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The Battle of the Clothes: Men vs Women!

13 Feb

Today I had a lot to get done before we leave tomorrow for our trip! I had to go to work and get things done for them, return a dress and mail out some things. Then I met Dan for lunch, he was out at Home Depot…where else? Picking up some flooring for the bathroom remodel! Thank goodness for his $700.00 in gift certificates from Christmas/House warming gifts :).

After lunch we were talking about the trip and I mentioned that I planned to wear my Nike Sweatpants while driving down. they are green and pink capris and I love them. At almost 4 months pregnant I need to be comfortable for the 12 hour drive to North Carolina and from there Florida! Dan says, “Of course you are I would have bet on it, those things are terrible and make you look homeless.I bet you will also wear a bright pink shirt that can be seen from space to complete the look.”

I just laughed because he had me, I totally plan on wearing a hot pink tank top and a sweatshirt over it. Clearly must be paired with hot pink shoes as well.

I love these pants and get a lot of compliments on them, mostly from ladies though so I guess that should tell me something!

On the drive home I heard that they polled men on which women’s fashions they dislike.

Number 1 was animal print. Which I don’t agree with I have some snake print leggings and Dan loves them!

Number 2 was high waisted jeans. NEVER WOULD I EVEN WEAR THESE!

So this made me want to make to make a list of the clothes I wear that Dan finds unattractive!

1.) Crocs and or Ugg boots.

Honestly my two favorite shoes aside from sneakers currently due to comfort plus pregnancy!

I have one pair of brown Uggs that he bought me last Christmas. And I have two pairs of crocs one pink pair and one like this.


These ones are teal, but mine are black. Dan hates them a lot!

2.) Sweatpants or Pajama Pants! 

I don’t know what it is but since I have been pregnant as soon as I come home I like to get comfy so off come the jeans and on come these. He doesn’t even like my Victoria’s Secret Pink! Brand Sweatpants and those are the nice ones! I told him my dressing sexy for him ended when my pants all had to be elasticized. Even my jeans….thanks baby bump :).

3.) Anything I wear while running or working out.

I say pretty and put together Dan says homeless.

Here are some examples:


Running last March at our old house, Dan loves when I run in public with him dressed like this!

Here is a picture of my sweatpants from when I got them in Mexico last year, and the tank I got as well, no I didn’t wear them together just modeling them.


Those are pretty much all his dislikes. He likes all the clothes I wear when we go out and i dress like a normal everyday person!


What do you dislike that you Significant Other wears?  If single what do you dislike that other people wear? 

I really dislike Dan’s older jeans! They are way too big and he insists on buying a 32″ inseam at 6’5″ a bit too sort and too big in the waist. I have been slowly swapping them out for smaller waists and longer length pairs! But dont tell 😉

What does you SO not like that you wear? If you are single what do people not like that you wear?

For the second part of this my Mom and Aunt Tamarra like to pick on things my Aunt Kim wears. But Kim I loved the pants with the flowers you wore to the movies :).

Wacky Fact Wednesday!

24 Oct

It’s time for me to reveal silly things about myself you may or may not be interested in….but today we are doing it count down style from 4-1 sorry I couldn’t come up with 1 more this week!


I love all the winter clothes they come out with! I want most everything in the catalog and can make a great christmas list with it, especially now that they have a workout clothing line.

3. My favorite condiment as of this year and maybe ever is on this wrap!

Peach Mango Salsa wrap! I was first exposed to peach mango salsa from COSTCO and eat it on everything from chips, tacos to putting it in crock pot chicken soup! So good! This version was made by the store I purchased the sandwich from and it was still just as amazing!

Plus having it with a mint hot chocolate is not at all a weird combo, I WAS COLD!

2. I have an extensive hello kitty obsession! 

I know this is obvious but today I looked at my calendar and realized it is also super AWESOME!

This is my office at work, but I also have the same one at home. It is cool so I need one everywhere 🙂

AND THE #1 Fact of this week is…..


Snack size mini maple sausage and biscuit sandwiches= low calorie same great taste and SO CUTE!

Dogs are better mini also! Finny is super cute and thinks if he pushes himself against Grandma’s couch I will forget he is there and he can live there forever!

And Finally the CUTEST mini thing I have ever encountered, modeled by my Dad…

The tiniest cheese grater of all time! I never knew grandma had it, or maybe it was my Aunt Kim’s but it was at tonights family dinner and everyone loved it!

Have you ever had mango peach salsa?

Are things really cuter smaller? If you say no we are in a fight because that means you dont think Finny is cute!

Comment below!!!

The best laid plans!

20 Aug

After my run find out how my day went from a run around work after it was over to a dog walk and treadmill run….. The best laid plans don’t work out! That’s why you need contingencies!!!

Update: I just finished my run and am happy with it even though I am dead tired! I know I tried my best and am staying motivated :).

My run ended up being 3.38 miles in 39 minutes for a pace of 11:32. I actually feel absolutely great about it! Especially when my plans fell apart today and instead of giving up, coming home and not running I stuck to my guns and got it done….that is the weirdest saying but works here!

So here is what I wanted to do….

Work until 5:30 and then run a new route I mapped out around where I work and would put me at 5.86 miles. I was so organized and everything! Yesterday I had washed all my gym clothes and was so pumped to have clean unsweaty sports bras and outfits that I could pair together for the ultimate in looking like a homeless fashion statement but somehow wearing $80.00 sneakers! (I keep getting complimented on my racing and training attire, so until that stops I will assume people love it and keep on rocking it.)

Todays Fashion Trend Setting Outfit!!!!

I love bright colors (obviously) but I also love safety and comfort, so these work great for visibility and just feeling and looking super sexy….HA HA!

Plus when paired with these bad boys you KNOW people are jealous of your style!

Oh yea! Teaching runners how to avoid getting hit by cars one technicolor outfit at a time!

So work ended I got all dressed, (my co-workers already know I am super weird so they didnt even ask why I had changed.) put on my Garmin and was just about to head out the door when the beep of death and despair sounded from my Garmin.

You know the noise, the one that tells you that you forgot to charge it and how much you suck for that. I decided I would rather not run the trail without it and by myself especially when my phone was also dying and I could not locate my mace this morning. Yes me+technology is an absolutely terrible combination and I currently have both things charging. (You know I dont and will possibly forget again.)

So I was discouraged but not defeated! I came home and first thing was to take Mr. Finny out for a walk!

He likes to think he is in charge and so walks in front of me but continuously turns around like UM COME ON, YOU ARE TOO SLOW!!!!!

I also like to take pictures of him and mess with him so he runs around like a maniac and gets tired. This is one of those times.

After that we came inside and he had dinner and a cookie, then it was time for me to hit the treadmill.

I get very bored with my usual Scenery from our treadmill and so I opened the curtains next to it so I could enjoy the beautiful day and our back yard!

When we eventually move from this house I will really miss the beauty of our yard and the peacefulness of the surrounding area!

The run turned out great even with tired legs and a tired mind and body! Nothing some stretching, food, relaxing, CHOCOLATE ALMOND MILK, and early bed time cannot fix!

Overall it was a great day even with the set back in my workout! Tomorrow I am working until 8pm so I will not be running the work course after work tomorrow either. BUT Wednesday is my Birthday and so I might have to take a long head clearing, mind freeing long run on a new trail to celebrate! (I will not be running 27 miles for the amount of years I have been alive, unlike the man who I met at a 5k who had run 40 for his 40th bday!) That guy is a badass!!!!

New sneakers and refueling with pizza!!!

12 Aug

Yesterday I did my usual Saturday routine, and worked until  3 pm. I also ate A LOT of skittles, so I figured it was time for a run when I got home. Thats the funny thing about being tired after work, you dont feel like doing much of anything. So I was a tired cranky pants because I hadnt run that day. Then I realized I had new shoes!!!! It was the revelation of a lifetime and I was so excited to try them out!

Saucony Kinvara Progrid 3’s!!!! I needed to replace my old purple ones, they will be retired from running and solely used for training now as they are starting to hurt my hip and knees!

To get in the spirit for running, I coordinated my outfit.

Purple shorts, tank and shoes…ideal outfit. The shorts are the new Victorias Secret Pink Campus shorts! I have two pairs and LOVE them!!!! SO comfortable and great for running! The tank is from costco!

I was playing my Zombies run app while on the treadmill and ended up going…….

Pretty happy with that run, it was hard but not unachievable and thus lets me know I am on track for my half! The biggest bonus was that at the end of the run there were no blisters! It was amazing!!!

After the run I shower and we got ready and had dinner with friends. Dan went on a very long bike ride before dinner which explains the amount of food he got last night!

Sorry for the weird camera angle, I was trying to sneak attack a picture. I also had to sneak attack one of those fried raviolis to test you know to make sure they weren’t poisoned and safe fore Dan to eat ;).

For my dinner I had a personal Tuscan pizza and ate all but one piece which I gave to Dan. It was so yummy!

It was a nice little Saturday with friends!

Today we worked and now are home relaxing. It was a nice weekend together.


What did you do this weekend?

What is your favorite most recent purchase?

Mine is my sneakers for SURE!

Super Easy Dinner and Really Good Running!

27 Mar

Today was great after the whole 3 hours of Finny Sickness! I was able to get half our upstairs cleaned and a bunch of laundry done. I decided for a treadmill run so I could keep up with cleaning. I think my treadmill was really happy to see me! I restarted Ease into 10k Day 1 Week 1. I did that because my endurance has built up and because after tapering I felt like I was not going strong enough in the program to advance. I was so happy with the performance I got! I know I rested my body enough for the run and went fast and upped my incline to 3 I usually do 2.

2.27 in 26:08 is pretty darn good. Why the 8 seconds you ask? Well Finny got sick behind the treadmill and I paused it but not my ease into program and wanted everything to be even. Feeling good, as I did not finish the cool down, if I did the work out would have been 29 minutes. My first time doing ease into 10k I did the same workout in 2.32 in 29 minutes, clearly would have done better this time!

Then it was time for cleaning and you know what else….

YES MURDER SHE WROTE!…..Dont tell me you do not have a hello kitty crown on the TV in your bedroom because I know you do :).

Then I made the easiest yet best dinner!

Hamburger, and stir fry veggies with some taco seasoning.

Line Bowls with Sandwich Flat Breads found HERE

FIll with Romaine lettuce, top with some Lipton Fajita Rice and your meat mixture.

Tope with mango peach salsa and hot sauce….YUM!

To round out my great day I finally got my Free Gift From Victorias Secret in the mail!

 This baby is so bright and big it will be making the trip to Mexico with me in May! Plus score because i bought a bathing suit and got it free!!!!

Does anyone have any good recipes to share for dinners?

Does anyone know of a good race I can do in April I am shooting for one a month?!?!

Bowling, Working Out and Reading Materials!

4 Mar

Last night we went bowling with our friends Derek and Christine, I have tons of pictures. However my camera upload cord is no where to be found. As soon as I find it they will be posted!

Have no fear though, I can still upload from my phone! Today Dan and I woke up ate a delicious breakfast.

I had some smoked sausage left over from our Mardi Gras event at work. I added that with some green peppers, onions and a little olive oil to some eggs. DELICIOUS!!!!!

Not so good however when we went to the gym and I was sweating out smells of Hillshire Farms! Im sure the people around me were quite happy about it!  I had taken a couple days off of running due to sore legs and spasming calf muscles. Today felt good and I took it slow.

I finished at 39 minutes, but the treadmills at the gym dont let you take a picture before clearing the screen! I went 3.20 in 39 minutes, for week 3 day 1 of ease into 10k. Not my best work but not terrible I will take it plus at a pace of 12:11 it is on pace to my recent runs.

After that I did some chest work with Dan, hes not really into taking pictures at the gym so I took his!

Action Shot!

He is much stronger than my wimpy 10lb weights on each side. We did regular, inclined and declined bench presses. I stopped after that while he kept working on arms. I did not want to be overly sore tomorrow for my trainer appointment. I also snapped a picture of our gym essentials.

G2 low calorie gatorade for me, Dan’s sweatshirt and waterbottle, EOS chapstick for me! Purple head phones, a coach clutch, because you have to always keep it classy, and phones for music, Netflix watching!

After the chest workout I got on the stepper and the elliptical for an hour combined just to keep my heart pumping until Dan was ready to go. It was a very fun bonding day.

Plus this shoe/sock combo is pretty awesome!

When we got home we had got the mail for the first time in 4 days, and look what came!

Runners world and Victoria’s Secret! I think a nice hot bath is in order to relax and get some reading done/shopping for vacation! In two months we will be in CABO!!!

Dinner is in the crock pot and I have the rest of the night to be lazy!!!


What magazines are your favorite to buy/get in the mail?

What did you do this weekend?

What is your gym routine?

Please leave me some comments, I really do like getting them and love to know who is reading this blog! 🙂

Just click the comments link and were good to go!

Shamed into working out and other horrible things! (2 good things)

27 Feb

Yesterday I was extremely lazy and did not feel like running. Then while going through the mail I saw the book of shame, and realized I had to get on that treadmill before heading to Mom and Dads for the Oscar Party!

Why yes that is the Victoria’s Secret Swim Catalog, and with our impending Mexico Vacation looming I figured it was time to get on that treadmill! By the way the magazine coming was not the good thing. Women all over the world feel shamed upon seeing it and feel the inferiority! Ha ha I am half kidding!

The good things were my run turned out awesome!

I was so happy to have been on pace to match or beat my race time!

Then it was time to head to Mom’s party, my mom is a party queen and is so cute about planning and executing parties!

When we arrived at the house we were met with this sign.

The second picture is of the gifts we each got for coming, candles and a trophy for Lauren who won the ballot contest!

It was a really fun and relaxing night and the perfect ending to a good weekend, but the start of a terrible DAY!

This morning my alarm did not go off because my phone died! I was supposed to be at the trainer for 6am! Luckily I woke up at 5:56 am and made my way there and was only a bit late! It was a really good workout and really energized me for the day. My work day was fine and nothing bad happened there. When I got home though it was BAD! I went on the treadmill and did great! However while I was running Finny chewed one of my new shoes! Then I was making a salad for dinner and a can fell out of the cabinet and smashed my big toe. To top it all off my internet died because of my router GRRRRR. Clearly I got that fixed though!

I also made a good salad, I think it is time to head to bed before anything else crazy happens!

Todays run went great!

Salad from dinner and an amazing dressing!

Why yes there is broccoli, red peppers (cannot see those), mixed greens, cucumbers and Mangoes in that salad!!! I made Dan some chicken as well. That was really the saving grace of the night!

Goodnight Everyone!

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