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A day of Firsts……

12 Feb

Today’s workout: .25 treadmill warmup. 1 hour circuit training with Jeff….new readers he is my personal trainer and a family friend! If you are a CT local you should check out his business!!! 

Today was a day of firsts and a day of some of the same old as well.

The day started at 9am when I woke up, I actually slept in past 8:30 am on a weekday!!!! Pretty good, especially since I am laid off and should be sleeping in while I can!!!

Then I got ready and headed to Jeff’s to workout from 10-11, the workout was good and tiring the only thing that gave me any issues was the forward lunges. Center of gravity is a bit off!!!!

After that it was time to bring my car in for a service…..we are after all road tripping it Thursday at 11pm or Midnight down to North Carolina for my best friends engagement party! After that on Monday we are trekking down to Florida for my race. Taking our time and visiting Family along the way! I am really looking forward to Dan and Alex time in the car and bonding! If you happen to see a grey Nissan Armada with a pink 13.1 sticker feel free to beep and wave at us!

After the service we had someone very important to see…


The long strip of photos is from Today. In my Sunday update from week 13 I will post one close up shot so you can see it!

This was a first because it was the first time we saw Baby K jump, wave and wiggle it was really a great experience!

The next first was I took Dan to Babies R’ Us and we picked out a crib we both liked a lot! I initially wanted a black crib as we are doing grey walls, but figured since we have brown molding in the house a dark brown was a better choice!


It’s the summer infant Brayden crib in dark cherry! It is cute but also convertible so that it can become a bed when Baby K needs one. This will NOT be the bedding we use…but it is cute. If I had to rate how much Dan enjoyed it I would say a 5. I was surprised too there were things he actually seemed interested in. He was a bit shocked when I showed him the price of the BOB running stroller I wanted….but I know he would buy it for me if I asked nicely!

When we got home Finny spent his FIRST day in his room with the new paint job and it being green now instead of the red, I think he is much more relaxed in there.


OH did I say relaxed, because he here is spinning like crazy while I was trying to get a picture. In a few weeks he will be sharing this room with me when it becomes my Scentsy Office!!!

The last first of the day was us trying the Trader Joes Mandarin Orange chicken!!! SO YUMMY!


After eating it Dan exclaimed, “Man I really like Trader Joe’s.” I WAS SOOO HAPPY!!!!! He hates whole foods and calls it the hippie store. I guess Trader Joe’s will be a permanent staple in our shopping world!

So that was our day of firsts now I am doing Laundry, packing for the trip and relaxing. Dan is ripping up the floor in our mudroom so we can have tile put down while we are gone!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!!!

Iphone photo drop and why my Aunt Kim will be proud of Me!

8 Feb

My Aunt Kim is a cool lady! She has done some pretty cool things in her life. She is also one of my heroes for doing something I would NEVER have had the courage to do when I was 18. She left her home and went into the Navy. She lived in California for a while and then was stationed in Italy! She is really cool, she plays video games with us, and is up on most of the latest trends.


Me, my Aunt Tamarra, Uncle Bob and Aunt Kim at the Color Me Rad Race!

I am pretty glad they all did it with me!

So when I found this recipe in Family Circle (whoever started sending that to me I thank you!) I knew I should make it in homage to her!!!


Yum Pasta Carbonara! Aunt Kim has her own recipe that is super close to this so I was glad to find an authentic recipe in a magazine with a lighter twist! It was really good!!!

With that I made a salad and had to try my new Trader Joe’s dressing which I loved so much!


The boys weren’t into trying it.


This gloriousness is my grandmas mashed potatoes with cream cheese, broccoli, cheddar cheese and french fried onions! This was part of Wednesday night dinner YUM!!!!


All around good.

Finally we end this post with a picture of the most tired Finny ever also from Wednesday night.


Sleeping with my Grandma in the background!

Our Adventure to Trader Joe’s Part two:

1 Feb

Thursdays Workout: 3 mile treadmill run before work. 

Today’s workout: laying in bed, morning sickness.

As promised here is part two of our day Wednesday. It was a busy day I didn’t end up running as planned. I needed a nap after all the activity. So thursdays workout is up top nothing crazy as Thursday night- today I started feeling bad again….but anyway.

Trader Joe’s! I thought it was awesome, Dan did too. However the TJ’s near us is small I don’t think Dan liked that because it was packed and people don’t know how to walk through aisles while shopping without leaving a cart in the middle of it. Of this I am convinced!

But we made the best and found some great finds!

Pretty much my favorite buy and I have used it on everything!


This picture is from Grandma’s Family Dinner later that night! She made ribs and pulled pork…you all know I do not like pork. SO I had this!


There may have been 40 other pieces of broccoli not shown that were also consumed! So good, thanks to Mom in law for the suggestion.

We also had to buy this because honestly it is huge and really good!


Yes that is a Willy Wonka sized crazy candy bar. Baby K might hate sugar but I have been running tests and if I eat one square of this a day and no more I can still get my fix. Dan has been eating a little at a time as well, so this should last us over 2 weeks…pretty excited about that!

Dan’s picks of that day were, Peanut Butter Granola bars (eh I am not a fan of pb by itself), Cherry pomegranate pop tarts (I may have to steal those) and this! He is so funny. He said we had every kind of garlic but not this we need it!



So Thursday morning this was our breakfast eggs with garlic salt, sausage patties and Bruschetta for me, plus a banana and some NUUN that stuff rocks hard! That is what is in my water bottle. That bruschetta has been life changing. You might have noticed my love of hot sauce through the blog, but no thanks heartburn.

We also got a bunch more that we have not tried yet or I don’t have pictures of. As we try I will let you know. Two things we did try that we liked.

Alex’s Picks: Honey Wheat Pretzels, Bruschetta, Dark Chocolate Covered Powerberries

Dan’ Picks: Granola Bars, Gummy Tummy Penguins (yes those are a thing google them, they have a cult following) and Powerberries.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions on Facebook we did get a lot of things people suggested and next time will try different items as well!

We did also get a lot of produce because it is so cheap, but thats boring so there you go.

DO YOU LOVE TRADER JOE’S? What are some of your favorite items. 

I am excited to the garlic and herb pizza dough we got! 

Our first adventure together…

31 Jan

Well of Dan’s layoff. I am still working until Monday, (well Sunday at 1pm when we head up to Maine!) More on that Tuesday!

Yesterday I had an unexpected day off. My layoff was pushed up to the 4th, so I had planned on taking no days off this week as next week I have events and Dr.s appointments galore.

But with the layoff starting on Monday, I am free to do all those things without missing any work, and Mom gave me yesterday off! SWEET.

I had made a plan to check out Trader Joe’s I had been meaning to go there as I see it on other running blogs, and my co-workers go there and love it. (We only have one near us).

Dan had plans to go buy snow pants since he wants to snowboard and ski next week. I have never done either and clearly will not be doing them this time.

This is how the day went and some of the things we purchased.


First we went to Burlington Coat Factory but they didn’t have Dan’s size pants. He did try on this vest which he refused to model for you all and took it off when the camera came out. While there we also checked out some cribs, (our friends got their crib there) while they had some great deals they were all brown. Since we are doing a grey and yellow nursery i really want a black crib.

The next stop on the hunt for snow pants was of course Cabela’s. Where he did find a bunch he liked in the bargain room and the regular floor but they were too expensive. Here are some photo highlights of our time there.


I think this was my first time back here since I ran the hottest 5k ever here.

While re-reading that race post I forgot how tough it was and how well I did all things considered. I need to get back into that headspace!

Also while we were there we found this, which I am sure my Dad already has on layaway for his house so Baby K can watch TV with him when he/she is older.


Finally before we left Cabela’s I made Dan go to the Aquarium they have and check out the fishies with me!



Upon seeing these fish I told Dan if I ever saw fish this large swimming near me I would never go in water again!

Trader Joe’s is in a plaza with an Olive Garden so we went there for lunch because I for one could not pass up a trip there, the one near us always has hour long waits! Plus I wanted all three of my favorite food for lunch, and they deliver on that!


I got the soup salad and breadsticks lunch, dan did as well but he added a half a sandwich to his. I had two bowls of soup Minestrone and the Chicken Gnocchi Dan had. They were so good! I also had two bowls of salad and like 4 breadsticks. I was pretty full, but it wasnt a sick full so I knew Baby K was a happy little baby swimming around in my tummy enjoying those good foods.

After you eat Olive Garden give you these and honestly every Restaurant should….


Sorry if you follow me here you have already seen this. Oh well.

I guess this post will have to be a two parter as we got a lot of good things from TJ’s that I want to share with you!

How I feel about Finny and a big thanks to the readers!

30 Jan

Today I downloaded an app that lets me write on my pictures. Why? So I can write hilarious things on some photos and so i can tag my own photos with FOOD RUN FUN that I post onto here and other websites (Pintrest). My baby announcement pin is blowing up over there. You can see that post here.

But not today. Today I used the app to tell all of you how I feel abut Finny at all times, through the lyrics of an 80’s classic. 😉


Finny loves me, as you an tell here he is at 8:30 am wondering why I am not getting up to hang out with him/ or this is his way of telling me he is super comfortable and NOT to move or disturb him. Either way if I am in sight of him through the course of the day his eyes never leave me!

I am really looking forward to the great uses this app will bring MUHAHAHAHAHA. Evil laughing!!!


In other news I really want to thank everyone who reads the blog. January 2013 has become my best month ever blogging with 1,800 something hits so far and one day to go. I have beat my previous January by over 400 hits and my best month which was March 2012 when I had 1727 hits. So thanks for being interested in my journey to be healthier and fitter! Dan says its  because their are more posts that include him, and hes the interesting one. Whatever it is I am thankful, because if people stop reading I will stop blogging!

Finally Dan and I spent the whole day together today because it was my day off and he is laid off. It was really nice we ran a bunch of errands and went to Trader Joe’s for the first time ever. I have never been there but I am assuming ones in other areas are much bigger than the one we have here in West Hartford, CT. It is in a strip mall, but I still found it amazing!!!

Here is a teaser picture as our day must be its own post, too many photos! But hopefully this will do it until tomorrow!


Is this a weird photo taken badly, maybe! Or was I trying to include winking watermelon Hello Kitty in there to say hey Trader Joe’s glad to meet you!?!?! You decide.

If you guessed the latter that is honestly what I was doing…NERD!

Well Finny and I are off to Family Dinner now. Todays workout and our day will be coming at you tomorrow. Enjoy your night!

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