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Back by Popular Demand….

10 May

Well really my Aunt Kim who is my number one blogging fan, but I figured it was time for a post!!!

I am now almost 26 weeks pregnant (on Sunday) which means 7 months and the third trimester are quickly approaching! I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by. Honestly it feels like just yesterday when I found out I would be having a baby! It was December 3rd when I found out by the way. Also the best way to see pregnancy as it is 40 weeks which would= 10 months in by taking the amount of weeks you are and dividing by 4….that is how I figure out how many months I am as pregnancy is not actually 10 months. Some months are 5 weeks and some are 3.5 so yea you try and wrap your head around it….I did the best I could!

Here are some fun things I have experienced/shared since my last post about the baby!

– Pedicures are AWESOME!!! I got one on Wednesday because I was sick of my feet looking gross for Yoga every week. There is no picture of this because my feet are swollen and I have an unattractive cut on my big toe so you can just imagine that situation.

-I have gotten Stretch Marks on my Tummy and have Kankles when I stand too long. But hey it is all worth it in the name of having my baby! I have since been rubbing lotion on my belly in an attempt to keep them as light as they are and keep my feet elevated when not at work. Any remedies for either will be appreciated!!

-We have finished the baby registry and are registered at Babies R Us. (giving any man the scanner is a bad idea as Dan really enjoyed scanning gender specific items) I was trying to keep it a secret. But the cat is out of the bag so…

-We announced this on Facebook!.


He is arriving around 8-18-13…anytime from 8-11-13 to 8-18-13 or beyond I guess as this IS our first and they can go late….the magic of babies!!!!

-Here is a belly front and side shot from yesterday…..PRETTY BIG compared to my last one posted on here.


I dont know that I even realized there would be a time my stomach would stick out farther than my chest. But that little ball of a bump is CUTE! Also my shirt, phone and nail polish match…..that was the best part of that day for me!

– I have been working a lot between TSI and Scentsy events and think it is time to pull back a bit on Scentsy. I start my maternity leave on August 1st and will stop working late nights until 8 in July. I worked until 8pm yesterday and when I got home I could not keep my eyes open! This growing a human thing is EXHAUSTING!!!!!

IMG_3778 IMG_3780

These are pictures from my event on Saturday. As you can see I had Scentsy on one side and TSI on the other. It was nice to spend the day working with my Dad (he is in the grey polo and jeans), it is made even better when he buys you some Ritas Water Ice. Pregnant ladies getting free food= VICTORY!

– I remember to make time for my first baby as well….Also I am totally wearing a shirt here….I realize it looks like I am naked but I promise I am not.


I hope everyone has a good weekend and all the Mommies enjoy their Mother’s Days. I will be trying to post more if I actually do anything interesting….or anything at all :).


Slacking with my Blogging….

24 Apr

But for good reason! I have not blogged in so long because I have been really sick. I have been on bed rest with Baby K since Saturday! I wasn’t sure if I would share this on the blog or not as I am a pretty shy person if I don’t know you in real life. But then I thought I share everything with my readers because they are my friends. So thank you for continuing to read the blog even though I have not been blogging. I have also had an extremely bad cold and stomach bug in the past 3 days so not much interesting has happened.

Though I did leave the house once to get someone a very important haircut!


He is pretty cute and I am a crazy Momma so I had to make this and post it onto my Twitter….you know you want to follow me ;).


Yea he is wearing sun glasses, he is one bad ass man! Plus the Bandana made the look. Basically I love my little Man!

In other news what do you do when you are on bed rest?!?! Well you apparently make a Youtube video of yourself talking about Scentsy! I will be uploading a new video talking about something different each week to market my business and get more people interested. You can find my channel HERE.

Basically you can listen to my sweet New England accent made better by my cold. In reality though you can see the warmer of the month for May 2013 and check out the sweet motorcycle warmer, and the other choices.

Finally I have the sweetest husband possibly ever. When the bad stuff went down on Saturday and we both got really scared I did not want to leave bed. We were both really hungry though and so Dan got me dinner in bed!


I was craving chicken alfredo and this one was SO good!! Plus a baking sheet is the answer to your prayers when you don’t want to spill on your sheets!

Finally in the bad news world NO MORE RUNNING UNTIL BABY K IS HERE!!!!!

I would rather not chance it and I knew it was coming after my last Doctor’s appointment. I can still go on walks so I am looking forward to starting those tomorrow! Does anyone want to walk with me, I find walking SUPER boring because its slow. I love running speed intervals because you change pace, but I doubt I am allowed to do pace changes. Unless I go slower… yea looking for a walking buddy!

That is what the Karnolt’s have been up to! What have you been up to in my absence?!?!?!

Happy Birthday to…..

5 Apr

I started my morning with a pre-work workout and am typing this before I head in for the day.

The littlest member (for now) of the Karnolt family began his day with snuggles, a long walk and some cookies. That’s right today is my baby boy Finny Mcmonkers’ 6th Birthday! I cannot believe I have had Finny for 6 years.

Here is a photomontage of my little boy!


Finny when I first got him! 3lbs of love :).


A shaggy Finny from this year snuggling and relaxing.


Finny  loves his Daddy!

And finally a pretty groomed Finny.


Now as I head off to work Finny is enjoying a nap on our bed since Dan is off today. We love you little man and we cannot wait for you to meet your new brother or sister and be best friends with them. You already love to lay against my tummy because I swear you know the baby is there, and you growl at Dan when he comes into the bedroom and try to protect me.

I have loved the 6 years I have had with you and hope for at least 6 more!!! Happy Birthday to my first baby and my number 1 snuggle buddy!

A day with my first baby:

17 Mar

So Wednesday I spent the day doing things with little Finny man!! Today will be much of the same as yesterday I came down with a pretty bad cold and will be relaxing and laying in bed snuggling with Finny and watching the Criminal Minds Marathon Currently on A&E.

But on Wednesday we did many things. We needed to get some bonding time in before I return to work tomorrow and the weather was gorgeous so up first…


A walk with my favorite walking buddy! This was one of the rare times that he walked next to me and not in front of me pulling like come on Jeez!

Finny loves to walk, run and be active.

He was pretty dirty and was rolling in the grass on the walk so next up was his least favorite activity ever.


Finny really dislikes Bathtime…you can tell by his look of sheer terror!

Also probably because he looks like this.


After that he got a good blow dry and toweling, but still seemed traumatized so this naturally happened.


Snuggling Mommy as hard as possible and not moving. I was okay with it as I have been having bad insomnia so naps are a daily occurrence for me now.

And finally to end the day Dan and I came upstairs to head to bed and this little guy was waiting happily for us.


All Clean! But he needs a trim since he looks like a surfer dog!!

I think it is important to have this time with Finny now so when the baby comes he doesn’t feel ignored. Currently he gets all our attention, so it will be an adjustment but he will still be super loved!

So now back to tissues, fluids and snuggling my Finny! And back to work tomorrow!!!!

The saddest sight ever and my little buddy….

13 Jan

This morning this was the saddest sight ever!


Dan is almost in Texas as I write this and I hope he has a great time, and eats some really  great, BBQ, steaks, etc! He will be in heaven.

I on the other hand went to work and was just dragging tired. When I got home I thought Dan might be in Texas but I am not alone….How lucky I am to have my little man Finny with me.

Here’s is a run down in the day of the life of Finny. He wakes up between 5:30-7:00 am and we go outside. When there is snow he refuses to walk in it, but also will not go to the bathroom on sidewalks or pavement. He is a prima donna diva dog!

This is what Dan made him so he has an area.

IMG_3159 IMG_3158

Yes, Dan plows an area for him so as the snow melts and grass appears he is a happy man, you can see that in the second picture.

Otherwise if there is no snow we run all around the yard and neighborhood while out on our morning walk because this dog has some serious energy!

Then Finny spends most of the day in his room, (if we are at work)  yes the dog has his own room in the house, his bed, toys and food are all in there and he

has fun playing and mostly sleeping….this dog loves to sleep. Probably because he is so hyper.

If we are off work Finny spends the day with us, playing and roaming the house.


He does indeed have two beds and a carebear blanket…this dog knows style and comfort! He also has a box of toys including that sock on the bottom right of the photo.

The above picture has to have been taken after 6pm because then we are home from work and Finny had been out for his nightly walk through our neighborhood and is in his room to eat…he is a messy eater.

Around 9 pm we head out for the last walk of the day, and then up to the bedroom. Finny sleeps with Dan and I and usually at my legs. Also because he is always SO busy he passes out hard when he sleeps!


Finny is weird and likes to sleep on top of that pink blanket or rolled into it like a pig in a blanket. He also sleeps on top of my legs and across them, not sure how it is comfortable for him but I guess it is! Sometimes he even goes under the blankets and sleeps up against Dan, but that is only if all the lights and tv are already off and if Dan is asleep.

Then we wake up and do it all again! And that is a Day in the Life of our little Man Finny!

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