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Working on my fitness…

2 Oct

Last night I ran. Well I ran intervals. And I didn’t start until 8:45pm so it was a late night for me. Someone decided he was going to be super cranky and fight sleep from 5:30pm-10:pm. (Dan finally got him to go to sleep on a pile of blankets in the basement.) While I don’t have a picture of that I do have a picture of him snuggling Finny when he woke up.


From my instagram: follow me Zandralexia 

Yes the baby is in a tuxedo sleep sack, he’s a gentleman what can I say.

Anyway so I got to run. My last run was on September 22nd and I went 2 miles in 34 minutes, I was discouraged. Last night the plan was to go for 45 minutes. I ended up going 2.15 miles in 31 minutes. The reason there is something wrong with our treadmill. The first run the belt kept stopping, like a dead stop then would randomly start and was messing with my knees, but it stopped doing it after a few minutes. I figured it was kinks from not using it. Last night however it kept freezing, like the screen and everything and after I did the 31 minutes that is part of my Couch 2 5k app I paused it to get the numbers and journal them before continuing on for the 45 minutes, the whole screen flashed and went black. The treadmill had shut itself off and rebooted losing my workout. I was so frustrated/proud of doing so much better that I decided to call it a night.

Tomorrow I have my 6 week check up with my doctor who will tell me if I am cleared to resume all normal activity, which means strength training!!! I am so excited as I may be 9 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight but my body looks nothing like it did!

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday! Im spending the day snuggling with my baby and mailing Scentsy Catalogs/making calls. Only 12 days til its back to work :(. Don’t get me wrong I like my job I just like being home with this little man more!!!

In Florida!!

20 Feb

Today’s Workout: Hotel Treadmill Run Had to make it quick as we had places to be. 1.51 miles in 20 minutes and a 5 minute cool down which brought it to 1.83 miles in 25 minutes. Pretty happy with that and my legs feel good. They have been really tight this week. 

Yesterday morning began in South Carolina with the Grandparents. Memere made us breakfast. Dan and I both had this toast which as she told us was to die for. It was delicious!


Then Dan and I were on our way for the 8 hour drive to Orlando. We ended up seeing some Nascar trailers headed to Daytona on the way!

IMG_3456This was the #24 trailer we also saw #00 which was the same truck but in red. We don’t watch Nascar but it was still pretty cool!!!

Then we made a stop at Daytona Harley-Davidson. New readers we work at a Harley-Davidson dealership, but had to stop as this is the largest in the world. It was very impressive. I could only get half of one building in the photo.


Oh hey shadow people!!!

They also have a sandcastle sculpture which was pretty neat!


Pretty Neat!

On our way through Daytona I decided it was probably time to book a hotel so on my Ipad I went to travelocity. This was my first time ever on the site so I am not advertising for them, I just had a great experience. We were able to get a 4 star hotel for $63.00 for the night. That is with all fees included. I was pretty happy with that and the hotel is beautiful. We could only get it for last night though as they are sold out, so we shall see where today takes us.

The hotel had coupons so we utilized this one.


We are big cici’s fans and if one of us can eat for free even better. 10.00 for us to both eat as much food as we want is a bargain. Though I did spill my 32 oz. drink all over the car later….FAIL.


Plate one was pasta, pizza and salad. Plate 2 (my final plate) was a smaller amount of pasta and a cinnamon roll…those things are magical!

Today we are off to somewhere I am SO EXCITED TO GO! I will have to fill you in later. Then we are meeting up with Dan’s cousins for dinner. Have a great day everyone!!!

Food. Run and Not so Fun!

12 Feb

Yesterday I ran. It felt great! My plan was to run for 2 hours and see how far I could go.

This was my setup for yesterdays run…..very official!


Chapstick, Shotblocks, Water, Tissues for my runny nose and body glide, because two hours of running with my ever changing body demanded it!

I ended up only going for one hour though, as Dan got home and said we had things do do!


I kept it at a nice pace I know I can keep during the race. On my run intervals I ran at a 5.0..which used to seem so slow, but now seems perfect to not wear me down. When it was time to walk for one minute I kept it at 4.0. It was pretty easy and I only stopped once to foam roll out my calves when I realized I should have worn compression socks!

I was pretty happy because it was a pace I knew I could keep for another hour and if I did would have done 9.5 miles in 2 hours. That makes me pretty happy as I am clearly not racing for any sort of PR and want to do this for the experience!

So what did we have to do? Well the first stop was the not so fun Lab where I got my blood work done for Baby K. I don’t mind getting blood taken while its happening, but before it I psych myself up and out, and that is something I need to work on in all aspects.

It went fine and then we were on our way to get food, as shotblocks, an orange and 4 pretzels really didnt help the dizziness after giving the blood. Plus I needed something as recovery from my run.

Clearly this was the only option :).


Photo from (Facebook)

A chicken quesadilla always makes your muscles and your arm feel better ;).

After that we had to go to home depot, so you know Dan was excited. We are redoing our master bathroom, that wasnt the plan but someone dropped his cologne into his sink and smashed the sink…..so now thats happening!


New toliet, vanity, medicine cabinet and lights one for the bathroom and the other for this.


This creepy Salem Witch Trials looking light was the one that came with the house when we moved in. As you can see it is right at our front door. My handyman husband replaced it, so now there is this…



After all this excitement Baby K and I needed a nap and took a nice long one until 8pm. Then it was my usual Monday night activity. Flipping between Bachelor, Biggest Loser and the Following.

Bachelor: I was happy with ONE who went home and next week looks crazy!

Biggest Loser: NOT Happy with who went home, and some people are really jerks for voting for them!

Now I am off to workout with Jeff then to an ultrasound, so Dan and I can hang out with Baby K for a bit!

New Meal Monday…brought to you by Saturdays Dinner!

17 Dec

I am lazy today……I ran on the treadmill even though I was really despising the thought. I also have a mountain of laundry to do that I don’t want to. BUT by bargaining with myself I might just win the night! I Ran on the treadmill and killed it. Even though before I started I promised myself I would just walk for an hour at 4mph= 4 miles in an hour. Instead….TODAYS WORKOUT: 60 minutes on teadmill 5.11 miles 11:44 pace! My laundry bargain is I will do one load to get me through tomorrow, but I know thats just me tricking myself into doing more!

Anyway that meant when it was time for dinner I was so glad to have leftovers of this recipe…


Saturday we had Dan’s parents and Aunt and Uncle over for dinner and I made my Hawaiian Chicken Recipe. Well it isnt mine it is from a tumblr that I love. You can find the recipe here.

The only difference is I make mine in the oven in a casserole dish four at a time, but still wrapped in tin foil.

But how can you honestly not love this it is so colorful, low calorie and DELICIOUS!!!


One other difference is that I use fresh lemon juice in the chicken- cream cheese filling and not lemon seasoning!


The chicken before baking!

So the meal was a hit saturday, but I had A LOT of left over chicken, so I took chicken, uncooked rice and the broccoli and baked it into a casserole that we will eat for quick dinners and lunches this week! Easy and 2 meals for the price of 1….CANT BEAT THAT!

Recovery Miles and the 3rd Day….

4 Dec


After the race Sunday I wanted to run but was tired and a bit sore. I knew I had to run though. So it was a 5 minute warm up .33 miles then a 25 minute run of 2.31 miles a 15:15 pace and a 10:49 pace respectively. I was happy with that for being sore nice recovery run.

Heres what my run looked like.


Here is me on the treadmill showing off one of my new Bic Band Headbands I bought when they were having a Hurricane Sandy Benefit. I love it, it does slide a tiny bit but nothing like the other headbands I have tried. If you are like me and have apparently a weird head or weird hair these are great. AND YES I WAS EXHAUSTED ALL DAY TODAY! SO before anyone makes a comment about my appearance I cant look pretty at all times!


Warm up and some Dr. Who as usual!!!


On the 3rd Day of Christmas My Daniel gave to me:


The ability to watch my boys the NYG on TV. At this point it is 9:30pm (I write posts that show up early before bed) so if they lost oh well and if they won HECK YES!!!!!

If you know us in person you know I usually watch the games online on my computer or IPad while we hang out and watch TV because Dan HATES football and I love it. So when he said he would be playing video games I knew I was all set until the end of the game at least! It was truly a gift no matter the outcome of the game to watch it live and in real time rather than a bar increasing or decreasing with each play.

HE LOVES ME, even if he hates sports!!!

The Thanksgiving Day Recap!

24 Nov

Thursdays Workout: 4.00 miles in 42:29. Feeling good! 

So Turkey Day had arrived and it was around 7:45 am when my alarm went off so I could bake the Turkey and start my soup in the crock pot!

I pulled this beauty out of our refrigerator in the basement, carried it upstairs and pulled off the lid to see this beauty!

After doing that and dumping the ingredients for soup into my crockpot it was time to get dressed.

This is how I spent most of my morning prep….well clothing wise.

In the world of my shoe rotation it was time for my Saucony’s even though my mizunos would have been a better match fashion wise. BUT running is not a fashion show, especially in your own house.

For this run I wanted to keep an eye on the progression of the food and be able to continue my love affair with Dr. Who, so treadmill it was.

I did a 5k in 34:03 because my body was tired and my legs were not warming up the way I wanted so I took it slow. After that I cranked the treadmill up to a 6% incline until this.

Dr. Who was getting crazy! In other news though the incline bump helped my achieve a 100 calorie burn in a little over 5 minutes. When you know you are going to be eating delicious food thats what you have to do.

After that I set the inlcine back to 1 and ran as hard and as fast as my body would carry me. Until I hit 4 miles. (I planned on going longer, but at this point it was almost 10:15 and I still had some prep and showering before people arrived at noon!)

Not too shabby for a quick workout and almost a whole episode of Dr. Who.

Then it was time to get back to cooking.

This is parmesan pumpkin soup with frizzled prosciutto. Yes the first step of this recipe is to fry up some prosciutto and then cook the onions and garlic in the same oil…..best recipe ever! Plus my Mother and Brother are not pumpkin fans but enjoy this a lot.

I got the recipe out of one of my cookbooks from my bridal shower and there is a link to it here.

Finally everyone arrived and it was time to eat! I dont think we had enough food for the 12 of us…..We had two turkeys by the way.

This was my brother going for seconds so after a heavy soup and first time around these were all the leftovers..I think we had enough just incase anyone was famished!

Here was my plate of deliciousness! (Man was I glad I ran that morning!!)

Corn casserole, green bean casserole, squash casserole, mashed potatoes, a biscuit, turkey, gravy, corn, pineapple stuffing, a stuffing muffin and a dollop of cranberry sauce after the picture. I might have had to take numerous eating breaks but I did make it through that whole plate!

Finny also enjoyed Thanksgiving!! Even though he is not biologically my child I think he learned to make faces at food from me..

Please note the intense look in his eyes while licking stuffing!!!

All and all it was a fantastic Thanksgiving with Family and I was so happy to have it in the new house!!

Training Tuesday

16 Oct

Welcome to a new part of my blog! In an effort to get not only my fitness and eating back on track, but also my blogging I have devised a new system. Each day there will be a designated post for that day, thus resulting in one post per day each week! Plus a random post added to which ever day I have something interesting to say!

Today is training Tuesday! I have so much to say about my training for my next half, starting with this….

Dan again won the best husband of the year award when I went down stairs and the treadmill was good to go! I wanted a picture of myself hugging it of course but I was off from work today and unless Finny can now operate a camera phone it wasnt happening!

It was a great surprise to find this morning and even better to run on it tonight after grocery shopping and dinner!

I of course had to get my usual set up in place.

Glass of water and Netflix all cued up to watch an episode of Extreme Couponing… it was time to get two miles in!

Like an idiot I stopped my workout when my cell phone rang (I was trying to pause TLC, and the treadmill and ended the entire workout and hung up on the person) so the following pictures are of my two workouts that equal my 1 workout for today!

The pictures are backward the bottom picture was my first workout before I shut it off! WHOOPS.

So todays total run was 2.05 miles in 21:51 not too shabby for my first run over 1 mile in a month! That’s right a month ago today we were running the half marathon, and I due to time constraints and sickness have not ran over 1 mile in a month. The best part was my pace was 10:39. Glad to see my endurance is still up, and I haven’t lost much granted I dont think I can go out and run 7 miles with no stops, but I will get back there!!!

Here are some apps I am using to help train:

Couch to Half Marathon:

Great Program that I started using at the end of my training for Surftown. It is not a free app but it is worth it for sure!!! They have weekly plans for running, core work and tell you when you need to be cross training.


This is a free app and I just started using it yesterday but I really enjoy it. They have challenges you check into and you earn points. You can even set a picture of what you will treat yourself with when you level up within the app! It is pretty cool. They also let you track your food, when they do it enters the sodium, fats, proteins, etc and shows you a graphic of how much you ate of each within the breakdown. It was good to see, I had a lot of sodium today, and thus maybe that is why my tummy has been feeling so bloated! Glad to have this app and will continue to use it for my eating and ftiness needs. You can also track your workouts!

So that was training Tuesday! Obviously I run most days and will post that, but each Tuesday I plan on doing one other thing on top of my usual run! CROSS TRAINING! Also it is a good motivation to do some of those work out DVDs and games I have :). Plus this week I am taking it slow as I am just re-entering after a month of no long runs EEEEK!!!

We will see how it goes wish me luck and enjoy your night!

New sneakers and refueling with pizza!!!

12 Aug

Yesterday I did my usual Saturday routine, and worked until  3 pm. I also ate A LOT of skittles, so I figured it was time for a run when I got home. Thats the funny thing about being tired after work, you dont feel like doing much of anything. So I was a tired cranky pants because I hadnt run that day. Then I realized I had new shoes!!!! It was the revelation of a lifetime and I was so excited to try them out!

Saucony Kinvara Progrid 3’s!!!! I needed to replace my old purple ones, they will be retired from running and solely used for training now as they are starting to hurt my hip and knees!

To get in the spirit for running, I coordinated my outfit.

Purple shorts, tank and shoes…ideal outfit. The shorts are the new Victorias Secret Pink Campus shorts! I have two pairs and LOVE them!!!! SO comfortable and great for running! The tank is from costco!

I was playing my Zombies run app while on the treadmill and ended up going…….

Pretty happy with that run, it was hard but not unachievable and thus lets me know I am on track for my half! The biggest bonus was that at the end of the run there were no blisters! It was amazing!!!

After the run I shower and we got ready and had dinner with friends. Dan went on a very long bike ride before dinner which explains the amount of food he got last night!

Sorry for the weird camera angle, I was trying to sneak attack a picture. I also had to sneak attack one of those fried raviolis to test you know to make sure they weren’t poisoned and safe fore Dan to eat ;).

For my dinner I had a personal Tuscan pizza and ate all but one piece which I gave to Dan. It was so yummy!

It was a nice little Saturday with friends!

Today we worked and now are home relaxing. It was a nice weekend together.


What did you do this weekend?

What is your favorite most recent purchase?

Mine is my sneakers for SURE!

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