Better late than never…..Las Vegas Recap! Part 1

5 Aug

I would like to award myself as the worst blogger ever. I know I said I would have this posted Wednesday but between returning from Vacation, and getting back on track with running, my jobs and my life it was a rough and busy week! I was so tired at the end of each day so I decided to rest and blogging fell by the wayside!

So lets begin our vacation extravaganza! Well not technically a vacation, it was the Scentsy Convention. However it as in Las Vegas and we had technically two days there to ourselves so a mini-vacation!

It all started on Tuesday July 24th at 3:30 am! We had to catch a flight at 6am, so to be there on time we were leaving the house at 4:30 am. I got up early was dressed and ready to go. Dan was not as much of a go getter as I was in the middle of the night, so I made myself some coffee and relaxed.

That was until the storm of the century began! While i was reading a magazine and enjoying my coffee I saw a light flash across the kitchen window….”Oh no! Mom is here to pick us up early,” I thought and whipped my arm around…..

The result was

It was a great start to a great morning, or so I told myself. Then Mom did come and we headed to the airpot, thanks again Mom for driving us so we didnt have to pay to leave our car at the parking garage!

Before we left on the plane Dan wanted to find a magazine so we went into a store, we didnt end up buying anything but saw this and thought it was funny!

Thanks to the glare there I am in my really comfy Zebra dress…perfect for the plane.

So we took off and flew to Chicago, where due to bad weather, we had to circle the airport for 25-30 minutes! When we finally landed, we learned we had an hour delay before our connection would leave!

So we had some breakfast, and of course apple juice yum!

For being airport fast food it was a pretty good Bagel sandwich.

After that we headed back to the gate to wait for the flight. On the way I saw this and had to text the picture to my brother, because his name is Harry and because we loved Will Ferrel doing this on SNL.

So we were on the plane and luckily got to sit alone on the flight to Vegas, which was nice I slept the entire flight, most of the time on top of Dan so I am sure he was comfortable!

So we finally arrived in Vegas. Dan was excited it was his first time there!

We had arrived and were on our way to the hotel! Part two will be posted tomorrow, I just have so many pictures and so much to write about!

Have a great Sunday 🙂


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