_1511

We had some bread with olive oil infused with basil, parsley and mint it was really good! Then we shared crispy veal meatballs and caesar salads. Dan had chicken parm with roasted potatoes and I had homemade pasta with bolognese. That is my go to Italian meal and if they do it right it is phenomenal! Let’s just say between Dan and I there was nothing left of my dish. If you are local I suggest you try it.

Im going to relax and get some stuff done while Camden continues to nap and then head to the party! Thanks for reading!!


New Meal Monday with a Holiday twist…

10 Dec

No not the meal itself, it is not the Holiday twist, we will get to that at the end of the post.

Today it was a dreary and rainy day so for lunch I was craving this…

Panera Bread Broccoli Cheese Soup!

Panera Bread Broccoli Cheese Soup!

Honestly it is a good thing I had to run errands today near there and stopped by, because if it was any closer I would be going there a lot more!



TACO SALAD. The salad part was so good here is why…


Iceberg Lettuce, Red Cabbage and FRESH MANGOES!!!

Plate the salad put chicken and spanish rice on top, then cheese. I crushed a few multigrain scoops on top and then added some hot sauce! It really hit the spot.

Later it was time to exercise. My ankle is still a bit sore from the fall and to not exacerbate it I did a walk run, But I did hill intervals ranging form 0% to 15% incline. Total workout was:


Here is the pre-programmed workout a little ways in.


That elevation gain is not only the reason for the calorie burn but also for taking me 45 minutes to go 3 miles!

It was a good workout even so and I was able to space out and enjoy watching MONK on Netflix. Before I knew it, it was 10pm and I was ready for bed, but needed to blog first :).

Finally for the Holiday Activity.

Our job collected money to make the Holidays great for a few local families. So we took the money we made and bought three local deserving families Christmas Gifts and today we dropped them off.


Ellington Human Services is such a great thing for our local community! They provide families who are struggling with food and other necessities when going through hard times.  It is great to know things like this are out there helping people through tough times! It really warms my heart to do such good for the local community!

DO you give back to others during the Holiday Season??

My in-laws are also helping a local family they know in their town, so Dan and I are donating a Grocery Gift Certificate to help them out!

A scary number of emails and smelling a latte!

14 Jun

Today I trained, it was a hard workout but really awesome. I also stuck to the reset for day 5. Feeling really good and REALLY proud of myself.

This post however isn’t about either of those things though. THIS post gives us all a break from pictures of veggies and stories of pushing dumbells and my body around. This post talks first about my freaky number of emails!

Let me start by saying I get so many emails because this is my account for both jobs (Harley-Davidson and Scentsy, plus Facebook and Twitter). Secondly CREEPY! And to think seconds before I saw this I was so happy because my Mom was actually reading the blog! As I have said before she is so busy, and doesn’t have a computer at home so I am happy she read some.

You best believe I read one immediately after taking this picture so it was no longer 666. Another weird thing and coincidence is our work telephone number ends in 6663. I would say it was good luck, if it wasnt such a scary, bad omen number!

After I got home I was really craving something sweet, but I was not about to eat anything thats a no-no, and decided putting a Scentsy Brick in my bathroom plug-in would do the trick!

I love that little warmer! Fleur De Lis are my favorite, it looks great in my bathroom and keeps it smelling wonderful at all times. Today I decided on a Hazelnut Latte Scent. OMG was this amazing! I love Iced Hazelnut Coffees, and on the reset caffeine is a no-no so I got my fix in smell.

I was going to run tonight, but after the hard training session this morning and my legs being a bit sore, plus my plan to run a trail race this Sunday all added up to me lying on the couch under a blanket with Finny, smelling a wonderful relaxing smell that is filling the whole down stairs and blogging. Sounds like an awesome Thursday night to me. Dan is off riding his motorcycle with friends. If I wasnt so ungodly tired I would be taking a bath and enjoying the quiet. Instead I am probably going to fall asleep in 10 minutes.

Good Night my friends. Running post in the morning, with quotes and some running items I am currently dreaming of owning!

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