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Weekend Events and Our trip to Maine Part 1!

6 Feb

Saturday night was the Ellington Harley-Owner Group or HOG party. So Dan, Todd and I went and met up with my parents, co-workers and other friends at the event!

It was at a new location this year and was very nice. I had ordered pasta for dinner and wasnt sure about that choice until I got it!


I even had left overs to bring for lunch to work on Sunday!

There was also a raffle and Dan won this.


He was very happy about the candy and I was pumped to get that Tupperware bowl!

It was a good night and we were out until 10pm! WOAH late night for us oldies!


The next day I worked until 2pm and then it was officially the beginning of my lay off from work (until March 18th) and the start of our trip to Maine for my Scentsy Spring Sprint Convention!

We packed up the car met up with our friends and were on our way!

On Sunday when we got there, it was a quick trip only around 3 hours, it was time to check into the hotel which was next door to where the event was. We stayed at the Fireside Inn and it was pretty nice. We had got a suite because Dan wasn’t feeling well when we left and we wanted a nice room to relax in!

There was a fireplace, and this…


There is Dan the Man enjoying the massage chair….Im pretty sure if I ever couldn’t find him during the trip he was there. I think that is something we will eventually have to purchase ourselves!

The hotel also gave us these when we checked in….who knew these were a big thing in Maine I didn’t and thought the two bites I had of one were pretty yummy!


Whoopie Pies.

Then it was time for dinner, the restaurant in the hotel was closed Sunday so we headed to Ruby Tuesday across the street because we knew we could watch some of the Super Bowl and who can resist a salad bar….I can tell you not the 4 of us because we all ordered it!

IMG_3344Grapes and apples + Blue Cheese dressing= The greatest salad ever! Plus who doesn’t like those croutons…besides you Ashley 😉

They are perfect crispy outside and soft inside. Sometimes I get surprised Dan doesn’t just get a full plate of those babies!

And that was the first night! I loved that the Ravens won and was overall happy with the whole night.

I will leave you with panoramas of the hotel room and tomorrow Part 2, running and prepping for my half marathon!


The view of the sitting area from the massage chair. To my left was the door to the room, and a bathroom, the doorway next to the lamp lead to the bedroom!


There was another bathroom on the otherside of the bed and they all had Keurigs if I had known that I would have brought my Dunkin Donuts Hot Chocolate K cups Mom and Dad gave me in my stocking!

Mexico in Pictures!

29 May

Here are all the pictures I could not upload into other posts, I hope you enjoy the remaining Cabo pictures!

Getting intense with some lifting

Little brothers are so fun, they steal your camera and take weird pictures!

But wait your husband does the same thing…

The rest of the mural in the gym….wish I could have got it all in one shot.

Dan bought me that bracelet from a vendor at the welcome party at the hotel…beautiful!

My parents being super Cute!

The herb and veggie garden Ediths had across the street…the food was wonderful!

I had to take a picture of this restaurant because the name was great…speaking of great names, Dan said this is my new car.

Then Harry wore a womans shirt….it wasnt it was a mans but we all made fun of him!

He was sad about us making fun of him.


Oh the Harry face….enough said

We had extra pasta from Walmart so you know I took it home. I mean it was free pasta!

Finally here is the plane and the mountains!

Until next year Mexico!

live from mexico!

8 May

So it turns out we get a half hour of free internet a day. That was good news as i could only post through yesterday. We are having such a great time I have been logging my workouts into my iphone so I can detail them for everyone and i am glad to report my running has not suffered as bad as i thought! I do appologize for spelling errors and un capitalized i’s, but i am posting from my nook color and its not really made for blogging but does get the job done. I have so many picturess and stories for when i return as well so stay tunned for the most pictures of myself ever to grace this blog! Have a great day everyone, we are back to having fun!

Alex’s 30 Day Challenge!

6 Apr

It was so good that as I was rating it I decided this was always the right and better choice!

For Dinner I made this…..

There is two servings in the bag and 370 calories per serving. However there is high sodium, so to combat this I added more water and some Mrs. Dash, since there is no sodium in there. I also added a full bag of broccoli. Once this was all added I have enough for 4 servings and it does not taste watered down at all!

Now it is time to do some cleaning, some treadmill running and then sleep. I a have a very busy work day ahead of me tomorrow, a date with the EASTER BUNNY, and of course being the DD for my brother’s Birthday Extravaganza!!!!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE!

Dancing on treadmills, Surprises and Family Dinners

25 Jan

Have you ever heard on song that gets you so motivated that you have to dance while on the treadmill? I currently have two, one an old favorite from college. The other a new one that I cannot run without! I am also very happy Dan was immersed upstairs in something, rather than downstairs to point and laugh at my antics. The other day when we were running outside I started dancing on the side of the road while running, he loved that and totally acknowledged the fact he was with me! (sarcasm).

The two songs are Galvanize by The Chemical Brothers, and the other is Big Sean and Nicki Minaj Dance A$$ Remix. The beats on both songs are why they attracted me to running, but the first also has really encouraging words to work out to! The second is rap, just a warning to anyone who is thinking of downloading, and I recommend the censored version as the uncensored is very vulgar!

The second part of my post is about surprises, there were two within 24 hrs, one for me one for Dan. First….

He brought me home flowers last night because he felt like it, I am a very lucky lady!!!!

The second surprise, which is Dan’s valentines day gift and Birthday gift, I cannot reveal yet! We will be taking a trip on a plane, and be gone for 3 days, that is all he knows. Plus now that he reads the blog I cannot post what it is until Feb. 15th! So stay tuned for that, it should provide many awesome pictures!

Tonight was also Family dinner night, grandma made meatloaf, which I do not like so grandma made me a minute steak!

A big pile of thin sliced mixed veggies is a must, as was sweet baby rays, spicy A1 sauce and soy free earth balance butter for that yummy roll! I am a lucky granddaughter that she spoils me so much with food! I left family dinner early because I was way too lazy to run this morning, so I took it to the treadmill after dinner. I have finished another week of C25k, though I am doing them faster than suggested because my base level is better than running just 3 days a week. Todays run was 2.25 in 30 minutes, pretty solid.

Finally I would like to post this picture and share the fact that the paper pile mess is now cleaned, filed and boxed.

After this stage pictured here, I took each lettered file and broke those down into order by company and filed into a bankers box. Organization to the fullest is very satisfying!

Now it is time for netflix streaming and bed!

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