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New Meal Monday and I need your help!

21 May

Yes I know today is Tuesday but I got home from work last night, fell asleep and woke up at 9 still pretty tired. Needless to say it was a short night for me!

Anyway I created a new recipe with the help of my wonderful Hubby and wanted to share it with everyone in case you are looking for something new!

Usually I make stuffed shells with hamburger and celery and onions and wine. However I didnt want to chance the wine not baking off when I was eating it and my friend Nikki, who ust had her baby would be eating it. The recipe made two disposable cake pans full of shells so I kept one and brought one to the new parents when we visited little Lilly!

Alex’s Meat and Cheese Stuffed Shells:


– 1 box Jumbo Shells

-1 large jar of Prego Sauce. Traditional flavor is what I used but you can use anything

-1 container small ricotta cheese. (I didnt check the ounces before I threw out the container!)

-1 bag shredded cheese (I did reduced fat Italian 4 cheese)

– Shredded Parmesan Cheese (the kraft kind from the green shaker)

-Half a large onion

-2-2.5lbs  Ground beef

-2 eggs


Cut up onion into small pieces and cook in a small amount of olive olive until translucent. Add hamburger and cook until almost brown. Add half a cup of the shredded bag cheese and let it melt into the meat while cooking. Once browned transfer to a bowl then add the ricotta, a 1/2 cup of shredded parmesan and the two eggs mix well.


It doesnt look the greatest but tastes amazing!!

While the meat is cooking you can also cook the shells and drain them. Next fill the bottom of the cake pans with a thin layer of sauce, and fill shells and place into the pan.


Finally cover with sauce and both shredded cheeses and bake at 400* for around 20-25 minutes.

The finished product.


This was so good an if you dont bake it will freeze well and be able to be made whenever you are ready!

Speaking of that I am looking for recipes I can make and freeze to have on hand for when little Camden arrives! If you know any good ones leave them in the comments below!!!

Wednesday recap on Sunday!

14 Apr

Dan and I had a pretty busy week. This week is looking to be the same, what with my parents being gone on a trip they won from performing well for Harley-Davidson and this week starting my numerous Scentsy Events for the month.

Here is a recap of what went down on Wednesday and I will finish the rest of the week later!


Dan got a new dirt bike which as you can see he loves, I dont really know what that face or pose is about but okay. This led to a very long trip somewhere awful on Friday, but we will get to that.

Wednesday was Family dinner day but it was also time to celebrate 2 very special birthdays!!!

Harry: here he is blowing out the candles on his birthday carrot cake….EW


Im not a fan but thats what the bday boy asked for!

Also it was Mr. Finny’s birthday….Harry loves that Finny was born 2 days before him and they share parties now!


Yes my Grandma’s card spelled Finny wrong and she also called him a piss ant, but that is their relationship…..he actually loves her the most out of anyone and annoys her to no end because of it. For example when she is around he only wants her to take him outside for walks.

Finally I have a Velata event coming up soon and got this…


New warmers, cheese and mixables!!! Velata is a chocolate and cheese fondue line of scentsy, but they have realized its potential and now it is so much more and is a very versatile kitchen tool!!

I am excited for all the events I have coming up to get my name out there and get my business moving!

You can check out Velata here: https://alexandrak.velata.us 

It is super great for kids, parties or anytime. We have it for dessert all the time at family dinner!

Okay off to work!!!

Summer Foods are my Favorite!!!

9 Apr

Today was like 70 degrees. I don’t know if that’s a big deal where you are but it is for us!

I went to my training session with Jeff (my personal trainer for new readers) in shorts and a t-shirt and it was amazing. Today’s workout was hard, we are still modifying things due to my pregnancy but I get so tired so easily. But hey, I am staying active and that is what counts!!!

In other Baby K news I found this picture online and love it.


Now that we know what gender Baby K is we are even more excited and cannot wait to tell everyone. Its going to be a long month!!!

Anyway, since today was so nice I decided to make a summery meal and invited our co-worker Todd over. If you read the blog you know (or know us in real life) that Todd is one of Dan’s best friends so clearly he is always welcome.

This was the spread.

IMG_3708That onion isnt cut because I would be crying and probably throwing up. Onions are not my thing but they are Dan’s so I gave him the option to cut them or not.

 Hmburgers, Beans, a version of my Mom’s summer pasta salad and fruit. My Mom’s salad has tri-colored rotini, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and green and black olives, and red onions, cover with italian dressing. Mine was much simpler as I am not able to eat onions or bell peppers right now and Dan hates all olives. But it was still all so good and gave me an early taste of summer!


For dessert we had this.


How can you not LOVE Italian Ice?!?!?!? If you say you dont I might not speak to you for a while!!

But in all seriousness this is the best brand I have ever had, and comes in Strawberry and Watermelon variety pack.

Add work into the mix and this was my day in a nutshell. I am glad we are finally getting some nice weather and that Finny and I went out for a nice walk through the neighborhood this afternoon! Now I am off to bed, I have a busy day tomorrow including a new workout program I am starting tomorrow night. More on that later.

Thanks for reading,


An exciting day!!!

3 Apr

Well the end of it was, the beginning was awful. I felt terrible and exhausted this morning and thus had to drag myself out of bed and to work today.  As the day went on and I got more busy I noticed it less and less. By the time I got home I had got a second wind.

It probably also helped that I wore a very summery dress and that put me in a happier mood.

After work when I went to the mailbox I was so happy to see this!!!


Yes I did cover my address with my very pretty finger/nail polish. What was in the box?!?!


I received this item from Klout.com and their perks program. I was so excited that I qualified for this perk and cannot wait to use and review it. Has anyone tried the wireless MP3 walkman before? It is much different than the one I had back in the day (1996). I cannot wait to run (mostly walk with Baby K that is.) and then review this item. If you want some cool freebies check out their site and add me as an influencer I will add you back (Alexandra Karnolt) incase you didnt already know that. I qualified for this due to my scores in health and running! The real perk is if these things made you as fast as Meb is ;).

After that is it was time for some family dinner action at Grandmas.


Lasagna and salad PERFECTION!!!!

After that we all watched some TV and then it was 9pm so I was of course exhausted!!

Dan and I headed home and since we had cleaned out the Nursery last night he decided it was time to paint. We also got Finny in there to hang out, we are pretty sure it was his first time going in there, and we will eventually get him a bed just for that room as he will certainly have a new best friend to snuggle and watch out for!

I had to get a before shot, this picture doesnt do this awful color justice but it is like an electric navy blue and AWFUL! After pictures will go up when the crib and dresser are in.


Im not sure what is in that tote and the dresser is some of Dans things but that will be going into the hall. The white spots are spackle these walls were BEAT UP! Baby K is pretty lucky to have a house with central air AND a ceiling fan, I did not have that as a baby/young child!!!!

So that was my day. Not too interesting but give me a break I have felt terrible but I made the best of it because in the end it is all worth it for our little baby!!!!

Business things, taxes and our Irish Holiday!

18 Mar

So yes I am Irish, well both my grandmothers are so part of me is! We had corned beef and cabbage on Wednesday at Family Dinner. Here is a secret I HATE corned beef. So what did we have for dinner yesterday on the day to be Irish in America?!?!?!

Well Chinese Food of course and from our favorite place Sun Sun. If you are local it is worth the drive to South Windsor.



True that wise fortune from a tiny gross cookie……yes I love Chinese food dislike fortune cookies.

Also a big happy birthday yesterday to my Aunt Tamarra!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day and an even better year!


Tamarra and I at Color Me Rad last year….yea we look a little a like.

Today I went back to work for the first time since February 4th it was nice to be back. After work I had to get to work on some Scentsy Business!

I had taken a picture of my setup but for some reason my Iphone is doing this funky thing where it takes the picture but never actually saves it, so instead you get this.

I had to switch over my tester scents and catalogs tonight as the new spring and summer scents and warmers are out.

I also swtiched all the warmers in our house to spring and summery scents. If I do that it will keep the impending snow storm away right?!?!?!


Those are some of the new warmers. The top two have replaceable magnetic windows, so you can switch them for the season/your mood. Click the picture to visit my website.

Finally I started to get everything together for taxes. You see I make great commission selling Scentsy but they don’t take taxes out. So now it is time to shuffle through my records, contracts, gas mileage, etc and find write offs so I dont owe 1,000.00 to the state and government. So I am doing that, finishing the biggest loser finale and heading to bed. Enjoy your night everyone!!!

Visiting a friend and Disney Part 1

22 Feb

Last night we visited and stayed with my best friends Grandfather. First we had lunch with Dan’s Aunt Diane in Orlando. We went to Big Italy which was so delicious!

They made their own Italian dressing for their garden salads. It was great!

IMG_3487 IMG_3488

Our Waiter was Italian and didn’t understand I guess when I ordered Spaghetti Bolognese off the menu and he brought me spaghetti and meatballs instead. But I was pretty glad he did it was yummy!

After our lunch date we headed out to visit Jerry who had made us a ham casserole and some veggies.


In weather this hot 88, is there anything better then cold fresh cucumber. I say there is not!

After dinner Dan and I took a walk around Jerry’s neighborhood.

IMG_3490 IMG_3491 IMG_3492

Picture 1: A man made pond, the sign is saying not to feed alligators. Jerry said all the old people do though, he is in a 55+ community.

Picture 2: The sunset and palm trees are gorgeous!

Picture 3: One of the many custom driveways they have, many of which have dolphins.

Then we got back watched some tv and were asleep by 10:30pm. I know we are HUGE partiers!

In the morning it was time for more food, felt like I was going to explode.


Eggs, toast and ham, sausage, plus more good stuff casserole….all amazing!!!!!

After breakfast we said our goodbyes and were on our way to Orlando again to check into our hotel. Animal Kingdom Lodge- Jambo.

This place is pretty amazing.


This is my bed, we have two queens, with all my hotel, parks, and race day info I got when checking in!

This was on Dan’s bed


Here is a random picture of the bathroom because I thought it was pretty!


This is one of the many animal pictures I have from out our window of our room! I will post more tomorrow!


I love animals so I really enjoy this hotel. I have to find the giraffes and get a photo of them because they are my favorite animal!

Dan and I are off to do that and some other fun things. We also hit the race expo today, but more on that in tomorrows post.


Blizzard of 2013….

8 Feb

Today starts the Blizzard of 2013 in our area…..really hoping for two things:

1. To not lose power and get snowed in at our house, not have to drive to my parents in a blizzard!

2. To feel better. I woke up with a crazy cold and stomach bug at 6:30 am today and am not loving it!

Here in Connecticut our Governor has shut down state roads at noon and most everything is closed, so if you are a fellow Connecticuter like I am (yes I searched that on the internet, because I refuse to call us nutmegers) have fun being snowed in and spending time with your loved ones!

Yesterday’s workout ended up being 4.25 miles in around 55 minutes. I say around because I only took a picture of my first run. I ran in segments yesterday  1.25 miles in the morning because I was running late. Then 3 miles in the afternoon. I should have known I was getting sick in the 3 mile run when I started to sweat heavily and get a little dizzy! 

I wore these cuties because compression socks are now 100 percent needed in every run. Thanks pregnancy leg cramps. I love pro compression socks, they are pretty and get the job done.


I think it goes without saying that I am taking today off from running though.

Last night I prepped some food for Dan, Ricky and I. Dan’s friend Ricky is looking for a new place so he is staying with us for a little while.

It is a good thing I am laid off because he is staying in the basement, yes that is where my beloved treadmill is, so I run when he is at work.

I made chicken minestrone soup and this….

Alex’s Knife and Fork Taco Pizza.


1 Trader Joe’s Garlic and Herb Pizza Dough

1 lb Ground Chicken cooked and seasoned with Taco seasoning

As much Trader Joes Fat Free Pizza Sauce as you like

Mix of Mexican and Mozzarella Cheeses


Roll out dough however you like, spread sauce and cheese an cover with chicken. Bake to directions on dough.

Here is what is looked like before going into the oven. I would have added olives too but Dan doesnt like those.


And here is what it looked like when I ate a piece for dinner, and why I call it knife and fork pizza.

IMG_3372I added lettuce, cheese and taco sauce, I think I am onto the new best way to eat tacos!

Now we are all ready to get snowed in. I hope everyone enjoys their day and I will have a new post tonight. Including food I didnt post earlier this week and a snow update!

Maine Part 2!

7 Feb

Day 2 was different than day 1 was since we had places to be. I had to go next door with Ashley and Danielle and about 20 other team Bliss ladies for our Scentsy Day, and Dan drove over an hour to New Hampshire where they had snow to go snowmobiling.


Before we went, we headed to the free breakfast where I was loving that they had oatmeal. It was a two packet kind of day. I also had some toast and fruit, and A LOT OF ORANGE JUICE.

Once we got over there we met up with our team and it was time to see the new products!


Our team I am in the back, and no I am not that tall I stood on my toes to make sure people could see my head!

scentsy aa

Ashley and I before the event!

The new products are all great, but the Scentsy things do not come out until March 1st so stay tuned for those items! The Grace Adele purses and such are already available in Pink and Orange and you can check them out here. Plus I love the scarves colors I will probably order one of each! When your belly is growing accessories are your new best shopping option!

After the event ended and  we were both back at the hotel Dan showed me pictures of his adventure on the snowmobile and then we went to dinner. We were in Maine so I had to order this….


It was SO good! And of course Dan had to take these pictures when I asked to take 1 of me happy to eat the soup.


Picture 1: Trying it—yum that is good!

Picture 2: Oh wow this is a lot of cheese.

Picture 3: God that was hot, I think I burned my mouth and apparently my left eye.

Picture 4: Cut it out Dan!

Then we had dinner. I ate half of mine and brought it back to the room because we had a refrigerator.


I had a turkey club and Dan had a burger. I think it may have been the best turkey club of my life. Everything was also $10.00 off thanks to a coupon the hotel gave us, so it made everything that much better.

Then it was time for PJS and tv. I had mentioned on Facebook that I know have a little bit of a bump and my mom had bought me some new clothes. Here is a picture of the baby K bump, a top my mom bought me and my hello kitty pj pants made for me by Mom in law!


Hopefully you can see what I mean, there is a little something right around my belly button area pushing its way out!

I can tell you all that it was not like that before!

The next morning we packed up and headed back home, but not before making a stop for breakfast at Tim Hortons. Dan love that place and they closed all of them in Connecticut, so we have to go to NYC to enjoy it the closest.


I got this maple panini breakfast sandwich, it reminded me of a little bit healthier McGriddle from Mcdonald’s I enjoyed it.

Here is Dan showing everyone how excited he is to be at Tim Hortons.


He actually looks like he might kill someone, so this was not the best face to make, but I know he thinks he is funny for doing it.

Well I am off for a treadmill run, then braving the grocery store to get somethings among all the crazies shopping before the blizzard hits us tomorrow!

Enjoy your Thursday!!!

Doing the right thing…..

29 Jan

Listening to my body. During my half marathon training (THIS TIME) things have to be done differently for obvious reasons. So last night and today when I started to experience severe cramping in my hamstring area I knew it was a rest day! It has become clear that during pregnancy my body need more than one running day of rest. Yesterday I did circuit training with Jeff, but today I need a full day off to just stretch them out and relax them.

Here is how my day went….aside from my legs.

 Got to work this morning and felt tired but good. That all changed when I realized Baby K really hates sugar and I had Ice cream and brownies last night….rough morning. That is when you eat an orange because the baby has an addiction to them and then you send your husband this picture….

Describes perfectly how I felt all day.


The orange teeth really make this shot….my eyes are also telling you I am not above posting embarrassing pictures on the internet for your entertainment. But honestly a year into this blog you should all know how crazy I am already!

Around 11:30 am I was super hungry for lunch and knew that since the baby was revolting against my food sins I would give it something I knew he/she loved.


My artistic shot of my loaded baked potato soup…. I really like this kind because they do not add cheese. But they do add tons of bacon, which apparently I was craving today.

I arrived home from work to Dan plowing the driveway on his quad like this.


Yes that is the back and that is our friend Mikey on the back being Dan’s plowing wingman. I am really glad 6 days from now I will also be on layoff and can see these plans hatch from the beginning and not come in halfway through.

Finally our dinner. I am eating it while typing this, and man did it come out good! I have been wanting to make some of the many paleo recipes people sent me but I have to go shopping for that to happen. In an effort to not have to get out of my PJ’s this concoction was born.


Boil one bag of eggnoodles, drain and remove from heat add 2 jars alfredo, one jar bacon bits….the real kind because they are delicious and a can of corn. It came out amazing and even though the finished product doesn’t look great it tastes amazing!!!

ENJOY YOUR TUESDAY! I WILL BE SNUGGLED UP WITH FINNY WATCHING THE TASTE….what a great idea for a cooking competition!

Also follow me on twitter and facebook for more FOOD RUN FUN craziness!!!!! Links are in the sidebar to the right!

Jumpin’ on the Paleo Bandwagon….well sort of.

24 Jan

If you follow me HERE or HERE you knew this post was coming in advance….

A lot of people I know eat Paleo and follow that lifestyle, those people are also some of the happiest people I know. Looking at you Dawn. (Who will be also running the Disney Princess Half Marathon).

So when Baby K has rejected every sort of food that has any sort of sugars in it. (Not Fruit of course, or Apple Juice.) But no candy, no sauces with sugars in them, no nothing. How is this my Baby?!??!

I decided it was time to try some Paleo myself. I have a couple recipes from Everyday Paleo that I use often…I really enjoy her taco salad. I found it on Youtube. But I add cheese…not right! And not how I am technically supposed to eat.

But I need more recipe ideas and help. Because I am sick of feeling sick!!!


This is a hotdog with baked beans and macaroni salad….NOT paleo and of course what we had for family dinner last night.

That did not sit well with little K. He/She hated it and let me know by numerous tummy rumbles, and indigestion. Great!

Today I went onto my favorite website ever Pintrest and found a great chili recipe, with pineapple!

The recipe is from here and I made a few tweaks! Also my picture will NEVER look as good, so please use that for my finished photo.

I was so excited about this recipe as my Mom makes a Atomic Pineapple Chili and it is so good. This tastes pretty close but not as sweet. No cream corn or Honey BBQ sauce in this one. And that is probably better for my tummy monster!

So here are my changes:


Any recipe that starts with browning a pound of bacon will turn out WONDEROUS!!! My tweak, was I cooked the bacon half way and then took it out and cut into small strips. It was therefore crispier and more delicious, and easier to cut.

Second I used the unsweetened natural canned pineapple in natural juices and poured the juice into the pot as well.

Finally I used one green bell pepper and one yellow pepper.


This was the most beautiful sight and smells I have EVER Smelled and Seen!!!

While I was cooking I started to feel a bit sick, so I had an orange. Thanks Louise for that advice.

It worked out well and the chili turned out WONDERFUL!

You may be wondering why I said sort of in the title and the answer is being in my situation you get cravings beyond your control, like today I needed a turkey sandwich for lunch so I had one. Bread is a no in the paleo diet, but I think if I only stray a bit it should all turn out okay!

In running news, I saw this in my Runners World Magazine and cant wait to try it. It has been 4-11* here the past couple days and I havent been feeling well so no I have not been running, and I will not even attempt an outside run. When I do though I will use this:


Sweet indoor warmups for cold out door runs. I will not demonstrate as this lady is far more coordinated than I am!

I cant wait to try them, and of course to get back to outside running!


If anyone has any recipes to share please post below in the comments!!!

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