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Training Tuesday…

23 Oct

Here is the week I have coming up exercise wise….

Wednesday: Training in the morning, running at night

Thursday and Friday: Running

Saturday: Training, running rest day


So yea in order to be well prepared for the race and not injuring myself I just went for a run today.

But Before I ran I worked like usual. It was slow and I was so excited to be done and get home to get my run on! I went to bed early last night and still could not bring myself to wake up to go out.

But that was okay I knew my treadmill would be waiting. I also knew I needed a bit of a kick to get me going, what would it be shot bloks, powerade chews, nope…

Water and some Brachs caramels! They were the perfect sugar high to get me through my run!

I also started Dr. Who on Netflix while I am on the treadmill and I am really enjoying it so far!

As for the run, I had to pause it for a stretch and instead shut it off so there are again two pictures. This getting back into running after a month off thing is hard work, but it really is worth it.

Time 33:05 Distance 3.11 Pace:10:38

First run was in intervals and the last was just a straight out sprint. Tiring but good for building my speed!

All in all a great training session…Now for dinner TV and relaxing with my little family 🙂

Breaking My Running Streak & Body Shock Day 2 of the Ultimate Reset

8 Jun

So Day 2 brought some challenges for sure. It was my first training session with Jeff since I started the cleanse. (Just to clarify today is actually Day 4 for me, Sorry I am the worst blogger in the world!). I woke up that morning with a huge over abundance of energy and got my food ready, got ready and went to training! I was feeling great, that is until the workout was over. The plan tells you not to workout only walk and do some light stretching. I thought, hey I work out and train like a pro so I should be good to go…WRONG!!!!!

The workout ended and we were stretching, all of a sudden my body broke out into a full sweat, then the sweat turned REALLY cold.  Next I got super nauseous and was pretty sure I was going to throw up, next my skin went paper white. I ran up the stairs and out the door and sat in my car for a little before driving home. I have to say I think my body was in major shock from the workout and the cleanse and everything culminated into an awful event. This led to the break in my running streak :(. Only because I decided it was better to walk my miles instead of run them, so I can feel good and not like death!

I got home laid down for a half hour and then got ready for work I was feeling a bit better. Then it was time to work and more importantly time for food!!

I didn’t take a picture of breakfast, but it was regular oatmeal with some blueberries and plain organic yogurt with maple syrup to sweeten it. Really delicious! I don’t think I ever fully appreciated how good regular oatmeal is until this meal!

For lunch it was Greek Salad with grilled chicken, I ate the garlic dressing from day 1 again since I had a lot left and didnt want to make a second kind and end up wasting something!

The picture was MUCH better BEFORE I started eating, but I was so hungry and it was SO good I almost forgot and would have failed you my loyal readers and friends :).

Chicken, Romaine Lettuce, Cucumbers, Tomatoes and Kalamata Olives= HEAVENLY!

I had to bring my own dinner to family dinner because Meatloaf and Mashed potatoes were not going to cut it for me today!

So I whipped up some avocado, tomatoes, and garlic for guacamole and finished the rest of my dinner.

Dinner was one corn tortilla filled with rice and beans and corn, mixed with 2 TBSP of salsa, and a side of guacamole!!

Plus some steamed Kale with Pine nuts. IT WAS ALL SO YUM!

I really enjoy eating like this but am missing the love of my life ICE CREAM! I do enjoy it.

So that was day one, I almost killed myself working out, had to down my runs to walks, ate super good food and was down 1.6lbs when I weighed myself Thursday morning! Not bad for eating clean!

Day 3 & 4 coming tomorrow….those meals were not on plan due to my blunders and timing issues, but I still ate clean and feel great!

Mexico Day 2

18 May

On the second day Dan and I got up early and went to the gym at the resort, I of course had mom take a picture.

I love that bright orange shirt!

The resort had undergone a lot of changes and the gym was no exception. I loved this mural, the quote and the rainbow to the right.

While at the gym I lifted some weights with Dan and he took my picture.

The gym also had foam rollers which I was pumped about and they have a great ab room.


Okay enough with the gym pictures. After that we had a great lunch!

Mozzarella Sticks, Chicken Quesadillas and Tacos…yummy!

This left us not so hungry for dinner, but thats the great thing about having a full kitchen in your hotel room!

So we got dressed for dinner and were on our way!

There we go with the pink filter again!

The rest of the fam….Bob is hidden behind Tamarra….and Grandma looks so happy!

For dinner I had Spinach Ravioli with bolognese sauce and Dan had a Molcajete


It was good and I took alot back to the room to save room for this…


Dan and I split some chocolate lava cake with raspberry sorbet, my Aunt Kim had Coconut Icecream with Mangoes. She wanted her ring to make it on the blog. As my top commenter I think she earned it :).

Finally I will leave you this picture of the moon. It was the day after the supermoon and the moon came up over the ocean and it was red. Probably the coolest thing I have ever seen!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!!

Mexican Workouts…..and stupid books

9 May

Since I am still blogging via my NOOK and that has no picture capabilities I figured a workout post would be good for everyone. Yes I am on vacation but tha also means frozen yummy drinks which equal a severe amount of calories so to the gym we go, Dan and I that is.

May 6th was my first workout because I just needed to relax after the plane rides saturday.
– Run 2.50 miles 33:25 ouch i knew it would be slow but man
– 3 sets 12 bench presses with dan 20 lb weights on each side for me.
– 15 ball crunes x3
– 15 bicycle crunches x3
-36 second plank, 50 second plank my back was acting up frim the plane
– 5 push ups, 10 push ups

May 7th
Run-2.53 31:57
12 goblet squats with 10 lb dumbell x2
12 seated rotations with 8lb medicine ball x2
12 reverse crunches x2
My hip was finally feeling better so i had my legs up for the rotations yay!

Yesterday i was not feeling my best way too much sun i suppose!

Today I rocked it though!
run- 2.74- 31:17
20 reverse crunches on bench x2
12 split lunges each side these were so hard i was falling everywhere so i settled for one set!
10 latpull downs 60lbs x2
6 medicine ball rotations on ball 10x each i only did one set the ball i was onwas not inflated well and after i flew off it once i decided one set was good enough!

So that is it so far oh yes i also read fifty shades of grey i dont get th hype it was pretty stupid! If you read it i would love to know what you thought?!

Have a little faith….

17 Apr

After Sundays race I was really down on myself for not doing my best. I was heading into my workout with Jeff yesterday at 11 am and was worried about how I would do. I was feeling better yes but my confidence in myself was pretty shot at this point. I knew the workout would not be leg centric due to my race the day before, but I was still nervous as my upper body strength leaves a lot to be desired. I had also gotten my special monthly visitor right before leaving work so I figured great cramping is coming my way and that ruins workouts! So I got to Jeff’s did my 5 minute rowing warm up, and it was time to get to work. The circuit was Bosu Ball squats, Hamstring curls, PUSHUPS (I hate them more on this after), situps on the ball, one arm pull downs, seated rotations with a weight, planks, I might have forgotten something but do you really need to know EVERYTHING I DID? The pushups are what were currently discussing anyway :).

So yea, I hate pushups! Jeff has just recently been making me do real ones not on my knees. Our circuits are done in 3’s, the first set of pushups I did 8….much better than the 3 I did last time! The second set I did 10, coming into the third set I was tired and worried about doing 1 or 2. Jeff told me right before I started that if I could get 12 I would hit 30 for the day. I thought no way possibly 10 but never 12! Then it was time to get to work. I put myself in position and got to 7, okay I am tired, 8 Oh god this is hard, 9 okay one more and you can stop, 10, actually keep going, 11 you can hit 30, 12 OMG I did it!

So I ended the day with 30, and I got a little confidence back. I was really happy and decided to shake off the race and get ready to smoke the next one….which also happens to be color me rad! I am so ready for a 30 minute or under race and I think I may be able to achieve that in May or June! I also hope to get a 10k in around June or July so let me know of any good ones :).

So basically have faith in yourself and you can do things you did not think were possible! I myself need to remember that a year ago I was running a 5k in 45-42 minutes and now I am doing races in 34….what a difference I a getting better every week and can reach my goals. So can you!



What inspires me to be fit and to run..a post in pictures!

7 Mar

So nothing very interesting happened today and since it is my rest day I have no workout to report. I know I said I was going to run this morning, but my legs are still mad at me from last night, and I would rather not chance anything.

I know I did a post about why I love running and you can find that HERE, dont worry this post is not the same as that.

If anyone else uses the website Pintrest, first of all follow my boards please! Secondly I have a fitness board and a running inspiration board.

So what motivates me to get out there on days I feel lazy and not encouraged to do anything?

Funny motivators like these:

And motivators like these:

There are more, but you will have to check out my pintrest boards to view them! I look at these whenever I feel blah about working out. I wish I could tell you I workout and run because it gives you a hot body really quickly, but I don’t and it doesn’t. Everything worth doing is hard work and takes dedication. I love hard work and I love seeing what I put in pay off. That is all I can ask for and that is all you can as for. Find something you love that is active, stick with it, eat cleaner and you will be on your way to changing your body in time.

I have to go pick up my Dad for family dinner now. It is Shephard’s Pie night, you KNOW there will be a picture tomorrow. See ya later!

Bowling, Working Out and Reading Materials!

4 Mar

Last night we went bowling with our friends Derek and Christine, I have tons of pictures. However my camera upload cord is no where to be found. As soon as I find it they will be posted!

Have no fear though, I can still upload from my phone! Today Dan and I woke up ate a delicious breakfast.

I had some smoked sausage left over from our Mardi Gras event at work. I added that with some green peppers, onions and a little olive oil to some eggs. DELICIOUS!!!!!

Not so good however when we went to the gym and I was sweating out smells of Hillshire Farms! Im sure the people around me were quite happy about it!  I had taken a couple days off of running due to sore legs and spasming calf muscles. Today felt good and I took it slow.

I finished at 39 minutes, but the treadmills at the gym dont let you take a picture before clearing the screen! I went 3.20 in 39 minutes, for week 3 day 1 of ease into 10k. Not my best work but not terrible I will take it plus at a pace of 12:11 it is on pace to my recent runs.

After that I did some chest work with Dan, hes not really into taking pictures at the gym so I took his!

Action Shot!

He is much stronger than my wimpy 10lb weights on each side. We did regular, inclined and declined bench presses. I stopped after that while he kept working on arms. I did not want to be overly sore tomorrow for my trainer appointment. I also snapped a picture of our gym essentials.

G2 low calorie gatorade for me, Dan’s sweatshirt and waterbottle, EOS chapstick for me! Purple head phones, a coach clutch, because you have to always keep it classy, and phones for music, Netflix watching!

After the chest workout I got on the stepper and the elliptical for an hour combined just to keep my heart pumping until Dan was ready to go. It was a very fun bonding day.

Plus this shoe/sock combo is pretty awesome!

When we got home we had got the mail for the first time in 4 days, and look what came!

Runners world and Victoria’s Secret! I think a nice hot bath is in order to relax and get some reading done/shopping for vacation! In two months we will be in CABO!!!

Dinner is in the crock pot and I have the rest of the night to be lazy!!!


What magazines are your favorite to buy/get in the mail?

What did you do this weekend?

What is your gym routine?

Please leave me some comments, I really do like getting them and love to know who is reading this blog! 🙂

Just click the comments link and were good to go!

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