Las Vegas Recap Part 2…..

6 Aug

So we got to Vegas in one piece! Next we waded through a long check in line, and Dan got to see all the Scentsy Consultants in all their glory! He was a bit overwhelmed by the fact there were about 11,000 ladies and around 50 Men there. It all worked out though because it was his first time to Las Vegas and all!

Our first order of business was to get some food. We went to a pizza and burger place but I felt like I needed a salad, the first thing to go were those croutons! The salad was pretty good and the chicken was so much better than I expected!

After that we headed to the pool and ended our first day just relaxing!

The next day Wednesday we decided to workout, but the gym was $15-$20 a day. NO WAY was that happening! So we used the walking track the hotel had! MAN WAS THAT HOT! We went at 8am and it was already hot and for some reason humid.

I really liked the trail it was bouncy and a neat red color! Above you see my one leg apparently but I was on the move when I took the picture!

Here was some things we saw on the run, (we werent on the strip). We did a mile, as the loop was a half mile, we did two loops.

The monorail track is above as well, we ended up taking it to the strip later in the week!

Here is the hotel, it huge, but had so much inside of it. It was a nice hotel and A LOT cheaper than any I have stayed in in Vegas before. Definitely a bargain.

After our run we had breakfast at their coffee and wine bar I had a fruit salad and a english toffee latte!

They had nice pastries as well, but I was trying to eat lighter in the morning/afternoon because our dinners were so heavy.

After breakfast we went back to the room to change, I had to stretch my toes I always do this, most of the time I will stand in our kitchen doing it, I am not sure if anyone else does this but Dan thinks it is creepy! I think it feels wonderful!!

So we changed and headed to the convention for check in at noon, everyone else had the same idea. It was a very long line, but it moved pretty quickly!

I dont know who that Man is, I was just trying to get the signs.

This was my super cool badge, I was pretty happy about all my ribbons not so happy that it was orange, but that was okay!

After that Dan and I got some food, as there was nothing going on until later that day!

That apple margarita made an 11,000 person line and an hour wait for food all worth it!!!!!

Then it was time to head off to the convention opening ceremonies and parties that night! We chose this one, and it was the best!

Tomorrow Part three!!!


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