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A year ago til now

16 Jun

A year ago this week Dan, Camden (in my belly) and I were in HAWAII!!!!!

I was 7 months pregnant and we were having a ball! All expenses paid trips to exotic locales, you could never afford yourself…..Amazing! Thanks again to my part time Scentsy job!


Flash foward to now where we have baby selfies and a 9 month old! (who turns 10 months on Thursday)

IMG_0352 IMG_0454

My life has changed so much, and yet is still the same. I am currently training for my 5th, 6th and 7th marathons. And hoping at least one yields a 2:45 or below outcome. My ultimate goal being a sub 2:30. Hey I am not fast, but I am determined and I do NOT give up!!!

Plus with the cutest running buddy of all time it is easy to stay focused.


IMG_0485 IMG_0486

We run on the track and trail. Though I guess I never thought about slowing when going downhill with the BOB jogging stroller. The force of that plus a 20lb baby is enough to almost make a clumsy lady like myself lose their footing! I didn’t though, must be my cat like reflexes 🙂

Speaking of my 6th Half Marathon, I signed up for the Star Wars Rebel Challenge at Disney Land in January! A 10k Saturday and half sunday. My friend Lauren and I are doing it together just like the Glass Slipper Challenge last year. We are also doing the 5k on Friday!!! These things together are keeping me motivated and excited to run, which is what I need as a tired mommy!

Last day!

21 Jun

So I will update you on days 3,4 and 5 when I get home. There are just too many pictures to try and blog from my phone. Hawaii has been great and I have been blown away by the generosity of scentsy during the trip. Last night they rented out the entire paradise cove luau for us!

Here is a picture of Dan and I.


Dan actually owns and wore a Hawaiian shirt and I had my blue Hawaiian maxi dress on, though the top is plain so you cannot tell.

It’s 8am here now (2pm for those of you at home), and our flight doesn’t leave until 8:25pm, we leave for the airport at 5:15pm. All that would be fine except we have to check out of the hotel at 11am, so we aren’t sure how we are going to spend our day.

Well we are off to figure out something, we arrive home tomorrow around 2pm. I for one cannot wait to be home, Hawaii was great but now that it’s over I can concentrate on my last month of work and getting ready for the arrival of little Camden!

Hawaii day 2!

19 Jun

So day 2 was a nice relaxing day for us. I woke up at around 4:30 am (that’s 10:30am at home) and got ready for our welcome breakfast. I figured why not look presentable.


Here is me before breakfast I even curled my hair! Dan was still asleep so I was pretty happy our balcony door was mirrored that way there is a nice shot of me and the scenery!

When Dan got up and ready we were still a bit early for the breakfast and decided to walk the beach where we saw that awesome rainbow! That picture is from my Instagram so there’s a filter on it.

At the breakfast everyone who was on their first incentive trip received a pillow case that says Pick.Pack.Play. That is the name of the trip since you chose your location from 6 destinations. Hawaii was the most popular of course and I feel so lucky to have earned it! There are 900 people here from scentsy!

After breakfast we changed and headed to the beach, we both wanted a low key and relaxed day as Tuesday and Wednesday we have tours. This is the side beach of our hotel. The hotel was built right on the ocean so they have this small beach and one other beach they share with another hotel so it is packed. I also really loved that tree.


The scenery here is pretty gorgeous those hibiscus were all over while we ate lunch. Lunch was the best Asian chicken salad I have ever had, Dan had the same and we both agreed how amazing they were. We got them from the hotel cafe which makes salads, sandwiches, gelatos and shaved ice.


After lunch it was time for the pool. Palm trees for a bit of shade, while still managing to get some sun. The second picture is of my baby bump and how impressed I was that at 31 weeks I can still see my feet when I lie on my back!

For dinner we went to RumFire a restaurant in the hotel. They had a live band and we ate great food. We split those chips and I had macaroni and cheese. It had ham and hot peppers in it, I took a lot of it back to the room it was delicious but filling! Dan had a truffle burger and loved it. For drinks he had a Mai Thai and I had a Virgin lava flow, it was unbelievable how good the piña colada mix was so fresh and yummy!

After dinner we headed back to the room where we received our first nights room drop gifts, scentsy is pretty generous like that. We got towels sunscreen and lip balm. The later two are scentsy products you can buy and I love the sunscreen. It was what I had brought on the trip anyway and works and smells great! The picture after is the view from our balcony that doesn’t face the ocean. This island is pretty amazing, where the hotel is located it is a major city that happens to have a gorgeous beach. As you will see in tomorrow’s day three post the other side of the island is much different! Hope everyone back home is having a great week!



Aloha from Hawaii!!!

17 Jun


The sign from Honolulu airport! We are so excited to be in Hawaii! It is day 2 for us (our first full day here). Well it almost is its 4:30am and I am wide awake silt time change!!!! Dan is somehow sleeping still poor tired boy!

Anyway lets recap yesterday! We got up at 5:30am EST and headed to the airport. We flew first class both flights because how could I not upgrade when half the fee was paid for by scentsy, and my husband is a tall man and I am 31 weeks pregnant! Flying in style was the only way to fly.
The flight to Hawaii was around 9 hrs and we watched two movies, the new wizard of Oz (is it bad I rooted for the bad witches all movie?) and beautiful creatures which was okay.
I am positive though that the flights goal was to pump you full of food so you would slip into a food coma!

Our snack on the plane for the first movie! Then our lunches Dan had a short rib and I had pasta!




Both came with a salad. For dessert they made you ice cream sundaes!!

After the long flight and subsequent sleeping for hours after all that food, (they served cheeseburgers before we landed which Dan ate but I just couldn’t fit anymore food in there) we made it to Hawaii!

I think we are looking pretty good for such a long flight! We boarded the bus with some other scentsy incentive trip winners and headed to the hotel. After going up 25 floors in the hotel we were treated to this view!


We took it pretty easy last night. We just walked around the hotel and then went to the welcome reception. Where we had some great food (fried artichokes and virgin Mai Thais! Yummy!!)



The last two pictures are of the ocean from the hotel and the coastline and mountain. The mountains here are beautiful!
Like I said in the beginning of the post it’s now almost 5 am here and breakfast is at 8am. It is the welcome breakfast and I guess they are announcing something new from scentsy so it is even more exciting! Then the day is ours to do as we please I foresee a pool or beach day!

Happy Easter & Happy Birthday Part II…..

31 Mar

If you read my blog you know this time of year I have a cluster of VIP birthdays and I blog about them. First was Grandma, coming up next week is Finny and My Brother Harry. BUT TODAY and Easter Sunday of all days it is the most important birthday, well to me anyway!

Let me get this out of the way before I get sappy!


You know I love me some HK, and I love all my readers. If you celebrate Easter have a wonderful day with family!

Now onto the birthday!!!

28 years ago a little boy was born who would change my life forever. Dan and I met in 2008 and fell in love. We were engaged in 2010, married in 2011, bought a house in 2012, and will now be parents in August 2013.

We have had so many adventures together and done new things.


Mexico 2012…were we were engaged 2 years before!


Our wedding September 24th 2011. The best and happiest day of my life so far!


Honeymoon in Jamaica! One of the most amazing vacations  have ever been on!!

We have so many more adventures coming up:

Hawaii in June FOR FREE  (thanks Scentsy)

Baby K is born in August

The new parent adventure begins.

Honestly there is no one else I would rather share my life with, we may annoy each other from time to time but you are my perfect match!

Enjoy your birthday and Easter, even though you are mad its on your Birthday this year it will still be a great day!

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