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Wednesday recap on Sunday!

14 Apr

Dan and I had a pretty busy week. This week is looking to be the same, what with my parents being gone on a trip they won from performing well for Harley-Davidson and this week starting my numerous Scentsy Events for the month.

Here is a recap of what went down on Wednesday and I will finish the rest of the week later!


Dan got a new dirt bike which as you can see he loves, I dont really know what that face or pose is about but okay. This led to a very long trip somewhere awful on Friday, but we will get to that.

Wednesday was Family dinner day but it was also time to celebrate 2 very special birthdays!!!

Harry: here he is blowing out the candles on his birthday carrot cake….EW


Im not a fan but thats what the bday boy asked for!

Also it was Mr. Finny’s birthday….Harry loves that Finny was born 2 days before him and they share parties now!


Yes my Grandma’s card spelled Finny wrong and she also called him a piss ant, but that is their relationship…..he actually loves her the most out of anyone and annoys her to no end because of it. For example when she is around he only wants her to take him outside for walks.

Finally I have a Velata event coming up soon and got this…


New warmers, cheese and mixables!!! Velata is a chocolate and cheese fondue line of scentsy, but they have realized its potential and now it is so much more and is a very versatile kitchen tool!!

I am excited for all the events I have coming up to get my name out there and get my business moving!

You can check out Velata here: https://alexandrak.velata.us 

It is super great for kids, parties or anytime. We have it for dessert all the time at family dinner!

Okay off to work!!!

Wednesday Randomness

6 Mar

Todays workout: Training Session with Jeff….lots of squats had a bit of a hard time going up and down stairs for a bit after. I am all good now though. 

We didn’t do much today but I do have a collection of pictures I wanted to share/get off my phone.

IMG_3582 IMG_3585 IMG_3586 IMG_3587

Last night Dan and I had to run some errands. Moe’s for dinner for the largest quesadilla of all time! Home Depot for….well that will be the next group of photos. Then to target to get a super cute baby blanket and some sheets on sale!

And before anyone says anything Dan and I do not know what the baby is yet. We are going with Neutrals even though we are going to find out. The reason being we want hand me downs for our second child and there is no guarantee that it will be the same! Plus those Blue elephant sheets are great for either sex!!!

This is why we went to home depot to put the finishing touches on our bathroom.

Sorry no before pictures but it was like 95′ plus someone’s home projects threw up in there.

IMG_3593 IMG_3594 IMG_3596

New toilet and vanity, new light and mirror. Dan had to rebuild the whole wall around the light, as there was a giant hole when he ripped out the homemade medicine cabinet that was the length of the wall. Finally the new floor, and shower curtain. I really love our new master bathroom. Theres also a big walk in closet in our bathroom and thats why it is so small for a master.

Finally it is Wednesday so you know that means family dinner.

IMG_3600 IMG_3599

Grandma makes the best dinners, and everything is homemade she is pretty awesome like that. This was my first time in a long time eating cole slaw and I loved it! She makes the best in the word though I have been told!

For dessert we had Velata Chocolate Fondue. It is a Scentsy brand and a product I sell. We all were so excited because it is super delicious!!!

Fun Event Friday!

26 Oct

Last night as you know I went to the Oakdale for an event called Fun Girls Night Out. My friend Ashley whom I sell scentsy with a

nd I  were there selling Velata. (scentsy’s brand of chocolate fondue pots and belgian chocolate). It is a newer company so events like this are less about selling and more about getting info about the product out there.

Anyway it was good to spend time with her as outside of selling we are good friends and our husbands have a man crush on each other! 🙂

I found this while stopped at the light and laughed all the way to the concert hall it was held at. Especially when I also saw there were parking spots lining the road past the sign as well!

When I got to the event it was set up with fun colors everywhere, pink giveaway bags for the ladies who came to shop and this cool ice sculpture on the bar!

We sold a few fondue pots and some chocolate and got some good leads for events and people buying christmas presents. We also got a pink bag from the event (only the ladies who attended the night were supposed to). THey had free razors, shaving cream, coupons and more. I always appreciate something for free 🙂

You can check out the fondue pots here.

They are neat easy to use and easier to clean up! They make great christmas presents and hostess gifts for parties!!!

Anyway I am off to run! Hope everyone enjoys their Friday!

This one goes out to my pregnant ladies…..

2 May

I know there are a lot of my readers who are pregnant currently! Here is a great post for you that includes all your favorites and mine and I am not pregnant! Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Ranch, and Bacon YUMMMMMMY! Theres a recipe coming, and no those items are not mixed all together into that.

I am the best wife ever I made Dan and Todd some chocolate fondue at work, today in my Velata and will be making more for my co-workers tomorrow so they can all sample! I will NOT however be having Funyuns like Dan did this afternoon!

The picture on Mom’s computer is My Beautiful Grandma and my Mom when she was little!

When I got home tonight I realized we had bacon, cream cheese and milk that would be going bad and had to be used up! I also had two packets of ranch dressing. So I said Diet be Darned for one day because I DO NOT Like to waste food! So a new Mac and Cheese recipe was created and DARN IS IT GOOD!!!!

Bacon Ranch Mac and Cheese!

1 Box Shells

1 Block Philly Cream Cheese

1 Pound Thick Cut Bacon

1.5 Cups Milk

Handfuls of Cheese (I used Mexican)

2 Packets Hidden Valley Ranch Powder

Cook bacon, degrease on paper towels. Cook shells until ready, drain and place back into pan. Throw cream cheese and ranch packets into pan and mix. Add milk and shredded cheese. Mix until cheese is melted, then crush Bacon and add to pan. Serve.

I was going to add broccoli as well, but eh. If its a cheat I was going all out and not trying to be healthy!

Now I am catching up on DVRed shows I missed and then running on the treadmill!

Then time to clean! Thanks for reading and please tell me if you try this recipe!!!!

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