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Hawaii Day 3: Part One

9 Jul

Clearly we have been back from Hawaii for about 2 weeks! I am such a blogging slacker….but I am also very pregnant and was informed I might not be making it to my due date of August 18th. So instead of coming home to blog I have been trying to ready everything on the off chance Camden decides to make an appearance!

Anywho back to the trip. This post is a two parter since it was our Island tour and there are ALOT of pictures!!!

So here we go:

IMG_4015 IMG_4016 IMG_4019

This was our first stop. It was beautiful and our first glimpse of what we always imagined Hawaii would be. (Waikiki is like a city so it wasnt what you would think.) The other side of the Island was gorgeous though!!!

The second picture is where From Here to Eternity was filmed…so that was pretty cool to see. The final picture looks like a wave crashing on rocks but that is actually THE BLOWHOLE its a small hole in the rocks where wave pressure created a geyser, pictures dont do it justice really.

Then we were back on the bus and off to our next stop the lookout.



The lookout is a huge cliff made from the volcano in which you can look over the valley of the Island. From here you could see the Island they used for Gilligans Island…..Oahu is pretty famous, but more on that later. The first picture was of chickens, which are everywhere, we were really surprised they were living up on this cliff and that there was like 20 of them up there!

IMG_3999Clearly not the next stop, but this was my tour outfit. Scentsy gave us those backpacks and it was key for all our traveling items. Dan said I looked cute and wanted to take a picture, then he told me that really it was because I looked like I was on 16 and pregnant.


This was also from the lookout and freaked me out…I am afraid of heights to begin with but why have a battle on a cliff?!?!?! Clearly someone is falling off!!!

The last stop Im going to talk about in this post is the buddhist temple. It is a recreation of a temple in Japan and is beautiful, it is in a local cemetery.

IMG_4036 IMG_4039

The first picture is of the Japanese grave stones, they are all in one area and were beautiful. They only put the last name of the family on them.

The second picture is of a giant Gong there that you could ring, Dan has a video of him ringing it that I took, it was a highlight for him.


Everyone honored this and removed their shoes.

The temple was beautiful!

IMG_4042 IMG_4044 IMG_4045 IMG_4041

Dan really liked that statue and made a new friend!!!

So that was part one of our tour, tomorrow part 2 plus our first dinner provided by Scentsy!

Have a great tuesday!!!


Summer Foods are my Favorite!!!

9 Apr

Today was like 70 degrees. I don’t know if that’s a big deal where you are but it is for us!

I went to my training session with Jeff (my personal trainer for new readers) in shorts and a t-shirt and it was amazing. Today’s workout was hard, we are still modifying things due to my pregnancy but I get so tired so easily. But hey, I am staying active and that is what counts!!!

In other Baby K news I found this picture online and love it.


Now that we know what gender Baby K is we are even more excited and cannot wait to tell everyone. Its going to be a long month!!!

Anyway, since today was so nice I decided to make a summery meal and invited our co-worker Todd over. If you read the blog you know (or know us in real life) that Todd is one of Dan’s best friends so clearly he is always welcome.

This was the spread.

IMG_3708That onion isnt cut because I would be crying and probably throwing up. Onions are not my thing but they are Dan’s so I gave him the option to cut them or not.

 Hmburgers, Beans, a version of my Mom’s summer pasta salad and fruit. My Mom’s salad has tri-colored rotini, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and green and black olives, and red onions, cover with italian dressing. Mine was much simpler as I am not able to eat onions or bell peppers right now and Dan hates all olives. But it was still all so good and gave me an early taste of summer!


For dessert we had this.


How can you not LOVE Italian Ice?!?!?!? If you say you dont I might not speak to you for a while!!

But in all seriousness this is the best brand I have ever had, and comes in Strawberry and Watermelon variety pack.

Add work into the mix and this was my day in a nutshell. I am glad we are finally getting some nice weather and that Finny and I went out for a nice walk through the neighborhood this afternoon! Now I am off to bed, I have a busy day tomorrow including a new workout program I am starting tomorrow night. More on that later.

Thanks for reading,


3 hours left…. and toenails!

5 Sep

There are three hours left to enter my first ever blog giveaway for $25.00 to, you can enter here. Winner will be announced tomorrow….any comments after 6pm will be thrown out and only comments on the orignial post will count.

In other more depressing news but still news none the less. With a week to go before my half marathon I have run a total of ZERO miles from Monday-Today. The reason is TOENAILS. Yes you did in fact read that right toenails my friends,  my right baby or piggy or pinky toe. OR WHATEVER ELSE YOU CALL IT! But Monday afternoon I ripped my toenail piece out of my foot with a compression sock! My toe  ended up swelling and I could not get my foot into my sneaker with out emmense pain and pooling sneaker blood OH YEAH! So no running for me. Maybe a walk after work as I am determined to retain some sort of mileage this week!!!

So yea this was pretty much how I felt about the situation… please note this face is being made at Dan for taking a photo shoot of me while asking him to photograph me in my white capris which I WILL NOT wear after labor day. Fall people!



Half laughing about the situation and half super angry…the way to be. 😉

4 years of awesomeness and a slimmed down Chili’s Style Salad!

1 Jul

Today is July 1st, happy July everyone. That also means it is Dan and my anniversary (dating not married). Four great years together and they get better an better every year! So how did we celebrate?!?!

We had a two day celebration of greatness!!!

Last night we went to Carrabas for dinner and had a great dinner!

First drinks, I had peach sangria, Dan a vodka cranberry.

All the pictures are pretty dark, as was the ambiance of the restaurant, but I didnt want to use the flash and ruin everyones time.

We both had Minestrone soup to start and of course this bread….

Any bread with dipping oil and herbs is wonderous!!

For dinner I had Chicken Cannelloni, spinach, chicken and cheese with marinara and cheese. YUMMY! Dan had chicken parm, pasta and lasagna, they had a combo plate.

There were two Cannelloni’s and I only ate one so it was wrapped up.

Someone wanted the pasta for themselves…..DAN!

Then it was time for the movies with our friends John and Nikki!

It was so funny, I suggest you see it! If you like family guy like us or even if you don’t this movie has a reference you will find hilarious!

This morning Dan had to work, so I just relaxed. I am finally starting to feel a little bit better. However the amount of sleep I have needed is insane! But back to today and tonight’s great dinner!

We had a bunch of corn from an event at work yesterday so we grilled it and it came out perfect.

We also ate Southwest Chicken Breasts Grilled as well.

So I made these great salads.

I always get salads at Chili’s, or I used to there are just TOO MANY CALORIES!

Romaine lettuce, green peppers, mexican cheese, garlic pepper crispy onions and chicken! The sauce is the taco bell sauce we bought of fathers day for our Taco Bar, it was all fabulous! Plus some corn on the cob. Now we will spend the rest of the day watching South Park on Netflix and then True Blood, a nice relaxing end to a great weekend!

Happy Anniversary again Dan, I love you a lot!

Heres a picture from our first halloween together (2008) with my best friend lindsey, Dan as Jesus and me as a witch!

And this is from our wedding….we kind of love each other!

I should be back to training tomorrow with a nice long run, as long as I continue the trend of feeling better!

Have a great Sunday!

Last nights run and Welcome Summer!!!

12 Jun

I got home from work around 6, took Finny out and as I said last night was too full to eat. So I went for a run on the treadmill, I wanted to paint my nails right after and my legs were pretty sore from the 4 miler on Sunday!

It was time to get down to business, I queued up Psych on Netflix and watched a half episode. I went 2.05 miles in 22:10, a 10:48 pace. Really happy with that performance, you know sore legs and such! After the Reset is over I am really thinking of restarting P90X, it is really good and will give me great results. If anything the rest has made me more motivated!

This brings us to the welcome summer portion of this post. Yesterday morning I took pictures of the flowers in our garden, because it was so beautiful. Thank you instagram and my iphone for these beauties. I will leave you with that!

If you look close on this one, you can see bumblebees….putting myself in extreme danger here to give you guys a great post!

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