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New Meal Monday with a Holiday twist…

10 Dec

No not the meal itself, it is not the Holiday twist, we will get to that at the end of the post.

Today it was a dreary and rainy day so for lunch I was craving this…

Panera Bread Broccoli Cheese Soup!

Panera Bread Broccoli Cheese Soup!

Honestly it is a good thing I had to run errands today near there and stopped by, because if it was any closer I would be going there a lot more!



TACO SALAD. The salad part was so good here is why…


Iceberg Lettuce, Red Cabbage and FRESH MANGOES!!!

Plate the salad put chicken and spanish rice on top, then cheese. I crushed a few multigrain scoops on top and then added some hot sauce! It really hit the spot.

Later it was time to exercise. My ankle is still a bit sore from the fall and to not exacerbate it I did a walk run, But I did hill intervals ranging form 0% to 15% incline. Total workout was:


Here is the pre-programmed workout a little ways in.


That elevation gain is not only the reason for the calorie burn but also for taking me 45 minutes to go 3 miles!

It was a good workout even so and I was able to space out and enjoy watching MONK on Netflix. Before I knew it, it was 10pm and I was ready for bed, but needed to blog first :).

Finally for the Holiday Activity.

Our job collected money to make the Holidays great for a few local families. So we took the money we made and bought three local deserving families Christmas Gifts and today we dropped them off.


Ellington Human Services is such a great thing for our local community! They provide families who are struggling with food and other necessities when going through hard times.  It is great to know things like this are out there helping people through tough times! It really warms my heart to do such good for the local community!

DO you give back to others during the Holiday Season??

My in-laws are also helping a local family they know in their town, so Dan and I are donating a Grocery Gift Certificate to help them out!

Race Day Part 2….

31 Oct

There will be no New Meal Monday today or Training Tuesday or Wacky Fact Wednesday! Thanks hurrciane Sandy!!!

Anywho that just means I can update the rest of the race day now.

After the race we were hungry so we headed to Moe’s and how can you say no to that!!!

I got chicken club quesadillas and dan got nachos!

A blurry picture of my food is still a delicious one!

Why do I love Moe’s most….

Salsa bars are fabulous! Especially when you love sauces like I do, which led to this…

I know you are enjoying the shot of my leg, sock and glimpse of my Kinvara 3’s as well! Aside from that though we have, Queso, Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, Regular Salsa and Serano Chile Salsa. AN AMAZING FLAVOR COMBO! I love sauces and thus Dan call me the sauce boss. That nickname was being thrown out quite a lot Sunday!

After that we headed to Dick’s Sporting Goods so I could FINALLY buy a foam roller….best call ever!

I was so excited to use it and was sore after the race :).

This was how I spent most of the rest of the day once home! Compression socks served me well during the race and continuing under the sweat pants I put on also!

Then Dans parents came over and brought us the cutest gift!

A striking resemblance to our little boy! SO GRATEFUL FOR WONDERFUL GIFTS! We are glad they were thinking of us, (or at least of the granddog).

Later after the Giants beat the Cowboys :). We had this for dinner….

Chicken fried rice and PF Changs Chicken Teriyaki Egg Rolls. YUMMY!!!

We ended the day watching Dexter in the basement which we finally got set up…

Ignore my nasty feet….just look how cute my little Family is!!!

It was a great end after a rocky start to the day!

PS- I am in the region that was effected by Hurricane Sandy. We lost power at 3:06pm Monday and got it back sometime after 5:00pm tonight. This is the reason I have not posted and Dan and I are extremely grateful that the worst thing to happen was to be without power for a few days! To all who lost their homes, loved ones, etc. My prayers go out to you and I hope you are all safe now.

Father’s Day Extravaganza!

19 Jun

Father’s Day was a very busy day! I was going to run a race in the morning before work but felt pretty tired and run down, I chalked it up to the Scentsy Party I had the day before at my Aunts house. Speaking of Scentsy I got this charm bracelet and charm in the mail as a sales reward! Really cute, and I might just add it it my current Pandora bracelet since it is not full.

So no race, then it was off to work. After work I went to the grocery store to get everything to make a taco bar! My memere was bringing enchiladas so I figured tacos were easy and yummy for a large crowd.

Enchiladas, she made two trays but I figured one picture would give you the basic idea!

Black bean and corn salsa, homemade Guacamole (thanks Mom), Chips and Hot sauce- truly a staple in eating!

Taco meat, and fat free spicy refried beans!

Taco fixings! Rice, two taco bell sauces, they were new at the store and everyone enjoyed them. Olives, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese!

As you know THIS was dessert, the link will take you to my recipe!

Everyone really enjoyed it and had a great day!

The group minus Mom and I, my Mother in Law is on a work trip so she couldnt be here and we missed her!

Dan, his Dad joel, my Step Grandfather Papa John, Memere and Daddy! His outfit is awesome, love the crocs 😉

Plus you know HE was here too getting love from everyone!

Then we gave everyone their cards and gifts, I bought my dads card only because I liked the front and it ended u saying my kids are so lucky t have a grandfather like you, yea I think I scared everyone a bit and learned an important lesson on card buying!

It was a great day and after everyone left I caught Dan taking pictures

I see a guest blog post in his future :).

Mexico Day 6….

23 May

I will be completely forthcoming and tell you the next two posts this one and the next will include the best faces I have ever made on this blog.

In this post it all started with my grandma being super full while heading to dinner….more on that later.

Before dinner though we got ready and headed into town, heres Dan sampling a roll from the spaghetti night to see if it tasted good!

While in town we got food from a little hole in the wall taco place and everything was amazing! It was called Taco Loco and it was Dans suggestion to try a small local place out. We were all glad we did! Mom took Harry, Sabra, Dan and I into town and treated us to lunch and a gift! She got Sabra sandals, Harry a Hat, Dan a Taco Loco shirt and I had mom get me stuff from here.

She got me a tank top and literally the coolest and most comfy sweatpants I have ever seen! I live in them after work and workouts! Though I got a medium and could have gotten a small, which is the only reason I dont work out in them!

Nike spokesperson right here, shoes and all. Here is the sweetest part of the pants the waistband.. the picture also shares my tattoo with the world.

Back to the food now!

Mom got this extremely large burrito that she shared with Sabra, Harry and Dan.

Harry and Dan got these tacos, the restaurant had a whole taco bar station that you could fill your tacos with on the side of it, but I could not get a good photo of it!

I had pasta it was actually really amazing! I was sick of Mexican food for a little bit and wanted some pasta which left me also not very hungry for dinner!

Before dinner we went to Happy Hour at the restaurant. Dan and I split the green passions!

Here is Sabra basically eating salt, since she wanted it on the rim of her margarita and they forgot!

And of course Dan and I!!

I bet you couldnt even tell that I was lazy and did not shower after the gym/before town. Plus Dan still loves me because I wore deodorant or D.O. for your B.O. as Dan calls it!

Then it was time for dinner, I had tortilla soup again like at Ediths but that was all I had, I dont think you need the picture because you need to see this epicness. So my Grandma who was not hungry orders the braised pork shank for dinner and when it came made the funniest face due to the size of it.

This was the face she made…obviously that is me making it she was so upset by how much food she had that she refused to let me document it so here is my re-enactment.

Then we ended dinner with a little Mexican….that is the name of the dessert.

I was very upset that the Mexican Flag dipping sauce had run and was not perfect for the picture! But Icecream, chocolate mousse and dipping sauces= PERFECTION of the dessert world!!!

I think I would still have to get this even if my stomach was about to explode it is that good!

Another wonderful day with my Family and a great 2nd to last day on vacation!

Slow Carb Recipe and Weight Update!

27 Apr

So today I did not run as planned. I did train with Jeff in the morning, but I also had a touch of food poisoning, yea it was a very fun day for me! Last night we went to dinner and I had a salad, clearly not washed well or something because as soon as we got home I had a headache, the spins and was sick to my stomach, so you can guess what happened all day today in my world! Anywho thats not what we are hear to talk about but it is an update on why I didnt train as hard as I would have liked today! Also as of today before all stomach issues, I was officially down 9lbs and boy does that feel good!

Tuesday night I really wanted Tacos…Slow carb diet says no though! My idea of tacos is SHELLS or HINT OF LIME TORTILLAS crushed into a bowl, lettuce enough for a salad, ground beef, refried beans and RICE! The solution was clearly to make my own rice from Cauliflower and MAN WAS IT GOOD!!!! So here is the recipe!


Step One: Prepare your tools for me that is my food processor (one of the best gifts from my wedding registry!), and my favorite cutting board and knife. There is something about that one knife that you love to use, maybe thats just me since I love to cook. But my Henkel style knife is awesome and I LOVE IT! Then of course Cauliflower!

 Please excuse my recycling behind the food processor I was too lazy to take it to the sink!

Step 2: Cut up cauliflower into small enough pieces to be evenly chopped in the processor!

Not chopped yet, but seriously how many pictures did you want???

Step 3: Mix in FP until the size of rice.

Step 4: Place into a microwave safe bowl, DO NOT ADD WATER it will get gummy and weird not that I did but I know it will! Cover with Plastic wrap and microwave for 3 min. The water in the cauliflower will cook it enough and make it nice and firm but chewy.

The finished product:

How good was the salad….off the charts of course! Dan even loved it!!!!

On another slow carb note, Friday our insurance Reps took mom and I to lunch to discuss our account and I had this beauty!

It came with those eggs, gave them to mom. The oranges and tomato I cannot eat so I skipped those as well. I know you are saying Alex you cant eat breaded fried chicken either, and to that I say….

THIS IS A MIRACLE OF RESTAURANT FOOD! BAKED WALNUT ENCRUSTED CHICKEN! No frying and no bread crumbs so it totally fits in!

Now it is off to bed I am planning an early morning run tomorrow! Hope everyone has a wonderous weekend!!!

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