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Literally a post all about food!!!

28 Mar

Let me explain first, I have not been out of control eating or anything like that. Not that I don’t get the urge but I don’t do it. I have been really busy or feeling sick lately and so all the pictures I have taken have been of what I have been eating.


When back at work I am a big fan of Geisslers lunch selection. On Tuesday I did not eat dinner because I had this for lunch and man was it amazing!!! By the way Geisslers is a local grocery store. Turkey, Stuffing, Garlic and Herb potatoes and Veggies!!!

On Monday I had gone grocery shopping, I figured it was time as we were running low on basics and Dan has been eating A LOT more veggies in his life. Sorry to back track here. For dinner that night we had this masterpiece.


Veggie lovers bagged salad, (I always go for that kind since it has fresh green beans, cabbage, carrots and more already in there), PLUS you know a salad will be great when you add one enitre baby cucumber to your serving!!! Top with hot rotisserie chicken and parmesan ranch dressing….sometimes I am glad I get an extra 300 calories and get to eat yummy dressings I usually wouldn’t!

Also on my shopping trip I secured these yummies!



Pear yogurt is so amazing add pomegranate granola and an apple and you have a perfect parfait. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but….Pears and Mangoes are my favorite fruits!!! (PS- I realize I always mention this).

Finally we come to last night…..FAMILY DINNER BIRTHDAY EDITION!!!

Last night we celebrated Aunt Tamarra’s, My Grandma’s and Dan’s Bdays. Aunt T’s bday was on St. Patrick’s Day and I already did a post for her, but check back Saturday and Sunday for super sappy posts dedicated to them!

So back to dinner. Grandma wanted Hotdogs and beans her favorite food is probably hotdogs! My Aunt Kim (not her birthday by the way) wanted tacos. GRANDMA HATES TACOS!!! But being the cool Grandma she is or G-MA as I call her she made both.


Sorry I had to bite the taco, it was calling my name and man was it delicious!!! Add a half hotdog, maple baked beans and fries PERFECTION!!!!!

For dessert we had red velvet cake from the Cake Boss….who knew they sold those in stores.


Please note the cut out of the cake, my Dad could not wait apparently. He announced to everyone after doing it that since he cut the cake no ones wish would come true! Good thing Dan and Grandmas Bday’s are on Easter Weekend and so we have another shot at making wishes come true!!!!

Saturday I have a race, not sure if I will be clear to run it or not as I have been feeling crappy but I will walk it or go an watch my buddies run it! Then we have Dan’s bday and Easter on Sunday!!

Enjoy your week!!!!!

Did you miss me and Baby K?!?!?!

3 Mar

Sorry it took so long for a new blog post. After we got home from North Carolina on Wednesday morning at 5:30 am we were both very tired. Then all week we did really boring things. I gave myself a full week off from working out so Baby K and my Muscles could recover quickly and non-stressfully!

I worked on Scentsy events and things and started to organize my storage for it. I have a HUGE event this Thursday night at a local venue for a ladies night out and am hoping to do very well!!!

Today was actually the first day we did anything interesting and that I have anything to talk about.

Today I hit 16 weeks pregnant, so 4 months :).


Hello giant baby belly that is creeping its way up higher and higher. Maybe I will have to pee less in the middle of the night. Sorry for the messy bathroom shot, but we are renovating the other bathroom (Dan’s) so we are sharing mine now. Also this picture was taken yesterday. Week 15 proved challenging.

Week 15 Baby K facts:

  • I have now gained 9lbs total. I think some of that was vacation eating though and will smooth itself out.
  • Baby K LOVES: anything raw- veggies, cheese, fruit
  • Baby K HATES: Anything cooked and mixed. – Smoothies were a bad choice apparently and surprisingly.
  • I have begun to feel tiny movements and one large one that woke me up last night when it felt like my stomach hiccuped.
  • I have my 4 month Dr. Appt. on Friday and will schedule my ultra sound to find out the sex during that, you all and everyone in my personal life will not find out until the day of our shower…..because I am extra SNEAKY like that. We have names picked out for a boy and a girl.


Now back to what we did today, actually still baby related.

Dan goes back to work next Monday and I go back March 18th. We have gotten a lot done around the house. Dan has renovated and I have organized and started to declutter. The last thing to get started on was Baby K’s room. If we can get some of it set up now it will be less work later. Plus I can help do things before I am too big to not want to.

Today we ventured to Babies R Us.

We looked at some things we wanted for the baby.

IMG_3569 IMG_3571

There is Dan looking at a pack and play he loves, it even has an MP3 hook up that also will vibrate the P&P for baby.

OH yea we also ordered the crib, and the dresser. See they were having a deal where if you bought the crib and one piece of furniture the mattress was free…..I LOVE a bargain!!!

crib(Photo: Toys R Us)

If you like this crib get it from BRU, it was there for $299.99, while it is on the TRU website for 329.99 weird!

We got the crib and the short dresser $399.99 and the mattress ($109.99) was free!!! We will take it! The baby’s room is going to be a light grey and the furniture is a very dark cherry. I originally wanted black, but decided with wood trim and closet doors the brown would be a better match!

After our shopping excursion we headed to Dan’s least favorite restaurant in the world. I was trying to experiment with cooked vs. non-cooked foods and Chipotle fit the bill.


I had a burrito bowl with some chips and salsa. It had cheese, quacamole, chicken, rice, beans, lettuce and salsa. Dan had a burrito bowl with pork, a taco with barbacoa whatever that is and some chips.

When I only got this far into my bowl, he also had the rest of that.


The clear winner of the meal for me was the lettuce. I did end up getting a little sick after eating but nothing too bad so apparently there were other things aside from lettuce that agreed with baby. I am not about to be doing a test to see which foods are good and which are not individually. If we have learned anything from my blogging it is that I prefer foods mixed together like salads and casseroles. If they arent pre-mixed try them that way. Before I knew I was pregnant I was big into mixing pasta with marinara sauce and baked beans….weird but DELICIOUS!!!

So that is what has been going on with us….nothing too interesting but just enough to give you all a post. Back to working out tomorrow and my usual antics!!

Enjoy your Sunday. Its Walking Dead Time!!!

A day of Firsts……

12 Feb

Today’s workout: .25 treadmill warmup. 1 hour circuit training with Jeff….new readers he is my personal trainer and a family friend! If you are a CT local you should check out his business!!! 

Today was a day of firsts and a day of some of the same old as well.

The day started at 9am when I woke up, I actually slept in past 8:30 am on a weekday!!!! Pretty good, especially since I am laid off and should be sleeping in while I can!!!

Then I got ready and headed to Jeff’s to workout from 10-11, the workout was good and tiring the only thing that gave me any issues was the forward lunges. Center of gravity is a bit off!!!!

After that it was time to bring my car in for a service…..we are after all road tripping it Thursday at 11pm or Midnight down to North Carolina for my best friends engagement party! After that on Monday we are trekking down to Florida for my race. Taking our time and visiting Family along the way! I am really looking forward to Dan and Alex time in the car and bonding! If you happen to see a grey Nissan Armada with a pink 13.1 sticker feel free to beep and wave at us!

After the service we had someone very important to see…


The long strip of photos is from Today. In my Sunday update from week 13 I will post one close up shot so you can see it!

This was a first because it was the first time we saw Baby K jump, wave and wiggle it was really a great experience!

The next first was I took Dan to Babies R’ Us and we picked out a crib we both liked a lot! I initially wanted a black crib as we are doing grey walls, but figured since we have brown molding in the house a dark brown was a better choice!


It’s the summer infant Brayden crib in dark cherry! It is cute but also convertible so that it can become a bed when Baby K needs one. This will NOT be the bedding we use…but it is cute. If I had to rate how much Dan enjoyed it I would say a 5. I was surprised too there were things he actually seemed interested in. He was a bit shocked when I showed him the price of the BOB running stroller I wanted….but I know he would buy it for me if I asked nicely!

When we got home Finny spent his FIRST day in his room with the new paint job and it being green now instead of the red, I think he is much more relaxed in there.


OH did I say relaxed, because he here is spinning like crazy while I was trying to get a picture. In a few weeks he will be sharing this room with me when it becomes my Scentsy Office!!!

The last first of the day was us trying the Trader Joes Mandarin Orange chicken!!! SO YUMMY!


After eating it Dan exclaimed, “Man I really like Trader Joe’s.” I WAS SOOO HAPPY!!!!! He hates whole foods and calls it the hippie store. I guess Trader Joe’s will be a permanent staple in our shopping world!

So that was our day of firsts now I am doing Laundry, packing for the trip and relaxing. Dan is ripping up the floor in our mudroom so we can have tile put down while we are gone!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!!!

Weekend Events and Our trip to Maine Part 1!

6 Feb

Saturday night was the Ellington Harley-Owner Group or HOG party. So Dan, Todd and I went and met up with my parents, co-workers and other friends at the event!

It was at a new location this year and was very nice. I had ordered pasta for dinner and wasnt sure about that choice until I got it!


I even had left overs to bring for lunch to work on Sunday!

There was also a raffle and Dan won this.


He was very happy about the candy and I was pumped to get that Tupperware bowl!

It was a good night and we were out until 10pm! WOAH late night for us oldies!


The next day I worked until 2pm and then it was officially the beginning of my lay off from work (until March 18th) and the start of our trip to Maine for my Scentsy Spring Sprint Convention!

We packed up the car met up with our friends and were on our way!

On Sunday when we got there, it was a quick trip only around 3 hours, it was time to check into the hotel which was next door to where the event was. We stayed at the Fireside Inn and it was pretty nice. We had got a suite because Dan wasn’t feeling well when we left and we wanted a nice room to relax in!

There was a fireplace, and this…


There is Dan the Man enjoying the massage chair….Im pretty sure if I ever couldn’t find him during the trip he was there. I think that is something we will eventually have to purchase ourselves!

The hotel also gave us these when we checked in….who knew these were a big thing in Maine I didn’t and thought the two bites I had of one were pretty yummy!


Whoopie Pies.

Then it was time for dinner, the restaurant in the hotel was closed Sunday so we headed to Ruby Tuesday across the street because we knew we could watch some of the Super Bowl and who can resist a salad bar….I can tell you not the 4 of us because we all ordered it!

IMG_3344Grapes and apples + Blue Cheese dressing= The greatest salad ever! Plus who doesn’t like those croutons…besides you Ashley 😉

They are perfect crispy outside and soft inside. Sometimes I get surprised Dan doesn’t just get a full plate of those babies!

And that was the first night! I loved that the Ravens won and was overall happy with the whole night.

I will leave you with panoramas of the hotel room and tomorrow Part 2, running and prepping for my half marathon!


The view of the sitting area from the massage chair. To my left was the door to the room, and a bathroom, the doorway next to the lamp lead to the bedroom!


There was another bathroom on the otherside of the bed and they all had Keurigs if I had known that I would have brought my Dunkin Donuts Hot Chocolate K cups Mom and Dad gave me in my stocking!

Our Adventure to Trader Joe’s Part two:

1 Feb

Thursdays Workout: 3 mile treadmill run before work. 

Today’s workout: laying in bed, morning sickness.

As promised here is part two of our day Wednesday. It was a busy day I didn’t end up running as planned. I needed a nap after all the activity. So thursdays workout is up top nothing crazy as Thursday night- today I started feeling bad again….but anyway.

Trader Joe’s! I thought it was awesome, Dan did too. However the TJ’s near us is small I don’t think Dan liked that because it was packed and people don’t know how to walk through aisles while shopping without leaving a cart in the middle of it. Of this I am convinced!

But we made the best and found some great finds!

Pretty much my favorite buy and I have used it on everything!


This picture is from Grandma’s Family Dinner later that night! She made ribs and pulled pork…you all know I do not like pork. SO I had this!


There may have been 40 other pieces of broccoli not shown that were also consumed! So good, thanks to Mom in law for the suggestion.

We also had to buy this because honestly it is huge and really good!


Yes that is a Willy Wonka sized crazy candy bar. Baby K might hate sugar but I have been running tests and if I eat one square of this a day and no more I can still get my fix. Dan has been eating a little at a time as well, so this should last us over 2 weeks…pretty excited about that!

Dan’s picks of that day were, Peanut Butter Granola bars (eh I am not a fan of pb by itself), Cherry pomegranate pop tarts (I may have to steal those) and this! He is so funny. He said we had every kind of garlic but not this we need it!



So Thursday morning this was our breakfast eggs with garlic salt, sausage patties and Bruschetta for me, plus a banana and some NUUN that stuff rocks hard! That is what is in my water bottle. That bruschetta has been life changing. You might have noticed my love of hot sauce through the blog, but no thanks heartburn.

We also got a bunch more that we have not tried yet or I don’t have pictures of. As we try I will let you know. Two things we did try that we liked.

Alex’s Picks: Honey Wheat Pretzels, Bruschetta, Dark Chocolate Covered Powerberries

Dan’ Picks: Granola Bars, Gummy Tummy Penguins (yes those are a thing google them, they have a cult following) and Powerberries.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions on Facebook we did get a lot of things people suggested and next time will try different items as well!

We did also get a lot of produce because it is so cheap, but thats boring so there you go.

DO YOU LOVE TRADER JOE’S? What are some of your favorite items. 

I am excited to the garlic and herb pizza dough we got! 

Productive Day off…

7 Jan

Today I had the day off and set out some lofty goals to be productive. I wanted to clean the house, grocery shop, and run. Since I was feeling a bit better I thought I could do it all but I couldn’t. I did well and got most of it done, however the run did not happen.

The reason I didn’t run was because I think I over did the cleaning and cooking and running up and down stairs that by 3:30pm I needed a nap. But naps are good and I woke up from it still having a monsterous sore throat.

But here is what I did get done. Grocery Shopped then cooked. Pictures coming below in this post. Then I did laundry and changed our sheets, no more germy sheets! Is there anything better than new clean sheets, if you say no I don’t know what to do with you!

Today is New Meal Monday as usual, but there are a bunch of foods going on today. Here is the cooking from today. I bought a rotisserie chicken today and Dan says I never get all the chicken off so here is the proof that I did it!



I apologize if anyone is a vegetarian and this picture is gross to them but me being me I am so proud of myself. My first step was to peel off the skin. If I was eating it warm I would leave it on but since I made chicken salad with half the chicken and left the other half to put on top of garden salads, they ended up being refrigerated and I do not like when the skin gets that congealed fat in between it and the meat so it had to go.

I think I did a respectable job.

Here is the chicken salad I made….the usual chicken, celery, curry powder, garlic powder, and mayo.


This photo is pre-mayo and it came out great. But in order to be a successful cook one needs a great setup.

My cutting boards are at work and I cannot find what happened to them at the Christmas party so I used a baking sheet and of course needed some entertainment.


Using my slap chop to dice everything into teeny tiny pieces also didn’t hurt.

After all that work, I needed an afternoon snack, so Honey Nut Shredded Wheat Minis and Vanilla Almond Milk it was!


And finally dinner tonight was some pasta…yes there is a theme blander foods are the way to go for me currently and I am more than okay with that!


Holiday Update & Flip Flopping My Days!

4 Dec

As you can see the blog has been redone to reflect the upcoming season! Hope you like it!!!

If you read yesterday’s post I am sure you noticed I bypassed new meal Monday and talked all about training. So now on training Tuesday its all about FOOD!!!

First I was so happy that Subway has customer appreciation month back and that the meatball marina is $2.00 for a 6″! This made my day!!!


Meatball, cheese, lettuce and pepper. I usually have southwest sauce as well but they were out. It was still delicious and a bargain!!!!

So now we get to dinner. I had to grocery shop today after work as we had NO meat for any sort of entree for the past few days and I do not think that is something Dan enjoys!

I decided to make a stir-fry…

IMG_2946 IMG_2947

The ingredients on top and my BEAUTIFUL Wok on the bottom. I registered for that Wok for our wedding and am so glad I did!!

Have you EVER seen a more beautiful sight than this!?!

Beautiful Veggies Cooking down while stir frying! Meat and sauce added then set.

Beautiful Veggies Cooking down while stir frying! Meat and sauce added then set.

Once all combined plate and eat, with rice of course!!!!


A dash of Chow Mein Noodles and some Soy Sauce before eating!!!

And finally because I deserved a small treat!!!


I am taking tonight off as I am planning a long run tomorrow morning and my legs are still a bit sore!

Tomorrow I will have an exciting announcement and Day 4 of the Days of Christmas!

Lets play catchup!!!

29 Nov

So I didn’t post Tuesday or Wednesday, so lets get to that first then get into why….here we go


This was a Jeff workout day and I was TIRED after my legs were wobbly and my arms were tired. So you know the squats and weights were effective!!! Because I have a race Sunday I took the day off from running to be prepped for race day!!! But the rest of the day was like this…

Breakfast was a bagel from a local place Dan and I love but I wouldnt have passed on one of these either…though it looks more like a dessert than a muffin.

Yes that says Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Muffins, but they look like cupcakes, and while we were waiting for our breakfast they were both purchased by other people….smart people 🙂

We also saw this and I had to agree and laugh..though in our house I LOVE FOOTBALL and am a crazy rabid fan!

And here is Dan modeling his awesome hat I got him for everyone!!!


On Wednesday we were off from work because my Great Uncle passed away and it was his funeral. This is why I did not post, between the wake Tuesday and the funeral and birthday Wednesday it was a busy and rough couple of days. My great Uncle was very close to us and was like another Grandfather so it was very hard, but glad to know he is finally not sick and at peace.  It was also my Sister in Laws actual Birthday so the following are all random items from those two events. With some exciting news at the end!

1.) Here are some old pictures from the collage my Aunt made for my Uncles wake:

This first picture is of my Cousin Stacy on top my Aunt Tamarra and Mom (please not her hair)  from left to right, and my Cousin Kathy on the bottom middle and my Aunt Kim on the end. I am not really sure but I think the Adult is my Aunt Evelyn though my Grandmother and her sisters look alike so….

This picture features from left to right Uncle Jackie, me in baby form, my Dad and the back of my Mom’s head. GO 80’s Hair!!

2.) I ate lots of yummy food yesterday, well I didnt eat everything pictured as my stomach would have exploded but I tried my hardest.

Not sure how, but this picture got put first, even though it should be second…oh well. This was the dinner last night for Noelle’s bday feast! The chicken is wonderful and her FAVORITE so it was not the first time I have had it and will not be the last. Those Karnolt children love their chicken!!! Chicken Parm is Dan’s Favorite.

This is the food my Mom prepared for the funeral. She is such a great cook and made enough food to feed 40 people in one night. I volunteered to help but she said she had it. I did end up having to share this plate with Dad as my “Head was bigger than my stomach” a quote from him, I know he meant eyes, its just funnier that way. 

Finally the birthday treats. Rum cake and Chocolate Vegan cake, which has graced the blog a few times! Plus a scoop of vanilla. I wish I could say that I did not eat all of this, but I did. Thank god I had a Jeff training session this morning!!!


Happy birthday party people! I really like the candles used on the cake! Oh yes, the man whose face I took a very close up of is my father in law.

And here is Dan enjoying his dessert with his “second wife” Cheryl. She is a pretty cool lady! I don’t mind her sharing Dan with me ;).

So overall it was a great night, Mom K took a picture of us, but I dont have it to post on the blog, so you will have to settle for my baby picture!

Finally the Exciting news!!! After a few months of selling and recruiting within my Scentsy Business I have EARNED THE VACATION THEY HAVE AS AN INCENTIVE!!! I will not know where we will be headed until later. The trip has different choices which you make based off of how many points you have! I am still very excited and so glad I joined Scentsy and work hard at it!!!


15 Nov

So yea I missed Tuesday and Wednesdays post. I will therefore combine, Training Tuesday, Wacky Fact Wednesday and Treat Yourself Thursday now…


Tuesdays workout was a training session with Jeff, I was feeling good about it all especially when I am still having coughing fits like crazy! I wore these shoes (which I still love) and these socks which I bought on sale and also love!! I own them in pink and the brown color you can see in the link. The brown are the ones I wore! They are easily the best compression socks I have ever bought/worn. I wore them because my legs have been sore and tight lately!


1.) So my trying to detox off of grainy carbs fell off when I went to Grandma’s for family dinner and this was there…

Special thanks to my brother Harry for posing the serving spoon for me. He may have rolled his eyes and Dan may have said welcome to my world of posing for pictures but HE STILL DID IT! He loves me I know!

2.) Here are some of the foods I have been eating to detox off carbs, processed foods and un-natural/refined sugars…

Unsweetened Almond Milk, Raspberries, and sunflower seeds. A yummy cereal of sorts.

Salad with Balsamic and Olive oil dressing (I made) Chicken, broccoli, carrots and salad greens. So fresh and delicious!!!

And a snack/breakfast if I am to lazy or tired to cook..

I guess I will call this PB&J on a log, I dont like raisins so raspberries it was! PS Almond butter is pretty amazing!!!!

3.) I am pretty sure the dog spends 90% of his day like this and I have to say I am a bit jealous. How comfy does he look?


Here is what I treated myself to today.

Passion Fruit tea with some local honey infused with grand marnier. It was so delicious and worth every sip! Mom is the president of her Rotarty Club and they did a fundraiser with that and local Jam. So Dan and I got some! I have yet to try the jams and may not for a while. But this honey was great, and a really nice and NATURAL sweetener treat!

New meal Monday!

13 Nov

All my posts are a day off this week I guess! I let yesterday get away with me with work and then going to Mom’s to help her with a few things. Anyway last nights dinner was a mom specialty!!! I wanted somethingdelicious but quick and i wanted grainy carbs since I am trying to detox off that and sugar.

So I had made the decision earlier in the day to make stroganoff. Well the way I make it…

First step brown your steak, I used Big Y precut for noodles steak. When almost done add diced carrots (this was a new addition last night it worked out well though!)

The water was in the steak, I didnt add anything, but it all absorbed into the carrots!

Step two:

Get your ingredients together for the final part.

Cook noodles is separate pan, then drain and combine with meat and carrot mixture.

Cover with Gravy and serve!

Best enjoyed while watching rules of engagement on the Ipad in your kitchen 😉

I will post training Tuesday and Wacky fact wednesday both tomorrow. Again I apologize for the delay but things got hectic, but I am back on it!!!

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