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Wacky Fact Wednesday!!!

22 May

Today is Wednesday and that means it is wacky fact time!!!

1.) We have been trying to eat at home more lately. To save money and to eat a bit healthier! Today for breakfast we had this….


Cinnamon waffle and fresh strawberries….yea Dan is a spoiled Mr and so is Baby K!!!!

2.) I was spoiled today as well!!!

Today I cashed in my Mother’s Day gift from Dan and got a prenatal massage, it was pretty amazing and I probably fell asleep for 5 minutes but still worth it!!!

3.) There was no family dinner tonight!!!! 😦

My grandma and aunts headed to Atlantic City on Sunday and returned today. Finny and I really missed seeing them tonight after I had yoga!

4.) Dan repainted the nursery!!!

This is the finished color!


If you recall this was the color!


It was what I would call Dallas Cowboy electric blue….it had to go!!!

I am so excited for the yellow, grey and white room he will have!

5.) Speaking of the nursery we ordered this print last night to hang over his dresser/changing area!

love-you-forever-printsDid you have this book when you were younger? I did and I am pretty sure it made everyone who ever read it in my family cry!

6.) This past weekend I went to a different kind of race and was a cheerleader for a pretty cute guy who was racing!!! IMG_3833 IMG_3830

In case you couldnt tell that is Dan racing his dirt bike! He did so well and finished in 17th! Not bad for his second race!!!

I was a proud wife! Well until next time, have a great night!!!


Coming home to amazing things and a quick recipe!!

22 Jul

I had to work today, when I came home I was so tired! Luckily for me I have an amazing husband who makes my day doing things like this!

When I left there were dishes in both sides of the sink! When I got home 0 dishes! That makes me a happy lady and freed up my time for a run!

I am planning on doing another run tonight after dinner digests, I wanted to get at least 4 miles in today but I was pretty tired and had dinner to make, I figured I owed Dan one, so I would spilt the runs and make it a bit easier on myself!

I did 2.15 miles in 24 minutes! I tried a new thing today, where I stayed at a consistent speed that was slower than I usually run to see if I could go without stopping to walk. I did it and was proud. It helped build up my base. Plus the last 2 minutes I allowed myself to sprint! It was a good experiment and I think I will keep doing that on my treadmill runs to build up my endurance and forget about trying to run it fast.

In other news, (sorry this is the most random post of all time, I have been lazy with my blogging lately), I had a delicious breakfast.

Cinnamon Waffle, with Nutella and Banana! It was so good!

For dinner I made this

That is the recipe from the back of the Tomato and Basil Philadelphia Cooking Cream with a few alterations! When I was very young I learned that to cook well you need to Dr. Things Up! This is a family motto in our house and a tradition I am keeping alive and well.

For this one I took:

1lb of chicken instead of the ground beef the recipe called for

1 Green Pepper

Elbows instead of lasagna noodles

1 Jar Marina Sauce

1 container Philadelphia Tomato and Basil Cooking Cream

Spices I added before serving:

Garlic Powder

Mrs Dash Onion and Herb

Red Pepper Flakes


Crispy Red Peppers (Purchase in the salad topping area of the store)

Directions: Brown meat in pan with Green Pepper. Then add Jar of marina and 2 cups of water to pan with chicken and peppers. Cook until the noodles are tender then add spices. Next spoon the cream into the pan. Remove from heat and let sit, sauce will thicken. Then put in bowls and garnish with Crispy Peppers.

Simple, quick and EASY!

Before adding the Creme.

It was great. Enjoy your sunday!

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