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Things I have been cooking/eating. Weight Watchers edition!

3 Oct

So I restarted weight watchers. I had to, the last 9 baby pounds are still kicking around even though I have been running/walking and it was time to get my eating under control. The awesome thing is as soon as I started eating healthier I noticed an increase in my milk production. I seriously have anxiety about it so it was great to see! The hard thing is as a breast feeding mom I get 41 points a day, 49 extra points a week and activity points. Example for you my 2.15 mile run gave me 8 points extra. UM what is going to happen when I up my mileage???? I know my points will drop as I lose weight, but the 49 remains the same and training like I will be will make me have more points anyway, so its pretty much a wash. This is hard because I don’t eat that much ever, which might be the issue with losing the weight!

I gained 60 lbs through my pregnancy. I was 189 pre-pregnancy and in really good shape. I was running 9-10 minute miles and strength training with my personal trainer so the number on the scale never bothered me. Cue my last weigh in before giving birth at 250lbs……OUCH! That is like 20lbs less than my husband who is 6’5″. So boy was I glad when I got home from the hospital and 30 of those pesky pounds were already gone….see ya water weight. Oh I clearly have no problem posting my weight and as a reference for everyone at my thinest (healthy weight) I was 150lbs. I probably never want to be below that, I look thin but I look strong and normal! So even though I have already lost 52 lbs….wow thats crazy to say,  I still have 48 total I want to lose (including those 9 pregnancy pounds!) Putting my weight out there for everyone makes it a lot harder to slack off…plus I really don’t care what anyone thinks about how much I weigh. Seeing me in person I dont look like I weigh 198 lbs and I am pretty happy looking like I do with a one month old baby!

Now that we all are caught up, lets see what I have been eating, with the help of my sous chef Camden!

Yesterday’s breakfast was:


Oatmeal, grapes and laughing cow cheese. If you haven’t dipped grapes in laughing cow cheese you aren’t living.

Total points 6.

Five for the oatmeal, 1 for the cheese zero for the grapes. Breakfast around here has to be quick, what with the baby somehow magically knowing when I eat and having a melt down. I haven’t been eating breakfast since he was born because of my weird sleep schedule but now I make sure I do!

Lunch yesterday was:


Baked Potato Soup: weight watchers recipe, topped with turkey bacon, sour cream and cheese (stirred in) 7 points. Cheese 1 point, Almond crackers 4 points for 16 crackers!!!! Grapes zero.

Total points: 12 

This brought my total to 18 for the day and I was full. Grandma had family dinner, no picture but she had pulled pork sandwiches, ribs, rice, baked beans and sweet potato fries. I ate a little of all of it and after tallying the points it was

Total points 28

So a lot, enough to push me over my 41 points by 5 and use up 5 of my extra 49 for the week, so no worries there and I went over. BUT I don’t usually eat like that so I guess I have to snack more during the day.

Today Breakfast was the same.

For Lunch I made chicken lettuce wraps, Camden helped.


We got the ingredients ready.


See, helping!!!

They came out great and I used the recipe builder to figure out the points, super filling and only 3 points per wrap. I had 2 so

Total points: 6


My added issue is I am on a run every three days training plan (don’t want an injury) so I will get extra points today and don’t know how to use all of them up healthily. I could eat ice cream but I feel like that defeats the purpose completely!

HELP ME! I need to eat enough to adequately train, feed the baby and still lose weight the correct way! Suggestions welcome 🙂

An attempt at normalcy…..

1 Oct

I say attempt because with a 1.5 month old you quickly learn the best laid plans dont come to fruition unless its on the babies terms and schedule!

My plan for today:

Wake up at 8:45 am, get ready and go grocery shopping to start my weight watchers plan off right. (I rejoined last night) I want to lose my last 9 pregnancy pounds and then start in on the fat pounds I already had going on :). Then run for 45 minutes per my half marathon training plan and shower and make lunch/dinner.  Also do all of Camden’s laundry. He had a blowout on the way home from NC and good lord was it awful. Yes it is a day after we got home and you must be wondering why I didn’t wash the clothes yesterday…I’ll get to that.

What actually happened: 

Woke up with the baby at 3:30 am, 6:30 am and 8:30 am. I was exhausted after how much he wanted to eat last night so after he fell back asleep so did I until around 10:30 when he needed a diaper change.

Here is Camden around 3:30 am looking exhausted. This position is key after he eats, he burps right away and poops. Hey you do what you gotta do! Plus how tired does this kid look!?


Plus add to this the fact Dan forgot to set his alarm, luckily I woke up at around 8:11 before the baby and he was on his way.

So now I was up at 10:30, well I had to get him changed, dressed, fed and I had to pump. (I am trying to rebuild my supply after vacation but its pretty pathetic right now). Cue the baby spitting up all over his clean outfit.


Camden after a quick de-robing I noticed he had peed, because when it rains it pours. Yes I changed him and his clothes on the kitchen Island because Im not above taking the quickest route.

So after a quick change we were out the door I had to go to the post office and the grocery store. I figured a clean and well fed baby equaled one who would nap….I was wrong. The grocery store went fine until check out when he started to rev up quite a bit. Also I could only buy about a quarter of my list since the car seat took up most of the space in the carriage. I cannot wait for the day he can sit up in a cart himself in front, then I can fit everything. I got back home around 1 and started cooking. I made soup for dinner and also wanted to make lettuce wraps for lunch. I ended up eating two cold pieces of pizza from the fridge because between a cranky baby and walking the dog thats what I had time for. But I did get the soup done and stayed within weight watchers points even eating the pizza.

At this point I remembered I wanted to wash the babies clothes that were in the washer and asked myself why I didn’t do it yesterday, then I remembered.


The pink and white bottle is the baby detergent. Even with a chair I cant get it, thanks Dan for being so tall.

I called Dan to inform him of this and I think he was proud of himself. We also ended up making a deal that because Cam is so cranky we will both workout while he is sleeping with us in the basement. My treadmill is there and Dan’s trainer for his bicycle is there. Hopefully he will nap for 45 minutes straight so I can get it done!

So now dinner is done and I am feeding Camden, while we wait for daddy to get home. This has been the busiest day I have had him, in terms of trying to do errands and housework by myself, while he is cranky. I think we both did pretty well and I did get quite a few smiles from my little guy!

Now I am enjoying my baby’s company and relaxing to the scents of potato soup and scentsy. I got a new scent for October and thought its Fall lets make it smell that way.


Life is finally returning to normal and I am not so sleep deprived. Which is awesome because I go back to work in 13 days and take Camden with me….. let the new adventures begin!

Blizzard of 2013….

8 Feb

Today starts the Blizzard of 2013 in our area…..really hoping for two things:

1. To not lose power and get snowed in at our house, not have to drive to my parents in a blizzard!

2. To feel better. I woke up with a crazy cold and stomach bug at 6:30 am today and am not loving it!

Here in Connecticut our Governor has shut down state roads at noon and most everything is closed, so if you are a fellow Connecticuter like I am (yes I searched that on the internet, because I refuse to call us nutmegers) have fun being snowed in and spending time with your loved ones!

Yesterday’s workout ended up being 4.25 miles in around 55 minutes. I say around because I only took a picture of my first run. I ran in segments yesterday  1.25 miles in the morning because I was running late. Then 3 miles in the afternoon. I should have known I was getting sick in the 3 mile run when I started to sweat heavily and get a little dizzy! 

I wore these cuties because compression socks are now 100 percent needed in every run. Thanks pregnancy leg cramps. I love pro compression socks, they are pretty and get the job done.


I think it goes without saying that I am taking today off from running though.

Last night I prepped some food for Dan, Ricky and I. Dan’s friend Ricky is looking for a new place so he is staying with us for a little while.

It is a good thing I am laid off because he is staying in the basement, yes that is where my beloved treadmill is, so I run when he is at work.

I made chicken minestrone soup and this….

Alex’s Knife and Fork Taco Pizza.


1 Trader Joe’s Garlic and Herb Pizza Dough

1 lb Ground Chicken cooked and seasoned with Taco seasoning

As much Trader Joes Fat Free Pizza Sauce as you like

Mix of Mexican and Mozzarella Cheeses


Roll out dough however you like, spread sauce and cheese an cover with chicken. Bake to directions on dough.

Here is what is looked like before going into the oven. I would have added olives too but Dan doesnt like those.


And here is what it looked like when I ate a piece for dinner, and why I call it knife and fork pizza.

IMG_3372I added lettuce, cheese and taco sauce, I think I am onto the new best way to eat tacos!

Now we are all ready to get snowed in. I hope everyone enjoys their day and I will have a new post tonight. Including food I didnt post earlier this week and a snow update!

Hitting the treadmill and my Job in pictures.

27 Jan

I felt really good today! I woke up feeling great, got ready and went to work. At 2pm when I got out of work I would usually need a serious nap, but not today. So I hit the treadmill to get some good mileage in.

My setup:


Water bottle, sourpatch kids, (needed since I knew I would need some fuel, but didn’t want caffeine.) And the good ole Ipad which would be cued up with some Investigation Shows, I am really loving the Investigation Discovery Channel and glad their shows are on Netflix. I may still be watching Deadly Attractions while typing this.

Here were the results of my hard work.


6 miles in a 11:54 pace! I am so happy with that as the limit for the Princess Half is 16 min/mile pace. I only had to take two breaks and that was for water bottle refills. The Doctor informed me they used to go by heart rate and monitor that, but he said as long as I stayed hydrated, ate, and didnt feel exhausted when done all was good.

Plus a 922 calorie burn is always a good thing, when you are always hungry!

After the running I needed to foam roll bad, my legs were a bit tense but feel great now!


I know you are really JEALOUS of my sweet setups in the basement!

I had to keep the show going as well!

All in all I was so happy with this effort after being so run down last week! I also cannot wait for WEDNESDAY when it will be 54* here and I will be running OUTSIDE!!!


In case people were wondering these are pictures of where I work. I took these today as it was pretty slow, and I am trying to get better at panorama photos on the Iphone….they are probably still pretty terrible though.


This is the clothing area, I was working here today filling in.

If you notice the baby clothes area to the left of the photo you may see this, which is super cute and I had to buy no matter what sex Baby K turns out to be because he/she will be a harley baby!

IMG_3269 IMG_3270

Dan thinks me buying that is admitting it will be a boy….someone really wants a son!


This is our parts area and behind me is where Dan works, which is the next picture. There is a customer at the counter being helped by my Dad.

Here is where Dan works.


Its a square room, the picture is deceiving. There is a small hallway where those flags are that leads to the parts area. The orange floor is pretty COOL! And that is where we work. My office I share with my Mom who was in there and doesn’t like her picture taken so I will share that another day! Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!!!!

Sunday Run and Happy Birthday To….

22 Jan

Sunday was a good day. Much better than Monday and Today which I spent pretty much all day in bed thanks morning sickness….I mean all day sickness. BUT LIKE I SAID BEFORE NOT COMPLAINING, just stating the facts!

Anyway Sunday was my day off, and I made plans and stuck to them! I started the day off right since I knew I would be running by eating the breakfast of champions.


This might be blasphemous to the gods of cereal, but I like these more than frosted mini wheats. I just do. Add some vanilla almond milk and your good to go.

Then I changed into the gift Dan brought me from Texas and got down to business.


What a nice shirt that is.

Not bad for not running in a while, and done while watching the Lorax on my Ipad. Yes I cried thanks hormones.


After my run I got ready to go out on a date with three special ladies, Grandma, my Aunt Kim and Aunt Tamarra. We were at grandmas house for around a half hour and this happened.


Action shot of her being annoyed with us all!

It was time to leave for our date we went to the movies to see Argo, it was a great movie! Also it was $5.00 for the movie, can’t beat that kind of deal.



After the movies it was time to switch families to bond with and head to my in-laws for my Father in Laws Bday dinner extravaganza.

Here is the birthday boy, (his shirt is Harley-Davidson and a gift from us).


Oh and my Mother in Law also. I am not sure if we had enough food for 6 people as this was 1 of two lasagnas made.

Everything was amazing, and I need the recipe for that sauce because I could drink it. No salad for me, because veggies are still a bother, but this was delicious. Drowning in sauce with homemade meatballs was key!


Also if you look at the picture of my FIL you will see blue in the bottom right corner, that was Dan’s items from childhood along with all his art projects. It was so cute to see it all. It was also the reason I made pizza for dinner tonight, it was fast, no veggies and every thing Dan wrote when he was young said pizza was his absolute favorite. Glad to make my husbands inner child happy!

I am going back to bed! Enjoy everyone.

Running and Researching

7 Jan

So today I am going back to running! SO EXCITED!!!! I spent most of yesterday sleeping due to trying to kick this cold out and I am happy to say it is almost gone.

I am a bit nervous though, as my half marathon is 1 month and a few weeks away and my running has decreased due to the sickness and pregnancy. If you read the blog regularly you know I am a big researcher so this was no different. My doctor cleared me to do it, because that of course is the first step in doing anything super physical while pregnant.

The next step for me was to google training plans. I think my longest run before my last half was 8-9 miles and it wasnt so bad. But I also was not 4 months pregnant during that, like i will be for this! Off to google I went, where I found a bunch of other bloggers like me who are not professional runners that have done this. Their levels ranged from people who run many halves to people that it was their second like me.

Many of their plans for race day are like mine:

1.) Ask your doctor: I talked to him about this at our appointment on Friday, he seemed a little weary as I would be further along But I think he also forgot we had talked about this before and I had been running before pregnancy. After I reminded him he was on board and trying to reassure Dan (who DOES NOT want me to do it) that exercise is great for pregnancy and will make everything from the carrying to delivery easier.

2.) Enjoy the race: I will be running through Disney in the Princess Half! There are so many things to see while running and characters along the course. I had already planned on carrying my phone through the race to take pictures of things, but not wait in the lines for character pictures.

3.) Pace it out: Clearly I am not trying for a PR here. My first half was 2:53:08, the problem I had with the first one was the last couple miles my legs started to tense  up. This time I will train properly, especially as I will be laid off in February and have the time to do long runs Sunday if I choose and recover Mondays. The key here is running the distance slowly but still getting it done, and getting my body used to the distance with the extra stress of pregnancy.

4.) Plan everything: Plan and journal it all! How I feel that day, how the run went, what I ate and if I am hydrated. Having a log of this for each run and comparing to what I do before race day will be a great help to my success here!

5.) Let everyone know: by this point I will have a bit of a bump and it should be obvious but just in case it isn’t I am looking into getting one of these for race day.

run for 2

Probably the pink one as it is the Princess Race!

6.) Run Intervals: Intervals are kind of my favorite, they helped greatly during the first half and will be even more key this race. By doing 3-1 run walk schedule I will be able to keep my pace a bit slower and keep my heart rate and the babies heart rate even. That way everyone is happy! Especially Dan when we cross the finish line and my first and last half of 2013 is over :).

Turkey Day week Tuesday!

20 Nov

As you see training Tuesday has been replaced for this week, as today is my rest day this week! You see I have training with Jeff tomorrow and had it yesterday so I wanted a rest. Plus I plan on working out all weekend so I needed a day.

Today seemed like the perfect day as Mom and I went shopping for Thanksgiving after work and there was A LOT of lifting involved!

So because of that here is a montage of last weeks pictures that did not make the blog.

Last Tuesday we decorated the store for Christmas, we stay after work and Mom buys everyone Chinese. We eat and decorate and look forward to it every year! This was food for 6 of us….Mom goes a bit overboard!

Some of our handy work outside!

Dan always says he doesnt like Finny and messes with him constantly but here they are showing they do love each other!

This was my super sneaky picture of Dan switching out his Iphone for a new one because his 5 was dropping calls.

And finally…

The happiest and blurriest you will ever see me at 5:30 when getting ready to workout with Jeff. Yes my shirt says team Karnolt it was a gift from my Sister In Law on my wedding day!

Training Tuesday…

23 Oct

Here is the week I have coming up exercise wise….

Wednesday: Training in the morning, running at night

Thursday and Friday: Running

Saturday: Training, running rest day


So yea in order to be well prepared for the race and not injuring myself I just went for a run today.

But Before I ran I worked like usual. It was slow and I was so excited to be done and get home to get my run on! I went to bed early last night and still could not bring myself to wake up to go out.

But that was okay I knew my treadmill would be waiting. I also knew I needed a bit of a kick to get me going, what would it be shot bloks, powerade chews, nope…

Water and some Brachs caramels! They were the perfect sugar high to get me through my run!

I also started Dr. Who on Netflix while I am on the treadmill and I am really enjoying it so far!

As for the run, I had to pause it for a stretch and instead shut it off so there are again two pictures. This getting back into running after a month off thing is hard work, but it really is worth it.

Time 33:05 Distance 3.11 Pace:10:38

First run was in intervals and the last was just a straight out sprint. Tiring but good for building my speed!

All in all a great training session…Now for dinner TV and relaxing with my little family 🙂

Everything you ever wanted to know about my first half marathon! Part 1

24 Sep

Let me begin by saying it was AWESOME!

So we will start with the day before the race. Since Thursday of race week I was shifting my time between working my 8:30-5:30 job, then working a local fair selling Scentsy until 11pm. This became tiring very quickly and also led me to believe I was a bit screwed for the race in the over tired department. Flash forward to Saturday and I was again working the booth from 8am. I was lucky enough to have two of my wonderful Scentsy teammates cover my booth from Saturday night-Sunday morning so we could head to RI Saturday afternoon/evening.

Here is a picture of the Alpacas from the fair…such cuties!!! Tood bad they dont stay that size forever or Dan and I would be adopting a new family member!

So off Dan and I went to RI. But first we had to drop off Finny…who isnt a fan of us packing suitcases and loading him into the car. Dont get me wrong he loves going to my grandma’s house, but he does miss us and gets concerned about car rides. So when we got to Grandmas this happened.


Thanks for the Scratches FINNY!!!

So I tried to make my best angry face while I hugged him goodbye.

Just ignore the fact that I drastically need my eyebrows waxed…thanks.

We finally arrived around 6:30pm and checked into the cute bed and breakfast we had booked, owned by a married couple and their dog biscuit. He was a cutie!

This was one of only two times we actually saw the dog standing. The people owned a general store as well which was next to the B&B, (the door hes coming out of is the store). Biscuit had spent all of his time lying right in front of the doorway…that is a big dog to walk over!

We put our stuff in the room and headed to a restaurant just down the street to have an early dinner and get to bed by 9:30…well that was my goal.

The scenery was beautiful and made me so excited for the race as mile 10 was right around this area.

For dinner I knew I wanted pasta…all week I was so diligent about cutting down my fiber so there would be no bathroom stops during the race! I was already painfully aware that due to my hectic schedule I would need all the time breaks I could get to finish this race under the three hour time limit!!!

So I had my fave go to pasta, spaghetti bolognese it was so good, the pasta was also homemade and it made it that much better! Dan got his go to as well Chicken Parm…the piece of chicken was Dinosaur sized.

Dan’s Dinner























He is even picking up the giant chicken to show you all that delicious pasta!


For dessert we split an icecream sundae, I really only had like three bites, but they were worth it. I also ordered an oatmeal cookie coffee. When I got it however it had cinnamon schnapps in it….that was a very unpleasant surprise, but I choked down as much as I could to get the wonderful digestive effects of coffee…TMI, maybe but hey runners do weird things to prevent stops in the race :). We then headed back to the room and relaxed and fell asleep aroun 10pm….that storage wars is an addictive show!!!

TOMORROW PART 2…the race….check back!

New sneakers and refueling with pizza!!!

12 Aug

Yesterday I did my usual Saturday routine, and worked until  3 pm. I also ate A LOT of skittles, so I figured it was time for a run when I got home. Thats the funny thing about being tired after work, you dont feel like doing much of anything. So I was a tired cranky pants because I hadnt run that day. Then I realized I had new shoes!!!! It was the revelation of a lifetime and I was so excited to try them out!

Saucony Kinvara Progrid 3’s!!!! I needed to replace my old purple ones, they will be retired from running and solely used for training now as they are starting to hurt my hip and knees!

To get in the spirit for running, I coordinated my outfit.

Purple shorts, tank and shoes…ideal outfit. The shorts are the new Victorias Secret Pink Campus shorts! I have two pairs and LOVE them!!!! SO comfortable and great for running! The tank is from costco!

I was playing my Zombies run app while on the treadmill and ended up going…….

Pretty happy with that run, it was hard but not unachievable and thus lets me know I am on track for my half! The biggest bonus was that at the end of the run there were no blisters! It was amazing!!!

After the run I shower and we got ready and had dinner with friends. Dan went on a very long bike ride before dinner which explains the amount of food he got last night!

Sorry for the weird camera angle, I was trying to sneak attack a picture. I also had to sneak attack one of those fried raviolis to test you know to make sure they weren’t poisoned and safe fore Dan to eat ;).

For my dinner I had a personal Tuscan pizza and ate all but one piece which I gave to Dan. It was so yummy!

It was a nice little Saturday with friends!

Today we worked and now are home relaxing. It was a nice weekend together.


What did you do this weekend?

What is your favorite most recent purchase?

Mine is my sneakers for SURE!

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