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California Adventure Day 2!!

18 Feb

As I am getting ready to head to Florida to run Disney’s Princess Half Marathon weekend with my pal Lauren, I realized I never finished updating this! Things have been crazy we have had so much snow and the baby is growing like a weed! He will be 6 months old tomorrow, if you can even believe it.

But back to California and thinking warm! Bring on day 2….


Day 2 started bright and early with a pb and j, it was delicious and made for me by Lauren. We had a very busy day ahead. We went to go for a walk but it was super packed when we got there so I got a few pictures as we drove.


We also met up with one of my college roomates who now lives in California, thanks so much for making the drive Nicole!

We then walked all around the Griffith Observatory which was really neat, I love science and astronomy. Here’s some photos!

IMG_5583 IMG_5584 IMG_5588

The last photo is of the periodic table of elements and they actually had each element in the box. It was pretty cool to see.

After that we had lunch together and then Lauren and I said goodbye and headed to our hotel in Anaheim for the race the next day!

IMG_5594 IMG_5595

I got my race outfit ready, then we had some cupcakes and watched tv. I went to bed around 7:30am, as I had to be on the shuttle to the race at 3:30am!

It was a great trip, tomorrow I will post my race recap, which will be really long. Thursday I leave for Florida, and will have a whole new adventure to post about!

Hawaii Day 3: Part One

9 Jul

Clearly we have been back from Hawaii for about 2 weeks! I am such a blogging slacker….but I am also very pregnant and was informed I might not be making it to my due date of August 18th. So instead of coming home to blog I have been trying to ready everything on the off chance Camden decides to make an appearance!

Anywho back to the trip. This post is a two parter since it was our Island tour and there are ALOT of pictures!!!

So here we go:

IMG_4015 IMG_4016 IMG_4019

This was our first stop. It was beautiful and our first glimpse of what we always imagined Hawaii would be. (Waikiki is like a city so it wasnt what you would think.) The other side of the Island was gorgeous though!!!

The second picture is where From Here to Eternity was filmed…so that was pretty cool to see. The final picture looks like a wave crashing on rocks but that is actually THE BLOWHOLE its a small hole in the rocks where wave pressure created a geyser, pictures dont do it justice really.

Then we were back on the bus and off to our next stop the lookout.



The lookout is a huge cliff made from the volcano in which you can look over the valley of the Island. From here you could see the Island they used for Gilligans Island…..Oahu is pretty famous, but more on that later. The first picture was of chickens, which are everywhere, we were really surprised they were living up on this cliff and that there was like 20 of them up there!

IMG_3999Clearly not the next stop, but this was my tour outfit. Scentsy gave us those backpacks and it was key for all our traveling items. Dan said I looked cute and wanted to take a picture, then he told me that really it was because I looked like I was on 16 and pregnant.


This was also from the lookout and freaked me out…I am afraid of heights to begin with but why have a battle on a cliff?!?!?! Clearly someone is falling off!!!

The last stop Im going to talk about in this post is the buddhist temple. It is a recreation of a temple in Japan and is beautiful, it is in a local cemetery.

IMG_4036 IMG_4039

The first picture is of the Japanese grave stones, they are all in one area and were beautiful. They only put the last name of the family on them.

The second picture is of a giant Gong there that you could ring, Dan has a video of him ringing it that I took, it was a highlight for him.


Everyone honored this and removed their shoes.

The temple was beautiful!

IMG_4042 IMG_4044 IMG_4045 IMG_4041

Dan really liked that statue and made a new friend!!!

So that was part one of our tour, tomorrow part 2 plus our first dinner provided by Scentsy!

Have a great tuesday!!!

Last day!

21 Jun

So I will update you on days 3,4 and 5 when I get home. There are just too many pictures to try and blog from my phone. Hawaii has been great and I have been blown away by the generosity of scentsy during the trip. Last night they rented out the entire paradise cove luau for us!

Here is a picture of Dan and I.


Dan actually owns and wore a Hawaiian shirt and I had my blue Hawaiian maxi dress on, though the top is plain so you cannot tell.

It’s 8am here now (2pm for those of you at home), and our flight doesn’t leave until 8:25pm, we leave for the airport at 5:15pm. All that would be fine except we have to check out of the hotel at 11am, so we aren’t sure how we are going to spend our day.

Well we are off to figure out something, we arrive home tomorrow around 2pm. I for one cannot wait to be home, Hawaii was great but now that it’s over I can concentrate on my last month of work and getting ready for the arrival of little Camden!

Hawaii day 2!

19 Jun

So day 2 was a nice relaxing day for us. I woke up at around 4:30 am (that’s 10:30am at home) and got ready for our welcome breakfast. I figured why not look presentable.


Here is me before breakfast I even curled my hair! Dan was still asleep so I was pretty happy our balcony door was mirrored that way there is a nice shot of me and the scenery!

When Dan got up and ready we were still a bit early for the breakfast and decided to walk the beach where we saw that awesome rainbow! That picture is from my Instagram so there’s a filter on it.

At the breakfast everyone who was on their first incentive trip received a pillow case that says Pick.Pack.Play. That is the name of the trip since you chose your location from 6 destinations. Hawaii was the most popular of course and I feel so lucky to have earned it! There are 900 people here from scentsy!

After breakfast we changed and headed to the beach, we both wanted a low key and relaxed day as Tuesday and Wednesday we have tours. This is the side beach of our hotel. The hotel was built right on the ocean so they have this small beach and one other beach they share with another hotel so it is packed. I also really loved that tree.


The scenery here is pretty gorgeous those hibiscus were all over while we ate lunch. Lunch was the best Asian chicken salad I have ever had, Dan had the same and we both agreed how amazing they were. We got them from the hotel cafe which makes salads, sandwiches, gelatos and shaved ice.


After lunch it was time for the pool. Palm trees for a bit of shade, while still managing to get some sun. The second picture is of my baby bump and how impressed I was that at 31 weeks I can still see my feet when I lie on my back!

For dinner we went to RumFire a restaurant in the hotel. They had a live band and we ate great food. We split those chips and I had macaroni and cheese. It had ham and hot peppers in it, I took a lot of it back to the room it was delicious but filling! Dan had a truffle burger and loved it. For drinks he had a Mai Thai and I had a Virgin lava flow, it was unbelievable how good the piña colada mix was so fresh and yummy!

After dinner we headed back to the room where we received our first nights room drop gifts, scentsy is pretty generous like that. We got towels sunscreen and lip balm. The later two are scentsy products you can buy and I love the sunscreen. It was what I had brought on the trip anyway and works and smells great! The picture after is the view from our balcony that doesn’t face the ocean. This island is pretty amazing, where the hotel is located it is a major city that happens to have a gorgeous beach. As you will see in tomorrow’s day three post the other side of the island is much different! Hope everyone back home is having a great week!



Aloha from Hawaii!!!

17 Jun


The sign from Honolulu airport! We are so excited to be in Hawaii! It is day 2 for us (our first full day here). Well it almost is its 4:30am and I am wide awake silt time change!!!! Dan is somehow sleeping still poor tired boy!

Anyway lets recap yesterday! We got up at 5:30am EST and headed to the airport. We flew first class both flights because how could I not upgrade when half the fee was paid for by scentsy, and my husband is a tall man and I am 31 weeks pregnant! Flying in style was the only way to fly.
The flight to Hawaii was around 9 hrs and we watched two movies, the new wizard of Oz (is it bad I rooted for the bad witches all movie?) and beautiful creatures which was okay.
I am positive though that the flights goal was to pump you full of food so you would slip into a food coma!

Our snack on the plane for the first movie! Then our lunches Dan had a short rib and I had pasta!




Both came with a salad. For dessert they made you ice cream sundaes!!

After the long flight and subsequent sleeping for hours after all that food, (they served cheeseburgers before we landed which Dan ate but I just couldn’t fit anymore food in there) we made it to Hawaii!

I think we are looking pretty good for such a long flight! We boarded the bus with some other scentsy incentive trip winners and headed to the hotel. After going up 25 floors in the hotel we were treated to this view!


We took it pretty easy last night. We just walked around the hotel and then went to the welcome reception. Where we had some great food (fried artichokes and virgin Mai Thais! Yummy!!)



The last two pictures are of the ocean from the hotel and the coastline and mountain. The mountains here are beautiful!
Like I said in the beginning of the post it’s now almost 5 am here and breakfast is at 8am. It is the welcome breakfast and I guess they are announcing something new from scentsy so it is even more exciting! Then the day is ours to do as we please I foresee a pool or beach day!

Maine Part 2!

7 Feb

Day 2 was different than day 1 was since we had places to be. I had to go next door with Ashley and Danielle and about 20 other team Bliss ladies for our Scentsy Day, and Dan drove over an hour to New Hampshire where they had snow to go snowmobiling.


Before we went, we headed to the free breakfast where I was loving that they had oatmeal. It was a two packet kind of day. I also had some toast and fruit, and A LOT OF ORANGE JUICE.

Once we got over there we met up with our team and it was time to see the new products!


Our team I am in the back, and no I am not that tall I stood on my toes to make sure people could see my head!

scentsy aa

Ashley and I before the event!

The new products are all great, but the Scentsy things do not come out until March 1st so stay tuned for those items! The Grace Adele purses and such are already available in Pink and Orange and you can check them out here. Plus I love the scarves colors I will probably order one of each! When your belly is growing accessories are your new best shopping option!

After the event ended and  we were both back at the hotel Dan showed me pictures of his adventure on the snowmobile and then we went to dinner. We were in Maine so I had to order this….


It was SO good! And of course Dan had to take these pictures when I asked to take 1 of me happy to eat the soup.


Picture 1: Trying it—yum that is good!

Picture 2: Oh wow this is a lot of cheese.

Picture 3: God that was hot, I think I burned my mouth and apparently my left eye.

Picture 4: Cut it out Dan!

Then we had dinner. I ate half of mine and brought it back to the room because we had a refrigerator.


I had a turkey club and Dan had a burger. I think it may have been the best turkey club of my life. Everything was also $10.00 off thanks to a coupon the hotel gave us, so it made everything that much better.

Then it was time for PJS and tv. I had mentioned on Facebook that I know have a little bit of a bump and my mom had bought me some new clothes. Here is a picture of the baby K bump, a top my mom bought me and my hello kitty pj pants made for me by Mom in law!


Hopefully you can see what I mean, there is a little something right around my belly button area pushing its way out!

I can tell you all that it was not like that before!

The next morning we packed up and headed back home, but not before making a stop for breakfast at Tim Hortons. Dan love that place and they closed all of them in Connecticut, so we have to go to NYC to enjoy it the closest.


I got this maple panini breakfast sandwich, it reminded me of a little bit healthier McGriddle from Mcdonald’s I enjoyed it.

Here is Dan showing everyone how excited he is to be at Tim Hortons.


He actually looks like he might kill someone, so this was not the best face to make, but I know he thinks he is funny for doing it.

Well I am off for a treadmill run, then braving the grocery store to get somethings among all the crazies shopping before the blizzard hits us tomorrow!

Enjoy your Thursday!!!

Planning my next half and updating…..

14 Oct

I have already signed up for my next half! With this sickness taking me out of running Hartford this past weekend I have also not been able to run and am feeling like a real lazy bones mcgee! It was time to find a new race, one longer than a 5k as well so I could get back in the game.

The issue here is there are not really any in our area until spring due to the weather. The solution was this….

The picture is a link to the race website so if anyone is feeling adventurous and wants to join me there is all the info!

February 24th 2013….Dan and I will venture to Florida so I can put on a costume,(because honestly do you think I would miss that opportunity?!?!?!!), run at 5:30 am and be really pumped about it! Dan can watch in style!

Something tells me he will be really happy to watch this race as I bought him a package to watch in comfort that Run Disney Offered. It includes…

– Email updates about the race

-T shirt and other gear for race day

-Brunch and beverages on race day

-Temperature controlled tent with lounges for viewing

-Televised Finish line so he can come meet up with me

-Internet access

and more….it cost me $99.00 but a happy husband at 5am-I finish is a priceless gift to me for race day!

I am very excited about this whole experience. The last time  I went to Disneyworld I was little and barely remember it! Of course we will be renting a car and I asked for one favor only…..to go to the wizarding world of Harry Potter….I mean were right there!!!!


Have you run a rundisney event? Do you have any tips, I would love any info or advice!

Better late than never…..Las Vegas Recap! Part 1

5 Aug

I would like to award myself as the worst blogger ever. I know I said I would have this posted Wednesday but between returning from Vacation, and getting back on track with running, my jobs and my life it was a rough and busy week! I was so tired at the end of each day so I decided to rest and blogging fell by the wayside!

So lets begin our vacation extravaganza! Well not technically a vacation, it was the Scentsy Convention. However it as in Las Vegas and we had technically two days there to ourselves so a mini-vacation!

It all started on Tuesday July 24th at 3:30 am! We had to catch a flight at 6am, so to be there on time we were leaving the house at 4:30 am. I got up early was dressed and ready to go. Dan was not as much of a go getter as I was in the middle of the night, so I made myself some coffee and relaxed.

That was until the storm of the century began! While i was reading a magazine and enjoying my coffee I saw a light flash across the kitchen window….”Oh no! Mom is here to pick us up early,” I thought and whipped my arm around…..

The result was

It was a great start to a great morning, or so I told myself. Then Mom did come and we headed to the airpot, thanks again Mom for driving us so we didnt have to pay to leave our car at the parking garage!

Before we left on the plane Dan wanted to find a magazine so we went into a store, we didnt end up buying anything but saw this and thought it was funny!

Thanks to the glare there I am in my really comfy Zebra dress…perfect for the plane.

So we took off and flew to Chicago, where due to bad weather, we had to circle the airport for 25-30 minutes! When we finally landed, we learned we had an hour delay before our connection would leave!

So we had some breakfast, and of course apple juice yum!

For being airport fast food it was a pretty good Bagel sandwich.

After that we headed back to the gate to wait for the flight. On the way I saw this and had to text the picture to my brother, because his name is Harry and because we loved Will Ferrel doing this on SNL.

So we were on the plane and luckily got to sit alone on the flight to Vegas, which was nice I slept the entire flight, most of the time on top of Dan so I am sure he was comfortable!

So we finally arrived in Vegas. Dan was excited it was his first time there!

We had arrived and were on our way to the hotel! Part two will be posted tomorrow, I just have so many pictures and so much to write about!

Have a great Sunday 🙂

Mexico Day 7

25 May

So here it is our final day in Mexico…I know you are all dying to read all about it!

We started the day at the gym of course! Then hit the pool with the family! It was so crowded that day that we had to sit all the way at the end of the pool, near where we got engaged.

Here we are on the beach we got engaged on! I asked Dan nicely to kneel in the sand and pretend to be proposing again, but he said no, something about too many people thinking he was crazy!

After a day at the pool the family got Sushi……except Dan and I, we do not enjoy fish!

Chicken Enchiladas for me

A Burrito for Dan!

Here was Dan’s reaction to the photoshoot I proposed for the blog….don’t worry he gave in and it will be posted!

Now the photo shoot!

I asked him for an eating action shot he was licking it right before this, in protest to the shoot!

Here is mine, I like to open my mouth as wide as possible when eating to make sure no food escapes!

On the way back to the room, we decided to have a party. So everyone was coming back to our room! This was Grandmas reaction to the fact there was no Grand Marnier in our room!

So off to the restaurant we went to get her some!

This of course meant we had to have one last celebratory drink!

Then we went back to the room and this is where Dad was doing something funny behind me and I went to snap a picture and this happened!

Super angry Dad face!!!!

Ah Mexico we will all miss you and all your beauty! Until next year…. I will leave you with this picture. Tomorrow will bring the pictures that didnt make individual posts, so they are from all week!

Mexico Day 5…..

22 May

Today was the day we went to Edith’s. It is a very popular and well known restaurant in Mexico and was truly AMAZING!

At Edith’s we ate in their special wine room, that is air conditioned and just beautiful!

Aw Grandma and the love birds (Sabra and Harry) and the amazing wine rack!

The restaurant then brought us their FREE house appetizer (SUPER DELICIOUS), and my strawberry margarita!


Then came everyones appetizers, I shrunk the pictures to a smaller size from here on, because there are so many and I want to get them all into the post!!!  But first my Grandma had to pose in the sweet poncho on the back of her chair!  Plus a customary Dan and I picture!

Harry had steak taquitos, I had tortilla soup, and Tamarra, Bob and Kim had the Tuna Taquitos.  There were more appetizers around the table as well but I did not get pictures of them all!

This is probably my Favorite picture of Dan and I from the whole trip and is currently my facebook picture!

Then it was time to admire the pretty chandeliers and eat dinner!!

I wanted to steal the napkin in the basket holding my tortillas! I had chicken fajitas and Dan had the abundance of food in the first picture! The restaurant was really great the meat was organic and they had their own herb garden across the street! I have a picture but am saving the space for dessert.

I had to get a cappucino

Tamarra and Bob had Mexican coffee and Pineapple Cake and ice cream! The coffee was made by the guy in the first picture. They also caramelized brown sugar on the rim!

Dan got regular ice cream with hot fudge and sprinkles. I had a chocolate fountain. It was a tall cake with ice cream and fruit, when you peeled off the top of the cake there was “lava” to dip the fruit in just like a chocolate fountain! We ended our night walking around the town! It was a great family memory and a perfect dinner with everyone!!

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