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Things I have been cooking/eating. Weight Watchers edition!

3 Oct

So I restarted weight watchers. I had to, the last 9 baby pounds are still kicking around even though I have been running/walking and it was time to get my eating under control. The awesome thing is as soon as I started eating healthier I noticed an increase in my milk production. I seriously have anxiety about it so it was great to see! The hard thing is as a breast feeding mom I get 41 points a day, 49 extra points a week and activity points. Example for you my 2.15 mile run gave me 8 points extra. UM what is going to happen when I up my mileage???? I know my points will drop as I lose weight, but the 49 remains the same and training like I will be will make me have more points anyway, so its pretty much a wash. This is hard because I don’t eat that much ever, which might be the issue with losing the weight!

I gained 60 lbs through my pregnancy. I was 189 pre-pregnancy and in really good shape. I was running 9-10 minute miles and strength training with my personal trainer so the number on the scale never bothered me. Cue my last weigh in before giving birth at 250lbs……OUCH! That is like 20lbs less than my husband who is 6’5″. So boy was I glad when I got home from the hospital and 30 of those pesky pounds were already gone….see ya water weight. Oh I clearly have no problem posting my weight and as a reference for everyone at my thinest (healthy weight) I was 150lbs. I probably never want to be below that, I look thin but I look strong and normal! So even though I have already lost 52 lbs….wow thats crazy to say,  I still have 48 total I want to lose (including those 9 pregnancy pounds!) Putting my weight out there for everyone makes it a lot harder to slack off…plus I really don’t care what anyone thinks about how much I weigh. Seeing me in person I dont look like I weigh 198 lbs and I am pretty happy looking like I do with a one month old baby!

Now that we all are caught up, lets see what I have been eating, with the help of my sous chef Camden!

Yesterday’s breakfast was:


Oatmeal, grapes and laughing cow cheese. If you haven’t dipped grapes in laughing cow cheese you aren’t living.

Total points 6.

Five for the oatmeal, 1 for the cheese zero for the grapes. Breakfast around here has to be quick, what with the baby somehow magically knowing when I eat and having a melt down. I haven’t been eating breakfast since he was born because of my weird sleep schedule but now I make sure I do!

Lunch yesterday was:


Baked Potato Soup: weight watchers recipe, topped with turkey bacon, sour cream and cheese (stirred in) 7 points. Cheese 1 point, Almond crackers 4 points for 16 crackers!!!! Grapes zero.

Total points: 12 

This brought my total to 18 for the day and I was full. Grandma had family dinner, no picture but she had pulled pork sandwiches, ribs, rice, baked beans and sweet potato fries. I ate a little of all of it and after tallying the points it was

Total points 28

So a lot, enough to push me over my 41 points by 5 and use up 5 of my extra 49 for the week, so no worries there and I went over. BUT I don’t usually eat like that so I guess I have to snack more during the day.

Today Breakfast was the same.

For Lunch I made chicken lettuce wraps, Camden helped.


We got the ingredients ready.


See, helping!!!

They came out great and I used the recipe builder to figure out the points, super filling and only 3 points per wrap. I had 2 so

Total points: 6


My added issue is I am on a run every three days training plan (don’t want an injury) so I will get extra points today and don’t know how to use all of them up healthily. I could eat ice cream but I feel like that defeats the purpose completely!

HELP ME! I need to eat enough to adequately train, feed the baby and still lose weight the correct way! Suggestions welcome 🙂


Working on my fitness…

2 Oct

Last night I ran. Well I ran intervals. And I didn’t start until 8:45pm so it was a late night for me. Someone decided he was going to be super cranky and fight sleep from 5:30pm-10:pm. (Dan finally got him to go to sleep on a pile of blankets in the basement.) While I don’t have a picture of that I do have a picture of him snuggling Finny when he woke up.


From my instagram: follow me Zandralexia 

Yes the baby is in a tuxedo sleep sack, he’s a gentleman what can I say.

Anyway so I got to run. My last run was on September 22nd and I went 2 miles in 34 minutes, I was discouraged. Last night the plan was to go for 45 minutes. I ended up going 2.15 miles in 31 minutes. The reason there is something wrong with our treadmill. The first run the belt kept stopping, like a dead stop then would randomly start and was messing with my knees, but it stopped doing it after a few minutes. I figured it was kinks from not using it. Last night however it kept freezing, like the screen and everything and after I did the 31 minutes that is part of my Couch 2 5k app I paused it to get the numbers and journal them before continuing on for the 45 minutes, the whole screen flashed and went black. The treadmill had shut itself off and rebooted losing my workout. I was so frustrated/proud of doing so much better that I decided to call it a night.

Tomorrow I have my 6 week check up with my doctor who will tell me if I am cleared to resume all normal activity, which means strength training!!! I am so excited as I may be 9 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight but my body looks nothing like it did!

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday! Im spending the day snuggling with my baby and mailing Scentsy Catalogs/making calls. Only 12 days til its back to work :(. Don’t get me wrong I like my job I just like being home with this little man more!!!

Wednesday Randomness

6 Mar

Todays workout: Training Session with Jeff….lots of squats had a bit of a hard time going up and down stairs for a bit after. I am all good now though. 

We didn’t do much today but I do have a collection of pictures I wanted to share/get off my phone.

IMG_3582 IMG_3585 IMG_3586 IMG_3587

Last night Dan and I had to run some errands. Moe’s for dinner for the largest quesadilla of all time! Home Depot for….well that will be the next group of photos. Then to target to get a super cute baby blanket and some sheets on sale!

And before anyone says anything Dan and I do not know what the baby is yet. We are going with Neutrals even though we are going to find out. The reason being we want hand me downs for our second child and there is no guarantee that it will be the same! Plus those Blue elephant sheets are great for either sex!!!

This is why we went to home depot to put the finishing touches on our bathroom.

Sorry no before pictures but it was like 95′ plus someone’s home projects threw up in there.

IMG_3593 IMG_3594 IMG_3596

New toilet and vanity, new light and mirror. Dan had to rebuild the whole wall around the light, as there was a giant hole when he ripped out the homemade medicine cabinet that was the length of the wall. Finally the new floor, and shower curtain. I really love our new master bathroom. Theres also a big walk in closet in our bathroom and thats why it is so small for a master.

Finally it is Wednesday so you know that means family dinner.

IMG_3600 IMG_3599

Grandma makes the best dinners, and everything is homemade she is pretty awesome like that. This was my first time in a long time eating cole slaw and I loved it! She makes the best in the word though I have been told!

For dessert we had Velata Chocolate Fondue. It is a Scentsy brand and a product I sell. We all were so excited because it is super delicious!!!

A day of Firsts……

12 Feb

Today’s workout: .25 treadmill warmup. 1 hour circuit training with Jeff….new readers he is my personal trainer and a family friend! If you are a CT local you should check out his business!!! 

Today was a day of firsts and a day of some of the same old as well.

The day started at 9am when I woke up, I actually slept in past 8:30 am on a weekday!!!! Pretty good, especially since I am laid off and should be sleeping in while I can!!!

Then I got ready and headed to Jeff’s to workout from 10-11, the workout was good and tiring the only thing that gave me any issues was the forward lunges. Center of gravity is a bit off!!!!

After that it was time to bring my car in for a service…..we are after all road tripping it Thursday at 11pm or Midnight down to North Carolina for my best friends engagement party! After that on Monday we are trekking down to Florida for my race. Taking our time and visiting Family along the way! I am really looking forward to Dan and Alex time in the car and bonding! If you happen to see a grey Nissan Armada with a pink 13.1 sticker feel free to beep and wave at us!

After the service we had someone very important to see…


The long strip of photos is from Today. In my Sunday update from week 13 I will post one close up shot so you can see it!

This was a first because it was the first time we saw Baby K jump, wave and wiggle it was really a great experience!

The next first was I took Dan to Babies R’ Us and we picked out a crib we both liked a lot! I initially wanted a black crib as we are doing grey walls, but figured since we have brown molding in the house a dark brown was a better choice!


It’s the summer infant Brayden crib in dark cherry! It is cute but also convertible so that it can become a bed when Baby K needs one. This will NOT be the bedding we use…but it is cute. If I had to rate how much Dan enjoyed it I would say a 5. I was surprised too there were things he actually seemed interested in. He was a bit shocked when I showed him the price of the BOB running stroller I wanted….but I know he would buy it for me if I asked nicely!

When we got home Finny spent his FIRST day in his room with the new paint job and it being green now instead of the red, I think he is much more relaxed in there.


OH did I say relaxed, because he here is spinning like crazy while I was trying to get a picture. In a few weeks he will be sharing this room with me when it becomes my Scentsy Office!!!

The last first of the day was us trying the Trader Joes Mandarin Orange chicken!!! SO YUMMY!


After eating it Dan exclaimed, “Man I really like Trader Joe’s.” I WAS SOOO HAPPY!!!!! He hates whole foods and calls it the hippie store. I guess Trader Joe’s will be a permanent staple in our shopping world!

So that was our day of firsts now I am doing Laundry, packing for the trip and relaxing. Dan is ripping up the floor in our mudroom so we can have tile put down while we are gone!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!!!

Today I am thankful for:

28 Jan

TODAYS WORKOUT: workout with Jeff…running day off. .25 treadmill warmup. Then 1 hour of circuit training. 

Today I had a lot to reflect on and be thankful for. It was so cold today and snowing, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great day!

Wake Up at 5am got ready for my workout in which I was thankful for:

-Heated seats and steering wheel on the way there.


5:50am and 21* thanking my car for its features!!!

While working out I was thankful

-Jeff keeps things fun, I wore a bright orange shirt, and he was of course cracking jokes about not seeing me.

-Him giving me the option or lunges or kettlebell squats. After my 6 mile run, squatting with a 12 lb weight seemed awful. Lunges for once made my day!

At Work today I was thankful for:

-Our new phones that ring like we are on the show 24, my job just became that much more important.

-Mom and Dad’s friend came in and bought us pizza for lunch!


I was so excited to eat cheeseburger pizza I may have taken a bit before the picture was taken whoops!!!

– A good customer and family friend came in today and when I was leaving cleaned the snow off the car for me. I had to keep myself occupied so I built a little snowman on our general managers car….


When I got home I was thankful for:

-Our house being so beautiful in the snow.


-Finding Honeymoon pictures that remind you of being warm and in Jamaica!


-And finally: My little Family….they really love each other.


Talk to you all tomorrow I am going to eat some tomato soup and get ready for some Scentsy work!

My day….the last one without Dan!

17 Jan

Today started out great! I woke up feeling good and went and worked out with Jeff. I had to find things that fit, so this is what I wore.


I was a rainbow of colors! Black and blue running tights, because it was freezing. Pink and Grey shoes, pink and black shorts with Zebra side panels. A purple space dye tank and a black and white sweatshirt!

It was a good workout and I felt great….then I drove home.

I felt awful, today was honestly the worst day of my morning sickness. I am not complaining about it at all just stating the facts. Feeling like the worst hangover you’ve ever had is all I can compare it to.

My cravings today were still soup…which ended up being a bad choice.


So I took things up a notch, how do I heal a hangover????? Like this!

IMG_3208Dinner was a meatball sandwich and blue powerade, and my tummy actually LOVED IT! Plus a sandwich and the sandwich episode of 30 rock is an amazing combo!

And now this is what I am doing…


Dan’s flight took off 45 minutes late and as such is arriving late. It was already arriving after midnight so I am a tired lady. Aside from my midday/evening sickness this was a pretty great day…capped off with the fact that Dan is coming home to Finny and I!!!!!

Things are getting crazy…

12 Dec

By this I of course mean that Training Tuesday is coming to you on Wednesday!

Yesterday was my day off. If you are a reader of the blog you know that usually means 2 good length posts in one day. However yesterday I got up early and worked out (more on that in a bit), then came home and slept until 10:30 am UH OH! I had things to do!

So around 12:30 I got ready and ate breakfast…

I have a fierce love for Mueller Corner!!!

I have a fierce love for Mueller Corner!!!

Then I headed out to shop at Target for some Christmas Items for Daniel! You understand why there is no picture of this, as he is a sneaky snooper and would be looking at it with a magnifying glass. I am so excited for his gift and to share it on the blog, I put so much thought into it and it is coming at the perfect time!!

But lets talk about the workout! I went to Jeff at 6am this morning, he was on vacation last week and that’s why all of my training was run based. I do not trust myself to do weights and the like on my own, I would rather be supervised and know I am doing it correctly. We did the usual half mile treadmill warm up, then a circuit. We had to modify the circuit a bit as there’s a bit of a flu bug going around our house and I was worried I might have to throw up. UGH. I still got all the workouts done and just had to take short breaks and catch my breath in between some of them like pushups…..the hatred of my life .:)

All in all it was still a great workout and I was feeling good and sore last night in my quads, arms and abs PERFECT!!! It’s the good kind of sore where you know you worked hard, not a painful soreness…which is an important distinction!

So that was my day. Yes I have to update my days of Christmas and will be doing that Thursday so they can have a full post devoted to them!


Have you noticed how dry it is now, I need SO much lotion on my hands and feet right now. My hands are all cracked, not enjoying this winter ALREADY!!!

How is the weather treating you where you are?

Lets play catchup!!!

29 Nov

So I didn’t post Tuesday or Wednesday, so lets get to that first then get into why….here we go


This was a Jeff workout day and I was TIRED after my legs were wobbly and my arms were tired. So you know the squats and weights were effective!!! Because I have a race Sunday I took the day off from running to be prepped for race day!!! But the rest of the day was like this…

Breakfast was a bagel from a local place Dan and I love but I wouldnt have passed on one of these either…though it looks more like a dessert than a muffin.

Yes that says Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Muffins, but they look like cupcakes, and while we were waiting for our breakfast they were both purchased by other people….smart people 🙂

We also saw this and I had to agree and laugh..though in our house I LOVE FOOTBALL and am a crazy rabid fan!

And here is Dan modeling his awesome hat I got him for everyone!!!


On Wednesday we were off from work because my Great Uncle passed away and it was his funeral. This is why I did not post, between the wake Tuesday and the funeral and birthday Wednesday it was a busy and rough couple of days. My great Uncle was very close to us and was like another Grandfather so it was very hard, but glad to know he is finally not sick and at peace.  It was also my Sister in Laws actual Birthday so the following are all random items from those two events. With some exciting news at the end!

1.) Here are some old pictures from the collage my Aunt made for my Uncles wake:

This first picture is of my Cousin Stacy on top my Aunt Tamarra and Mom (please not her hair)  from left to right, and my Cousin Kathy on the bottom middle and my Aunt Kim on the end. I am not really sure but I think the Adult is my Aunt Evelyn though my Grandmother and her sisters look alike so….

This picture features from left to right Uncle Jackie, me in baby form, my Dad and the back of my Mom’s head. GO 80’s Hair!!

2.) I ate lots of yummy food yesterday, well I didnt eat everything pictured as my stomach would have exploded but I tried my hardest.

Not sure how, but this picture got put first, even though it should be second…oh well. This was the dinner last night for Noelle’s bday feast! The chicken is wonderful and her FAVORITE so it was not the first time I have had it and will not be the last. Those Karnolt children love their chicken!!! Chicken Parm is Dan’s Favorite.

This is the food my Mom prepared for the funeral. She is such a great cook and made enough food to feed 40 people in one night. I volunteered to help but she said she had it. I did end up having to share this plate with Dad as my “Head was bigger than my stomach” a quote from him, I know he meant eyes, its just funnier that way. 

Finally the birthday treats. Rum cake and Chocolate Vegan cake, which has graced the blog a few times! Plus a scoop of vanilla. I wish I could say that I did not eat all of this, but I did. Thank god I had a Jeff training session this morning!!!


Happy birthday party people! I really like the candles used on the cake! Oh yes, the man whose face I took a very close up of is my father in law.

And here is Dan enjoying his dessert with his “second wife” Cheryl. She is a pretty cool lady! I don’t mind her sharing Dan with me ;).

So overall it was a great night, Mom K took a picture of us, but I dont have it to post on the blog, so you will have to settle for my baby picture!

Finally the Exciting news!!! After a few months of selling and recruiting within my Scentsy Business I have EARNED THE VACATION THEY HAVE AS AN INCENTIVE!!! I will not know where we will be headed until later. The trip has different choices which you make based off of how many points you have! I am still very excited and so glad I joined Scentsy and work hard at it!!!

Wacky Fact Wednesday Brought to you by Black Friday!

23 Nov

WEDNESDAY WORKOUT- 1 HOUR TRAINING SESSION WITH JEFF 6-7am. Running warmup followed by a circuit. 

So I am a bit late on posts, but as I may have mentioned I host Thanksgiving for our Family. It was my second one and I use Wednesday as a prep day, I think you all know why I didn’t do a full post yesterday, too much family fun!!!

So here are some Wacky Facts, The Thanksgiving edition!!!

1.) Step one of prep day was to get to cleaning and also to pull out everything that would need to be cooked in the two day period, as the pile on my counter got smaller so did my stress level!

I dont know if you can see but there are 3 bags of mashed potaotes on the counter, WE REALLY like them! Dan actually told me on Thanksgiving he doesnt like mashed potatoes and I thought we were headed for a rough time in our marriage until he told me they are great with gravy….I immediately loved him again!

2.) I don’t know if you do this with your turkey, but I brine mine (clearly since I have had thanksgiving twice I am a pro), it makes the turkey so moist, and uses up oranges I bought and could not possibly eat all of.

The brine features oranges squeezed into water with kosher salt and rosemary and my secret ingredient…

2 cups of white wine. It was perfect again, like last year!

3.) I forgot how much salt to put in the brine, luckily my Grandma was over with my Aunt Kim, so we worked it out…

It is completely acceptable to still be wearing you sports bra and shirt from your morning workout at 8:30pm just throwing that out there for you.

Also how cute is my Grandma!

My Aunt Kim decided to take more pictures of us and my Grandma was a bit annoyed that I told her this would be on the internet. So we decided this picture was so neccesary.

Yea like I said she is cool, and those shoes she is wearing she has worn that style for years, TOMS before TOMS were cool!

Please also notice my left foot, Dan hates when I do that as it looks really gross if my pant leg wasnt covering it, but is a good stretch.

4.) Here is Finny being pretty much the cutest dog of all time, he was so happy to have guests as my Grandma and Aunt Kim are his favorites….sometimes we think he likes my Grandma more than anyone, so we call her Finny’s Lady.

Here is my Aunt Kim trying to fix our broken clock….yes it is still broken sadly but is too pretty to throw out, who cares if it is stuck on 9:00?!!

That pumpkin is not for pies if thats what your thinking but rather for a so delicious soup, recipe to be posted tomorrow!

5.) Speaking of recipes later today I will post my grandmas famous stuffing recipe that I modified of course, to make these bad boys!!!

Pre-baked Stuffing Muffins! A Levesque-Krechko-Karnolt Favorite! My family (well my mom and aunts) fight over the crispy part of stuffing sticking out of the turkey. So last year I made these everyone gets their own super crispy outside stuffing with a moist center and everyone is happy!!!

Like I said recipe will be up this afternoon/early evening!

What did you do to prep for thanksgiving, even if you didnt cook….Dan cleaned his garage and had some pumpkin beers.

That cinnamon sugar brown sugar rim was amazing! But this was mine, I also decided to drop some into the beer and it exploded all over the place, luckily we all laughed and Dan did not yell at me for spilling on the floor!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

You should probably know this about me already but if you are a new reader I say anything that is a carb!

Turkey Day week Tuesday!

20 Nov

As you see training Tuesday has been replaced for this week, as today is my rest day this week! You see I have training with Jeff tomorrow and had it yesterday so I wanted a rest. Plus I plan on working out all weekend so I needed a day.

Today seemed like the perfect day as Mom and I went shopping for Thanksgiving after work and there was A LOT of lifting involved!

So because of that here is a montage of last weeks pictures that did not make the blog.

Last Tuesday we decorated the store for Christmas, we stay after work and Mom buys everyone Chinese. We eat and decorate and look forward to it every year! This was food for 6 of us….Mom goes a bit overboard!

Some of our handy work outside!

Dan always says he doesnt like Finny and messes with him constantly but here they are showing they do love each other!

This was my super sneaky picture of Dan switching out his Iphone for a new one because his 5 was dropping calls.

And finally…

The happiest and blurriest you will ever see me at 5:30 when getting ready to workout with Jeff. Yes my shirt says team Karnolt it was a gift from my Sister In Law on my wedding day!

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