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The rest of last week….

16 Apr

I need to finish my update of last weeks events. Today is the best day to do it as last night I came down with the cold from hell, being pregnant there is not much you can do to solve it besides sleeping and resting. Thus I had to cancel fun plans with a friend for tonight and my training session with Jeff tomorrow.

So here we go with last week.

Aside from Wednesday the only pictures I took/day we did anything interesting was Friday. We both took the day off because we had so many errands. We almost never have the same day off. We never do on weekdays and on weekends we only have the same Sunday off once a month. So days like this are important, I bet some people wonder how we can spend so much time together between work and home and not go crazy, but hey it works for us. I guess I love Dan a lot or something ;).

We left the house around 10 am and got home at 5:30pm. It was still like a full day of work just to get things done.


The first stop was Dan (and now my new) Dr’s office. He needed a physical in order for our next errand to go smoothly.

I read about half those magazines while waiting, this was one of three racks. This office has a great selection. When the appointment was over we discovered the Dr is also a pediatrician and we can bring Baby K there for check ups as well. I love when things are easy and that the baby can have the same Dr.s office for life.

I found this in one of the magazines and will be making it soon:


After the doctors we had to go to the DMV. I know you feel my pain on this. I had to update the address on my license to the new house and also get a copy of the registration for my car because for some reason I didnt have one? My things took 5 minutes including the wait time and 20 minutes later I was all set!

Dan however was registering his new dirt bike with my old motorcycle plate. (I sold mine to buy the house). The wait time alone for that was 2 hours. That was crazy especially since it was done in 3 minutes. Oh well at least it was done.

Friday was also extremely rainy here, when we got home there was a worm parade on our driveway. I could not believe how many there were.


The next day of course they were all dead and stuck to the driveway…..sad life for worms.

After we came home we played with Finny for a bit and then headed out for dinner and more errands. Because of course we were not done yet.

We ate at Boston Market it is one of Dan’s all time favorites!

He got chicken and ribs and I had this.


A pulled BBQ chicken sandwich and a side of mac and cheese. I only ate half that sandwich, it was so good but I got too full so Dan had the other half Saturday for lunch.

After that we went to Home Depot…..because honestly we go there at least once a month now.

Dan needed a bunch of bolts and some wood to make a new ramp for his dirt bike.

That was our week. Now I can update you on things that happen this week….well once anything interesting happens!

Enjoy your week. My parents are on a trip and I am so excited for them to get home. Don’t get me wrong it is nice for them to have a break and for us to work on our own but seeing them everyday and sharing an office with my Mom does make you notice it more when they are not here!

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